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This isn’t your typical ‘anti-twilight’ blog… This is yet another email (complete with semi-subtle death threat) from someone asking questions about it that some of you may be asking, yourself. Don’t assume that you know what this blog is about simply because you’ve argued on Stephenie Meyer’s behalf before.

This is the very first post on this blog, from my ‘clueless movie fan’ perspective. It was written on Thanksgiving Day, 2011 – then published in here a few days later, after I could reread it and do some editing. It is hysterically funny and incredibly poignant at the same time – for those of you who can’t see Stephenie Meyer’s amateur sexual fantasy floating around in The Twilight Saga. This post is what those of us who ARE familiar with vampires experienced because of Breaking Dawn’s unbelievable ending; and it may help explain for you why this blog exists. It is where absolutely everything started; and demonstrates my intentions for this blog from the beginning. Believe it or not, they were NOT MEAN.

At first, I didn’t know why things were wrong; I only knew that they were – so I was making excuses for Stephenie Meyer in the beginning, LoL! Really… every single estranged TwiFan that she has, USED to be at least a real semi-fan of hers.

Please be patient. I know that most people who are familiar with this controversy have passionate opinions; but what about the rest of you who are completely clueless? I wrote this so that readers would not have to jump off the page, as much. I recommend reading through once; then going back to read links for more details, later. If you get too angry to keep reading, pause and scroll down to the side link collection. I used to be a clueless person in the world, and then a clueless Twilight Movie Fan for a while, too. You’ll see more about me, below. And please forgive the caps, in places. I don’t see them as shouting as some peeps do. They are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that is all…

This blog is all about the accidental and painful over-obsessions of The Twilight Fanbases
that has CONTINUED with a decade of
worldwide bullying and intentional,
emotionally-harsh attacks
on the hearts & minds of little TwiFangirls (and big ones).

The feelings of obsessed fans are real even if
their obsessions are not - until they drift away.
You all KNOW THIS.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15 - 24 year olds in the US.

These are all REAL issues, to name a few - for MILLIONS of people:
Maladaptive Daydreaming


Dissociative Disorder
This one is the worst biggie, and starting
to be considered an EPIDEMIC

Why are the obsessions of young girls important?

Because their feelings are real even if the obsessions are not – until they drift away. Young girls NEED their fairytale ‘escapes’ MUCH MORE than older ones do because they have limited ways to cope with life’s crap (read the comments beneath these neverending, misogynistic tabloid assaults – this one is from January 2016). If you’ve never been forced to endure public high school in the US (or anywhere, probably); or been abused as a child (unfortunately, still a common occurrence) - then of course you can’t possibly relate.

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)

Why Do People Hate Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart?
Believe it or not, this is a very easy question to answer;
and NO it isn’t because she ‘cheated’.

TwiNewsflash: The concerning over-obsessions of young women was the ONLY REASON that Breaking Dawn was forgiven when it was published in 2008. The ONLY people who have defended this story for being written ‘just like it is’ because ‘Stephenie Meyer is a literary genius’ are her YOUNG (and young-at-heart) fans who were used by both the amateur author and her publisher because ‘they weren’t supposed to know any better’ about vampires.

And, these are the fans who get hit & hurt the most by world bullying. It is really crappy of SM and you older ladies to continue letting them believe what they believe about these books - while they ignorantly & arrogantly (in their over-obsessions) deal with all the hate surrounding Twilight that still exists in big, dynamic ways.

Email Excerpt: “Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent.. Please someone tell him (this is ‘why the cheating scandal started’, Aug 2012). He just texted me and said he told my mom.. and for me to get some help.. and bye.. please tell him… Everyone is doing this and it’s killing me.. but everyone acts like they don’t know what I’m talking about.. I don’t think I’ve ever needed anything so bad in all my life than for someone to tell him.. I know they are trying to drive me crazy.. and it’s starting to work.. thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read very much so.”

Another email excerpt that I hear all the time from all types of fans:
I have tried speaking to my good friend about my obsession and, as with all of my friends,
doesn't like Twilight and totally judged me lol so your feedback means a lot.”

How to Soothe an Intense Twilight / Robsessed / Krisbian / Robsten Obsession

Anti-Twilight Fans could SEE what Stephenie Meyer didn’t MEAN to write;
and Erika didn’t MEAN to write her books ignorantly, either.
Adult women have 50 Shades of obsessive fog to get past before
they can possibly begin to think clearly about this subject.

Why does The Twilight Saga have so many anti-fans? Why are there hardly any male fans? How did Twilight’s infamous obsessions become over-obsessions? Why are so many older women more obsessed than younger ones? Why did the fandom fracture into several various fanbases that fight among themselves? How did we get 50 Shades of Grey out of all this commotion?

I recorded four wildly-ranting videos (this one is my favorite – calling SM out, ha!) over three years ago at the height of my own very unwanted Twilight over-obsession (It’s not like you can unwatch or unread something – or reclaim wasted time). At that point, I was really mad about ‘how I was obsessed’ with this pretty fairytale; and I was mad that Stephenie Meyer had ‘accidentally’ done this to so many other people before me - and didn’t correct any of the dysfunction in her books before she made them into movies.

I actually say this in the second video before I had even heard of 50 Shades of Grey... “It sounds to me like Stephenie has some sort of BDSM fetish, but I don’t even sort of want to think about that right now.” (Video #12 is where you will hear me say this.)

And yet, somehow 50 Shades of Grey (this post is what exactly is wrong with fifty shades) exists as Twilight Fanfiction; and is yet another dysfunctional worldwide ‘phenomenon’?! Do you have any idea how disturbing that is? Not only does it make my skin crawl – it’s just wrong.

There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – especially OLDER women; and we are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it - unless we manage to write another dysfunctional (XXX!) blockbuster based on all this negligence…

Did you know that Steph’s publisher didn’t want to publish Breaking Dawn? Did you know that New Moon & Eclipse were not supposed to be in between the 1st & last books? Do you ‘get’ that she didn’t mean to cause so many of her OLDER fans to see Edward Cullen the way they came to see him as Christian Grey? Do you understand that these are the reasons why the world has always &STILL bullies Twilight Fans, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because of her amateur writing mistakes?

Sick-in-the-head older women had absolutely no right to hijack the pretty fairytale of young girls via Fifty Shades of Grey; and they should care when their daughters are being bullied by the world over it, incessantly.

What’s Wrong with Twilight: Chapter One, First Sight?

The Condensed Version:
The Four Main Complaints of this Blog
against Stephenie Meyer and her ‘professional’ Publishers &
Production Franchise for RARE & irresponsible,
professionally-negligent publishing and movie production.

When the first Twilight movie was being made in 2008; the last book, Breaking Dawn had not been released, yet. Because of this, no one knew at that time that Stephenie Meyer was going to bomb her pretty fairytale into the ground until it was published a few months before the release of the first film.

Extreme chaos & debate surrounded Steph and The Twilight Saga at that time for the exact same reasons that surrounds 50 Shades of Grey - but somehow, she got through it (see side links)...

If 'Midnight Sun' had not been 'accidentally' leaked just prior to the first movie being rushed; AND Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had not BOTH nailed their parts in that first movie - Twilight would have been history.

Stephenie Meyer could have written any 'ol ending for her infamously overly-obsessed fans (and really, that seems like what she did); and they would have lapped it up like honey (and they did – especially the ones who didn’t know any better, couldn’t see what was wrong – or didn’t care, because of fifty Shades of BEDWARD!!

The entire world has done nothing but treat Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson AND their emotionally-invested fans like sh*t, since - and the infighting among Twilight's divided and HATEFUL fanbases is ongoing.

Despite all this, 'feminists' have embraced the latest and greatest dysfunctional character, Christian Grey/Edward Cullen/Prince Charming...

Popular Email Question: Why does Stephenie Meyer need to apologize? Because the world can’t heal from the wounds she has inflicted on it if she doesn’t acknowledge her amateur mistakes and apologize for them. All she has done from the beginning of her controversies is metaphorically flip off her critics. While normally that is exactly what you are supposed to do… In this case, with all the professional exceptions that were made while The Twilight Saga was being published; the amateur author (AND the publisher AND production franchise) really needed to be listening to fans. It is NOT NORMAL for roughly half of your fanbase (much less, the world!) to become so angry with you regarding a casual creative expression.

I am just using this true stuff about SM’s amateur writing to grab your attention – and boy does it grab some of you, ha! Now if we could just get past that part of things… I really could care less about Stephenie Meyer’s or EL James’ many ignorant and irresponsible amateur literary mistakes that caused all this chaos. Believe it or not, I have stuck up for Stephenie Meyer so many times over this issue, it’s ridiculous.

Creative ‘Freedom of Speech’ is DIFFERENT than the illegal type of ‘Freedom of Speech’ that tabloids & paparazzi hide behind.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press were meant to create transparency in order to protect the truth about absolutely everything - not provide a way for mean, greedy tabloid liars to make money off of young (and young-at-heart) fans who are practically defenseless against emotional tabloid & paparazzi assaults (not to mention how even more defenseless Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are against them)…

This blog now has but one mission: Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform for all celebrities past & present (Princess Diana, anyone?) and it has been that since July 25, 2012 – the day after the infamous cheating scandal. Oh yeah, I’ve been on their stinky tails from the beginning. It hasn’t even been SORT of fun! I really hope we can all manage to put aside our differences and unite to stick it to them, someday. Tabloids & papz so deserve it!!

I don’t care how long it takes. Aside from having really good reasons other than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to be concerned for celebrity rights; we fans – no matter which side of the ring we fight on – are getting awfully tired of being manipulated and watching our favorite celebrities being harassed. So many of you do not ‘get’ this; but Robert Pattinson is being attacked and/or used as much as Kristen Stewart in these kinds of stories – no matter ‘how nice’ they seem to be slanted toward him, at times. It is just another way to pour salt on the wounds of their fans by being misogynistic toward both them and Kristen at the same time – using Robert and her anti-fans against their will!!

This is because the world has no respect for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Twilight fans – any version of them; BECAUSE of Stephenie Meyer’s offensive & insulting amateur writing (another reason why she needs to apologize). To the rest of the world, we’re all simply hysterical to bully; just another section of the populace to be targeted and made fun of for profits – via outright assaults and numerous lie upon lie that continues

Boycott all online and print tabloids until they volunteer to reform.



Why Do So Many People Hate Kristen Stewart and/or Bella Swan?
or Why/How did so many of Stephenie Meyer’s OLDER fans become so
‘accidentally’ overly-obsessed with the character of Edward Cullen?
Shortest and most anti-fan & fan-variation-inclusive version that I have written, yet!!
Read it only if you dare… and only if you can be HONEST. ;)

Whatever Happened to the ‘Anti-Twilight Army’
from 2008-2009; and WHY don’t you see their support on this blog?

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Whole Wide World’s Twilight Saga Hate

This movie FLOPPED amidst RARE (for him) GLOWING reviews from movie critics at
film festivals who compared his performance to Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar-Nominated
performance in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Yeah, it’s a HUGE deal!!
This movie would not have tanked without way too much ‘help’ from
tabloid manipulation of Twilight’s huge numbers of anti-fans.

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post

Here’s a splash from Nico’s article: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women “I don't care if Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders did it in a car, in a bar, in a house or with a mouse. But while I might not be concerned for K-Stew, I am concerned for my younger stepsister who idolizes and worships her....” And this is an update from Nico on Salon: Racist 'Twilight' fans won't stop harassing Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs

Yeah, Twilight’s still-many hateful and overly-obsessed
fans managed to p*ss all over the debut of the proclaimed

Celebrity Rookie of the Year 2014

Aren’t we sweet?




I have had some really good compliments on my corrective-rewrite of The Twilight Saga from both literary experts and Twilight Fans. It is only a summary, with just the first chapter written as complete to give it the foundation that it should have had (takes 2-3 hours for me to read through it all).

Here is one positive review (sorry, have to scroll down to the comments on this post after the click to read): “I have so very many things to say where to start..... Firstly I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life. If I were a judge I would totally give you custody! … I am even letting my daughter read it with me because its a good story that is appropriate for kids to read and she LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! Just as much as I do! I think what you have written is loving and responsible to the characters and fans, it is well though out, relevant, and…”

BELIEVE me when I say, I would have MUCH RATHER have LOVED Stephenie Meyer's original Twilight Saga all the way to the bittersweet end. There are not many people on this planet who would have been more PROUD and applauding the loudest for a woman (amateur or not) to have written such a hailed TwiMasterpiece - if Stephenie Meyer had actually done that instead of the embarrassing, barely-edited rough-draft that we got.

This corrective re-write summary is actually very forgiving in many places - at least, where Steph is concerned. I'm sure my anger toward these IRRESPONSIBLE "professional" companies will continue to burn for much longer.

I gave your beautiful fairytale a hell of a shot, sinking MONTHS of my time JUST into researching this subject. (Not counting the months before that when you all had me convinced that it was a WORTHY diversion, ha!)

Between these blogs and the rewrite I have probably written as much as either Steph or Erika have; and I certainly put a lot more thought and creativity (not to mention, knowledge) into it. Just insert either author’s purple prose where applicable while you’re reading, since I didn’t write any – and it is darn near perfect, ha! ;)

As such, you can expect my version of The Twilight Saga to not be XXX. I rewrote Twilight by sticking to the storyline; but I made it believable – really, that was possible. In fact, now that Twilight can be shown as a believable story - it is no longer necessary for Anti-Twilight peeps to continue bullying Twilight Fans just because SM didn’t ‘get’ why she needed to make it believable.

WHY did I take the time to flesh out the character of Bella Swan and Twilight’s vampire (and wolf) storylines? BECAUSE VERY FEW OF YOU OLDER LADIES GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HER (and more importantly, the real Human girl, Kristen Stewart and her millions of young fans) - or ANY of the other Twilight characters, for that matter!

It's EDWARD this and EDWARD that (and sometimes Jacob) - Stephenie BARELY INTRODUCED you to her before you all got hooked on this crap. That's why you can pass this story off, you don't care... You're obsessed about Edward Cullen and could care less about any other character. IF this story had been published for you perverted older brats- Yeah, it would maybe be Ok!

I am NOT talking about you young girls if you're in here reading this - I've heard you talk about Bella and all the other characters. I KNOW you both know and love them, dearly. BUT, those of you who WERE NOT debunked by this storyline (no matter what your age was) SEE these characters differently than so many MORE older ladies do!

Believe it or NOT - Stephenie Meyer and the rest of these women out here (I don't care HOW many of them there are against my ONE voice) are BEING BAD, LoL!

IF we were in college... And the instructor had just given us an assignment to write the first chapter for a novel. IF Stephenie Meyer was a college literary student (which she has been - in FACT, she graduated!); she would probably NOT have gotten an "A" on the first chapter of Twilight - I seriously doubt. I wish a few good English teachers who haven't read the books yet would go through it and grade it - just so we would know, for sure.

I'm not saying that *my* version is a literary marvel - but I have a really good excuse. I have NEVER taken a college writing course much less graduated with a literary degree. If this isn't perfect... Yeah, I know. :)

We make our children do their homework - and dot their "I's" and cross their "T's" - but, WHY didn't this grown adult woman have to?!

I'm going to make you all CARE about Bella and her life, as well as every other character surrounding her - INCLUDING EDWARD - who, it seems to me; you've all just taken under the covers with you to have your way with him like Stephenie Meyer was no doubt doing when she WROTE this stupid saga so ignorantly and irresponsibly...

So when it really comes down to it... YOU robsessed ‘fans’ DON'T even care about Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen, just your sick little "escape"!

The young adult audience that this story was TARGETED FOR - deserved a whole hell of alot better than what they got. THAT is why I rewrote The Twilight Saga... For ALL THOSE former fans who were debunked by Breaking Dawn after it was published; and then abandoned by the arrogant amateur author afterwards.

We KNEW better... and we were EXPECTING better.

AND it IS ALSO for the rest of you... I DARE you; I quadroople-doople DARE you - READ this and tell me you don't care a lot more about Bella at the end of this Chapter One: First Sight rewrite than you did at the end of Stephenie's first one.

You can think whatever you want to about me... But with this, the two things you CAN'T say about me are that *I* don't LOVE this pretty fairytale OR this fanbase.

Yeah, you be the judge – please.


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Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal Career Hindering Rover Smear
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Fanfiction Corrective Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles
believable ending
and MORE!

Let’s Talk About ‘Midnight Sun’
and how Steph Could POSSIBLY Make Her Huge Literary Failure up to The World.

Who am I?


The TRUTH About ROBSTEN - Exposing Hollywood's Longstanding & Misogynistic SMEAR Campaign Against Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their MILLIONS of Twilight FANS - SIGN THE PETITIONS to SET THEM and us FREE!!

8/19/13 - This is a summary of this post below... THIS SUMMARY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POST to be reading in here; but the post below has the most detail included within it - if you can get through it.

And this post is another timeline/summary that fits in between the two that include things I couldn't fit into the post above - live the Teen Choice Awards, all those 'who is dating Robert today' rumors and a bunch of other stuff.

This post (below) includes stuff from both timelines. It also includes the most recent PR assaults that have been coming down; AND thoroughly debunks those damn 'staged stunt' and 'fake photo' theories. Looking at the big picture really helps puts things in perspective.

This long post below is a Robsten Timeline
- Actual Post Date: 1/17/13 w/ Updates to Present.
It starts from DAY ONE of the 2nd 'robsten trial separation'
LIES and covers everything from 'fake photos' to the
SMEAR CAMPAIGN and the reasons why gossip
rags are so MEAN to us Twihards.

You'll also find another timeline of the original
cheating scandal in July thru Dec 2012 at the end.
PLUS, I've been watching this story
unfold for a YEAR BEFORE that.

For those of you who have read the summary above, and just want to get to the SMEAR CAMPAIGN part of this story - SCROLL DOWN about 3/4 of the way until you see this image again. That's where it will start. (I'm sorry, I DO KNOW this is irritating for you - as well as all the caps I use in here. ;)

This intro is long because I spend alot of time trying to get Twilight Fans on the same page of Kristen & Robert's Hollywood romance - you probably don't need anymore of that or anymore 'debunking fake stuff' info.

Update 7/20/13 - Even though I don't get much response on this blog; at times, my email is on fire and is a good indicator of what's going on... At the moment, aside from so many 'fake photo' theorist who INSIST that this situation has been staged (I swear, you WANT this to be true); the rest of the emails I'm receiving lately are about my issues with Twilight, in general - apparently, many of you Twilight MOVIE Fans don't know much about the beginning of Twilight's success and 'how it came to be'.

For instance, did you know that there was a HUGE dust-up over the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen? And no, alot of overly-obsessed fans weren't that crazy about Kristen's casting, either - and yeah, that's when these Hollywood PR Assaults STARTED on the Twilight Fanbase. NONE of these relentless attacks are new - they're just as MEAN as they can be now because this situation has supposedly given them permission to extend these assaults for so long and be so UGLY!!

There are SO MANY details that alot of us movie fans are/were missing out on. I just happen to be one of those Twilight MOVIE Fans (no, I am not one of the original book fans who originally started this debate) who began questioning Twilight and then went out to look them up.

This is yet another long, detailed post I did at the beginning of these PR assaults to help explain to clueless Twilight Fans and young girls WHY so many of us OLDER TwiFanladies are so overly-obsessed with this pretty fairytale.

This IS NOT a mean post - for the most part, some of you might find it somewhat 'biting' in places. But, I've received very good feedback from this post from Twilight Fans who were/are in so much - beyond 'normal' - PAIN about this subject - which was the reason why I wrote it.

While some of you long-standing Twihards might be a little angry with me about this post (as well as many other ones in here) - I HAVE SAID that I will DELETE THESE BLOGS if you Twilight Fans will come through and initiate REFORMS in Hollywood. ;)

I really would appreciate it if you would give me a break in here if you read something that offends you. Absolutely NONE of this has been easy or fun for me to do.

TwiFans who are clueless are very confused; and those who have been in on Twilight from the beginning and who took this debate on at the time are basically running away like cowards (many times, not without telling me off, first - ha!)

WHETHER you are clueless or not - again, I am NOT your TwiEnemy, TwiFans. If you judge this blog because it's based on a subject matter that you're opposed to, you'll be doing a serious disservice to HUMAN people who are CURRENTLY IN PAIN because of their over-obsessions with Twilight - not to mention, their favorite HUMAN Actress & Actor, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

YES, this IS WORTH your time!!

Update 7/19/13 - Okay, let's address this 'FAKE PHOTO' controversy again, especially since they seem to be so out of hand at the moment...

At one point, I was in contact with one of these sites that supports this theory, maybe you've heard of it: Justice for Kristen with 'Twilighter' and some other stubborn individual who obviously doesn't give a crap about YOUNG (and young-at-heart) Twilight Fans. (You'll read all about that below, it was real fun, ha!)

From my perspective, sites like these have been NOTHING but HARMFUL for fans with the further DIVISION and arguments they have caused among us.

Recently, I attempted FIVE TIMES to get them to remove a favorable comment I left on their blog a long time ago before I was fully aware of just how harmful it was - because with all these extra 'fake' inquiries I've been receiving in email, I worry that it encourages people to read their blog and/or it gives validity to it.

I don't want to be any part of that - so naturally, I told them to remove it.

FINALLY, this was the response from Twilighter:

I will say this once.  You'll are entitled to your point of view as are we.  So don't waste your time and mine by continuing to tell me what you think. I get it, I 've seen what you have written. But we simply disagree.

It should be noted that NOT ONCE has either one of them EVER actually responded to any of my VALID, critical comments left on their blog with this one exception - no debate, no reasoning, just stonewalled SILENCE, and of course; not letting my comments through on their blog - something that DOES NOT ALLOW for a DEBATE! This guy is supposed to be a LAWYER - which is probably why SOME fans are believing their crap, but he's not looking at the WHOLE PICTURE - maddening!!

(continuing...) This is not about how some young girls feel.  This is about multi-million dollar tabloid media corporations selling lies for fun and profit (DUH!!!). And some people that are stupid enough to believe them.  If you don't like what I have to say, then don't read it.  And be aware that once you make a comment on the internet, you run the risk that it will remain there.  I am fully aware of that, and am more than comfortable with it.

Can I just say, JERK?!!

Twilight Fans ARE NOT STUPID - fans who 'can't get past this' for whatever reason are STRUGGLING in an intense obsession with specific beliefs surrounding those obsessions that are HARD to get past. It DOESN'T MATTER whether or not their obsessions are REAL - their feelings, right OR wrong, surrounding this subject ARE!!

If you don't believe me about this, then you really do need to keep reading, I'll SHOW YOU.

So, essentially, Twilighter and his friend are FAR MORE CONCERNED about corporations making money the underhanded way they do ALONE. The hearts and minds of the fanbase who are knowingly and intentionally being bashed at CONSTANTLY by Hollywood's gossip rags (and HURT by their OWN erroneous message on TOP of that) means absolutely nothing to them - or many of you out there, obviously.

This is a COMPLETE MYSTERY to me. Their problem is that they have the debatable FACTS laid out as perfectly as they can, but they are completely ignoring the HEART (and motive) of the matter. There are very few controversial comments on their blog, apparently because they don't like to argue/prove their own points.

I've already debunked these 'fake photo' theories several times over within this post - you can read it, believe it or not.

But for Heaven's Sake - DON'T make things WORSE by not acknowledging the FACT that the obsessions of Twilight Fans is at the CENTER of these messes.

These Hollywood PR Assaults and our obsessions go hand in hand. It is the tool Hollywood USES to manipulate us.

I honestly do not see how I can say or prove that anymore clearly than I already have.

Update 7/11/13 - Okay, it's becoming a little more clear as to why no one has been signing the petitions these past couple of days. The majority of Twihards that I seem to be tapping into lately are SURE that the original cheating scandal - and all the stuff that has come down, since - has been faked by either Robert or Kristen or Summit Entertainment - especially, seems to be the BIG culprit among you.

COME ON, if anything, Summit Entertainment would NOT HAVE WANTED Kristen and Robert to be in a romantic relationship!! Hollywood DOES NOT write things like 'publicity relationships' into movie contracts!!!

Honestly, I have never received so many emails surrounding this 'fake' issue - it's usually peeps telling me off because I'm sticking up for Kristen OR it's about their aching Twihearts.

It's almost like you NEED this 'fake' story in order to accept what's happened with Kristen and Robert. It somehow makes it easier to brush this stuff off, doesn't it?

BELIEVE ME, *I* have ABSOLUTELY NO LOVE for SCUMMIT. If I thought for a MOMENT that they put on these PR shows for us; you should know that I really WOULD be making a BIG, HUGE HAIRY STINK about that to every damn Attorney General I could get an audience with.

Yeah, every single one of you should be signing the petitions - if not to set Rob & Kris free, then to set US FREE. Frankly, if SOMEONE did this on purpose - I'm willing to bet that petitions like this will trickle down to effect them, eventually. ;)


This is US, Twihards...
Keep reading, I'll show you
HOW and WHY they continue
to pit us against each other.
Robsten Relationship Daily Status Report
UNCERTAIN, probably wobbly at best
(Sorry, I'm not comfortable calling it over, yet.)

- Rob is NOT with Katy Perry, she's definitely

Robert's new 'mystery girl' is probably

For those of you who are SO SURE this
entire scenario is a lie for whatever reason...
WHY is that Okay with you?!!!!!!!

It's heading toward bedtime on 6/26 - and Good Grief, I almost feel like this is DAY ONE - 7/24/12 - of the infamous cheating scandal!

Let's talk about Robert for a bit, because I've been seeing yet more wonky stuff out there about BOTH of them. I think I've got Kristen pretty covered, but those of you who are JUST NOW turning on Robert (as opposed to those who turned on him when he originally took Kristen back)...

Do you REALLY have to turn into these desperate biotches? (These are mean comments from the beginning of these scandals until now - it's amazing the changes 'haters' have gone through.) How can you all be so sure that Robert has been jerking Kristen around all this time?

It looks to ME like something sudden happened or came to a head - for one or the other of them to call things off that fast and (seemingly) completely. WHY are you so sure (if it was Robert) that he had absolutely NO REASON to do something like that?

Or the other way around... I've heard people exclaim, "SHE threw HIM out!"

If this was REALLY all part of some pre-conceived conspiracy (there are so many of them, I'm not even going to honor one of them by pointing one out) - WHY has this breakup come down so fast and hard?

If this was 'part of a higher plan', they wouldn't have let such a 'permanent-looking' thing happen. It would look more like so many other Hollywood 'divorces'. You know how they go, Twihards...

"Oh, it's a mutual thing - we still love each other and respect each other - we're still each other's BEST FRIEND, etc."

THAT hasn't been happening...

We haven't been seeing Robert around, much - he definitely seems to have shifted tracks. Even when he's been promoting Dior and throwing his party, we haven't seen or heard nearly as much as we would from either one of those kinds of 'normal' celebrity parties. (Things have changed since this was originally written - Robert is definitely a hard target for them.)

It's almost like someone has seriously been working on tweaking AND resetting his leaky PR faucet. A party with very little TABLOID press was for Hollywood networking, and a very grown-up boost to Rob's career.

We've seen Kristen out 'laughing and smiling' with friends (and out her mom in a wig), which is not something she really does as we all know - several days, smiling happily with the paps in full view - no, that doesn't happen very often - and, this started happening supposedly within days of the break-up. (At least, that's what she was doing until they p*ssed her off and she started flipping them off, LoL!)

Kristen was trying to establish herself as separate 'and moving on' from Robert.

She's being a brave little toaster... But I bet she's feeling like crap with the death of James Gandolfini on top of everything. I bet she's really looking forward to getting back to work.

They are both obviously working on their own separate paths right now. They MAY have really split.

ALTERNATIVELY... I've seen some comments, and this is not an impossibility... That Kristen and Robert may still be together and 'staging' this situation, themselves.

I can see that possibility... They are going to be spending alot of time apart this year, and maybe they thought that if they made things look like they were separating - that might get the papz and/or us to give them a break. (It obviously isn't working if that's true.)

2nd alternately... They MAY ALSO have created this scenario because they really have decided that they both need a break for WHATEVER reason.

We need to start giving BOTH of these two kids the BENEFIT of the DOUBT because NONE of us actually knows what's going on - and it's none of our business!!

Kristen and Robert are people we Twihards should be treasuring - not judging so harshly.
- The E! Online reporter removed the article as a
result of this fan's UNWILLINGNESS to allow
this obvious lie to HURT FANS as was intended.

THIS article turned out to be the SOURCE
article for MANY assaults since then
- even AFTER it was taken down.
It was TOO LATE. (Note the 'sex in
public' trash piece above.)

Read the back and forth exchange between
the reporter and the fan - and THEN go down
and read the comments. Look at what the
world thinks about us AND what we think
of each other. That's not even adding
Kristen or Robert into the mix.

6/6/13 - Okay, this is REALLY DISTURBING... I've gotten a few emails just over the past few days since the last update, from Twilight Fans who don't want to sign the petition OR respond on this blog because THESE Twihards are AFRAID of the judgment of other Twihards - afraid someone will recognize their alias', name or email, etc. (mostly from younger girls, but also a couple older ones). You're all mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends, aunts, etc., and you have to live with each other.

I even had one of these ladies ask me to remove a comment in here because of it. (Sorry, this 'last update' has been deleted to shorten this post. It was an excerpt toward the middle of this post - you'll see Buffy videos - that inspired these emails.)

You're AFRAID to hold Hollywood responsible for the tears and/or fury they've caused?

I honestly do not know what to say to that - except that it's really a shame that anyone has to feel that way. If this is all 'just a story', WHAT is the big deal? WHY should you have ANYONE to be afraid of?

Oh, I get it... I completely understand. I would be afraid if I had to live with any of these kinds of crazed TwiLadies, too. It really makes me wonder what some of these young girls have been put through at home.



This timeline is long because I spend alot of time trying to get Twilight Fans 'on the same page' of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's HOT Hollywood romance! Many of you out there may not realize that these Hollywood PR Assaults have catapulted MANY Twilight Fans into emotional CHAOS, and MANY TwiEmotions & TwiTheories are STILL running rampant since July 2012!!

If you want to skip this part just for the smear campaign info; scroll down about 2/3rds until you see this heading followed by a short list of links - you'll also see a much shorter version of this blurb one more time before you get there, sorry. ;)

Of course, I could be wrong - time will tell.

5/30/13 - I think it's safe to say that Kris & Rob are probably taking a break at the very least, and have maybe even called it quits on the romance. Rob & Kris seem to definitely be running on different paths - he's had a party without Kristen; and she (especially) seems to have gone out of her way to seem like she is separate from him, now.

Doesn't necessarily mean we won't be seeing them around together, ever again. And even if the romance is gone, they could probably still save their friendship and maybe even still be BFF's - even if they need more time to adjust to that.

I know this is true, because I've been BFF's with one of my ex's for well over a decade - I've talked about him a couple times in my blogs, my Star Trek: Into the Darkness Movie Review is one (he's a TOS fan who is not very fond of the new timeline and especially the new Spock, ha!). Here's his website - he's The Seattle Santa! (And he's really good at it, as you can tell by the pics, ha!)

Dan was a HORRIBLE boyfriend for me - although his current girlfriend/Mrs. Santa would no-doubt disagree about what kind of boyfriend he's been for her, ha! Yes, I'm semi-friends with her, too - and no, it's not very fun, sometimes. But, Dan will be a part of my life until I die, I'm sure of it.

He is THE PERSON I trust the most on this planet, and vise versa - it's a LIFETIME commitment even if there is no romance and/or no marriage involved. It's a generic BFF thing. ;)

I'm not saying this will happen with Kristen and Robert (I'm not even in contact with any of my other ex's) - just that it's possible to KEEP the most important, 'real' things about any relationship intact, even if other things get washed away - sort of depends on how important 'those other things' were for both of you. ;)

I've spoken to Santa/Dan, and alerted him that I've put him up here like this, ha! You know I've been driving him crazy, he's one of my vents. And while he has been as perplexed as some of you are with my reaction to all this because he's not a Twilight Fan; he DOES get "the heart of the matter".

He is willing and VERY capable of responding to any of your questions if you want to talk to him, too. (You would be surprised how many disturbing questions Santa gets asked by kids.) Use his santa email in the website above, and put 'from a Twilight Fan to Santa/Dan' (he goes by either one just as easily) in the subject.

And yeah, you're all still welcome to send me an email too, if you want:

What happened to Kristen & Robert?

What DIDN'T happen... There are so many suspicious people out there who are so sure Robert and Kristen's hot Hollywood romance has been a publicity stunt from the beginning. That makes NO SENSE - and IF the franchise managed to use them like this to LIE to the world so they would FOOL us all into loving Twilight even MORE...

Honestly, that's a much larger offense to me - and it should be to you, too.

IF this is true, WHY have neither one of them ever been very cooperative - aside from posing for ALL THOSE MAGAZINE COVERS together over the years? Kristen should have been welcoming the paps and prancing around Robert like a GOOD GIRL all this time.

The Twilight Saga didn't need any MORE tricks like that to make it successful. Stephenie's pretty, dysfunctional, overly-addictive books are FILLED with plenty of tricks to make everyone crazy enough. She didn't need to manipulate her lead actress & actor into putting on an actual BELIEVABLE show for you in order for Twilight to be a success.

No, these two professional actors just got caught up in the Cyclone that is Twilight, and have never been allowed to come back down to Earth - and now they've crash landed. Their lives as celebrities has been so unfair. You could never pay ANYONE enough money to go through the extreme sh*t they have had to, and STILL.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's hot Hollywood romance WAS REAL - and if it wasn't, then Kristen & Robert have some answering to do for their fans.

I don't believe that, however... They have been in this wonky Hollybubble together for awhile, and were apparently friends before a romance started. It HAD to have been alot like being stranded on a deserted island with someone - it was almost inevitable that a romance would develop.

I'm not saying that it wasn't FATE or destiny or anything like that... But if you're forced to be in such close proximity with someone, in an intense situation like this for so long; you are GOING TO BOND with that other person. That other person could have started out as your worst enemy, and you would still bond, eventually.

The cheating scandal pics being captured and released like that in the most humiliating way (for both of them) - whether their relationship was previously perfect or not, could ALSO have been a catalyst for reuniting them after the shock.

Neither one of them was expecting this to happen (although Kristen may have had a bit of a warning). Not only were they both instantly heartbroken, but where else WOULD they go but back into each other's arms?

Honestly, *I* would have been surprised if Kristen & Robert had not reconciled - at least for awhile like they did. What comes next should NOT be Hollywood's GUESS!!

When close people are separated in a harsh, instant way like this - many times they are not ready to separate, so the separation can involve reconciling and parting ways a few times - who knows which will win out for them, the reconciling or the parting? It really COULD go either way.

I'm writing a book about all this, because I think it's a pretty important cultural stain that needs tending to - but mostly from the perspective of us older TwiLadies. If you're under the age of 30 when this book comes out, don't read it girls - it isn't for you. ;)

The book will be for those TwiLadies who are so far into their silly, sparkling 'escape' to be concerned at all about reality. Everything is all about THEM.

That's who the book will be about.

5/28/13 - Something weird happened lately. People Magazine reported a Robert Pattinson / Katy Perry sighting this weekend in Santa Barabara; INSINUATING that they were a couple and/or Katy Perry was a problem with Robert & Kristen's apparent recent split. Yesterday morning already - those links were starting to turn into 'bad page links' and eyebrows raised.

Btw, this turned out to be another 'source article' that was taken down TOO LATE -  the gossip cycle had already begun and the damage couldn't be undone. Katy & Rob have been friends for awhile - and so has Kristen. Whether or not she may be 'more' his friend than Kristen's is beside the point. It IS POSSIBLE to have a platonic friendship anywhere - even in Hollywood. 

WHAT'S UP? Well, we never entirely know that, ha!

But, Katy Perry was also spied on spending quality time with John Mayer over the Holiday, AND they were looking awfully cozy. ;)

Here's Kristen FLIPPING OFF the PAPS earlier today (5/23); AND here's Robert cruising around in their SHARED car today, apparently heading to their semi-shared home. There is NO WAY ANYONE can know what's going on with them at the moment. NONE of their close friends should be talking - WHY would they?!!

Yeah, I would imagine Kristen Stewart is pretty damn furious with the paps & rags at the moment. I'm only TOO HAPPY to post this link. I'm willing to BET, she's not just meaning to flip off the paps, LoL!

They have done NOTHING but STALK her behind her back from her home, from her friend's home, everywhere she goes - she isn't posing for ANY of these photos, NOR is she aware that most of them are being taken until AFTER the fact.

Here's a scenario for you... Kristen is supposedly getting ready to go to work shooting her OWN movie, soon. I've also heard (although I have not confirmed it), that Kristen's house is up for sale.

IF THESE TWO THINGS ARE TRUE... Maybe Robert took the dogs and his belongings back to his place in preparation?

I'm not saying they haven't split, and if they're fighting - every couple fights.

Doesn't necessarily mean they've SPLIT.

If there really is a silver lining behind every cloud - this is IT, Twihards:

to set these two professional actors
and ALL Celebrities FREE
by INSISTING Hollywood

5/21/13 - Seems like Robsten might be falling apart - apparently, Robert has now moved out (notice they are once again STALKING Kristen's home - a couple days ago, they were stalking her at a friend's house apparently through a window). While this news is still not yet confirmed - it looks pretty real; and the lingering nature and dread of the possibility of it is harsh for many Twihards. Here's another blurb that is probably the most 'believable' about what's actually going on between them - never trust a tabloid, though. ;)

ALL of this message is in play moreso NOW than EVER - because these gossip rags & paps no-doubt played a HUGE role in making their reconciliation time a sideshow circus and damn near impossible to accomplish anything.

I know you're sad now, Twihards... This post will help most of you if you're struggling with a stubborn Twilight and/or Robsten Obsession Just take a healthy dose of Esme's advice: take a deep breath and let things work themselves out.

If things haven't worked out the way you wanted them to - that's life, and it goes on. Be nice to each other and support each other, Twihards - you NEED each other right now, as silly as that may seem to people.

Your FEELINGS ARE REAL even if your obsession is not - take care of them, or they'll turn into ugly things. Robert has more movies coming out soon, so you have that to look forward to - and I think Kristen has some coming out, too. This is NOT the end of their lives, they're still TODDLERS just like alot of you are.

Yes - you're all still welcome to send me a private email if you need someone to vent at/talk to - Catherine:

And if you can't say anything NICE, don't say anything at all!! All you TwiLadies and TwiFangirls who have been ROOTING for this to happen may finally be getting your wish.

It should be MUCH easier for you all NOW to slip back into Bella's spot in your head - now that your delusion of Prince Charming/Edward Cullen/Christian Grey has finally rejected the princess you considered to be such a misfit.

Act like a grown-up this time around and keep your mouth SHUT!!

If you are someone who is STILL struggling with a stubborn Twilight Addiction and looking for HELP - CLICK HERE.

It's 5/19/13 and now People Magazine is claiming to have heard from 'a source' that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have officially ended their relationship 'for now' - AFTER the previous story below PAVED the way to make the scenario believable; AND they added those two additional 'for now' words in order for the next images that come out of them together to seem like them being together was yet another MIRACULOUS Robsten relationship save.

And also, ONCE AGAIN since they've built this story up AGAIN - the NEXT image of them together is worth alot more for these gossip rags and paps because some Twihards would do damn near do ANYTHING to see it now that they've put these doubts in your head again.

I'm not saying that this new twist can't possibly be true - just that, from the MO of Hollywood AND Robert & Kristen to date; the ODDS ARE that this is YET another made-up storyline supposedly meant to entertain us - as opposed to inflict the pain that it actually does.

You think Hollywood doesn't know what they're doing? You MAKE THEM MONEY when they have you whipped up like this, girls. For heaven's sake - let's UNITE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

SHUN these damn gossip magazines and SIGN the PETITIONS for Hollywood to start taking responsibility for the chaos they cause!

Additionally, this one is harder... Get that next 'Robsten together' image, TwiFANS - don't let the paps get it. We got the last image they built up like this. When WE capture the images, it vents the air out of their big balloons and keeps them from getting paid nearly as much!!

Here's a splash from the most recent Robsten rumors from 5/16 coming out of Hollywood:

A paparazzi photographer claimed the actress appeared to be distressed during what he alleged looked like an intense phone conversation. May 13 also happens to be Pattinson's birthday.

"Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend's apartment, smoking. She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour— I'm guessing she was talking to Rob," an unnamed photographer told X17 Online. (SPYING on her through a window?!!)

"She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional," he added.

Fans are now questioning the possibility of a split with an insider revealing that the couple is struggling to make things work. The pair first began dating in 2008.

is going on between them
Yes, this IS a REAL WARNING!!

What did you think of this paparazzi shot
Like they couldn't possibly TELL that the
guy in the car was a Valet Driver
when they took the damn picture!

Both Kristen and Robert NEED HELP right now in my opinion. But, you can't help them if you refuse to entertain the possibility that Kristen DID get caught in a 'momentary indiscretion' at the VERY LEAST.

And EVEN THEN... IF Kristen and Robert DID THIS, it's obviously what they want us all to BELIEVE for some strange reason, ha! IF they did it to get back at the paps - isn't that reason enough to SIGN the PETITIONS?

I know, it's never the end... Cuz now the debate is
'how real is this' AGAIN!!

The BEST thing about this photo is that it was not
captured by the Paparazzi - FANS got this pic
(although the gossip mags are utilizing it, ha!!)

We intercepted the tabloids' BUILDUP of this image
and kept the paps from making NEARLY as much
money off Robsten's NEXT 'together' pic, now. ;)
Notice that neither Kris nor Rob seem to have
many issues with posing for photos with fans.

One more thing... I've read in places, complaints
about Robert & Kristen 'not acting cozy enough'
during fan photos. They seldom pose side-by-side,
for instance. The focus is SUPPOSED to be on
'the fan' - that is a CLASSIC PR guideline.
They are not doing anything unusual NOR
are they being difficult - just courteous. ;)

to set these two professional actors
and ALL Celebrities FREE
by asking Hollywood to

This YouTube Video contains explicit lyrics, "Let's Hear it for the *ssholes", etc.
Supporting Kristen AND Robert through these PR assaults - THANK YOU!!

Photo Credit

update 2/23/13
Gee, you PROBABLY don't hang out with your EX-boyfriend's buddies AFTER you break up. NOTICE: She's still wearing the necklace. Told you so. ;) 

from 2/20/13

Nunya (thanks for posting the correct perspective)
Posted at 11:54 AM on March 22, 2013
OK, let’s do this again, maybe slower. ALL these tabloids quote unnamed “friends” or “sources”. They pay these people to say what they want. They make up ALL these stories to get clicks on their site. UNNAMED SOURCES = STORIES = CLICKS = MONEY = PAPARAZZI PAY = See the circle? They just put ALL these stories out for the money. And they pay the paparazzi, and the sources for their “stories”. There was never any “trial separation”. He was in Australia to work. These TABLOIDS have made ALL of this up since the beginning. Rob and Kristen are a virtual cash cow for them, and they’ll keep on making stories up until they no longer create clicks. The “EXCLUSIVE” they had about Rob & Kristen’s “Date night”? The girl that took the pic posted her own article on what happened – every tabloid has taken that story and twisted it to suit their purposes. HollyLies here even called it their “EXCLUSIVE”. Get it now? Unless you hear ANY celebrity say it, don’t count on it being true. Kristen’s apology by People? One of their mag’s employees tweeted that the apology came from a “source”. Then deleted the tweet. I have it saved. Good luck, HollyLies. Once everyone figures it out, NOBODY will read your bullsh*t anymore! Only the extremely stupid and naive.

Because of Nunya's point about Kristen's public apology being made to 'People Magazine' through 'a source', I was inspired to do a little more research - because the very first time I read about this subject was through this CBS News link. CBS is NOT PM - so I trusted their reporting, completely missing the 'odd' fact that Kristen issued a statement to PEOPLE to begin with...

WHY would either her OR Rupert go through PEOPLE magazine to release an 'official statement'? Why not send out a generic press release for all media in general or contact a more reputable news source that HASN'T BEEN such a paparazzi safe-haven and general Celebrity irritant to ANY situation?

People Magazine has been NOTHING but jerks throughout this entire situation as have so many other tabloids... MAYBE they DID inadvertently CAUSE these 'more reputable' news houses to BELIEVE the little lie they MIGHT have made up to go along with those cheating photos so that they could get in on the suddenly-lucrative Hollywood buzz, too.

FLIP SIDE (I know this is what alot of you don't like about me, sorry. ;)

I would THINK (although I could be wrong) that places like CBS News would have CONFIRMED this news before they reported it; AND if it was written by someone other than Kristen Stewart, they did an awfully GOOD JOB of making those written words 'sound like' something she might actually say in this kind of a situation.

ALSO, that tweet from the People employee above about Kristen's apology being from 'a source' - that source COULD have been someone from Kristen's camp, like a publicist.

We just don't know, and it is highly unlikely that any of us will EVER know the truth about any of this, for sure - and it DOESN'T MATTER anymore!! But other things DO MATTER now...

3/2/13 - RED ALERT CORRECTION: THE GRAND PUNK DEBUNK w/ their 'PLAN' bringing the WRONG KIND of UNHELPFUL, WHINY attention to Kristen, Robert and even moreso - US TwiFANS!

The Justice for Kristen blog has played RIGHT into the 'storylines' of these gossip rags with a FUN, unintended TWILIGHT TWIST - what a shocker, overly-obsessed Twihards coming up with a fake-photo conspiracy theory like this - TOO FUNNY!!

It would be funnier if the photographers manipulated them on purpose just to instigate this story, themselves. I mean, the FIRST THING the Twilight Fanbase's MOST OBSESSED Twihards are going to do is go over those photos with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they have not been tampered with - LoL!

A 'just cheating scandal' may not have been enough for them. They may very well have intentionally created this plot variable knowing/hoping this about Twilight Fans - they are supposedly 'professionals'. (That really would be funny. Dammit, I would have to give a crumb-of-a-kudo to the paps if they did that!)

You really should STOP - you're helping NO ONE!!

This PR crap has gone on for too long... Either Kristen and/or Robert have the integrity of a GNAT to pull this on their own fanbase for the EXTREMELY profitable benefit of the paps (peeps they HATE) for some weird reason; OR those cheating pics - manipulated or not - represented the generic 'jist of the TRUTH' about the scandalous situation even if they don't capture the FACTS perfectly.

It should also be noted that *I* am somewhat confused about where the "Justice for Kristen" blog stands, now - I've been told in email exchange that opinions have been altered. But, based on their current end-article comments out in Internetland, I see them as continuing their original message of 'Kristen didn't cheat, she did this on purpose' - which, to me, seems to have been MORE HARMFUL on Twilight Fans with as much FURTHER DIVISION and ridiculous arguments it has CAUSED - than these gossip rags.

It also concerns me that they always FILTER my comments on their blog (with one exception) instead of replying to them or allowing people to judge them for themselves. In my opinion, this subject NEEDS a DEBATE. Whether it's on this blog or that one, it doesn't matter!

But, apparently - THEY don't want to work with ME because *I* HATE the way Stephenie Meyer irresponsibly wrote The Twilight Saga AND I blame a large chunk of this Hollywood mess on HER.

SO... If THAT is YOUR REASON for NOT SIGNING *my* petition; then by all means, go sign THEIRS. I'm really mad at Sue & Twilighter at the moment for taking my message to their site INSTEAD of working together. *My* problem with their petition (aside from the pot-stirring-in-a-BAD-way reason for their blog existing) is the long list of gossip rags they have listed as targets. 

This needs to be an INDUSTRY-WIDE reform at the ROOTS of these kinds of rags. *My* petition targets the companies that own the magazines they have listed.

I received this [edited] response to some of my questions regarding their blog on Feb 5th from Sue: "The Grand Punk is put out by Twilighter.  He is a retired prosecutor and that is why he is so meticulous with his analysis.  He is up to Part 11 and has at least two more installments.  When you get through all 11 parts, you will realize that his opinion has changed somewhat as it has progressed, but I believe he still stands by the belief that it was staged and probably by the people that had something to gain."

The last email I exchanged with her is on Feb. 24th - and the first signature on their petition is dated Feb. 19th. BEFORE that, they were having fans writing letters specifically about Kristen Stewart. But I made a comment to her about how that wasn't a very 'convenient' thing for fans to do - one signature on a petition would be easier for fans (because I was trying to convince them to join forces on MY petition).

Yeah, really looks suspicious, JUSTICE for KRISTEN - and sh*tty of you!!

How incredibly paranoid and short-sighted of 'Justice for Kristen'. It is for THIS REASON that my book, "Stephenie Meyer and Her Army of Desperate Housewives: The Twilight Saga Exposed" is almost definitely coming out now. Yeah, they've played a pretty damn big hand in that.

The Justice for Kristen blog is giving the paps, gossip rags, and even Kristen WAY too much outlandish credit. What these gossip magazines do is something they do every day in the easiest, money-making way they can - that's their JOBS.

And EVEN IF Kristen and Robert DID THIS, it's obviously what they want us all to BELIEVE for some strange reason, ha! IF they did it to get back at the paps - isn't that reason enough to SIGN the PETITIONS (ones that might actually WORK, that is?)

By joining forces with other unhappy fans of other mistreated Celebrities - the idea is that we will continue to build on the petitions until we have enough to make our frustrations LOUD enough to be heard AND taken seriously.

CHANGE IN HOLLYWOOD IS POSSIBLE with time and voices being added daily!!

Whining about 'Kristen being picked on' with their 'PLAN' (their plan used to be centered on Kristen Stewart and involved fans writing letters, etc - maybe it still does, dunno & don't care) is ludicrous - and draws the wrong kind of UNWANTED ATTENTION to her!!

Kristen isn't 'targeted' by the paparazzi anymore than any other Celebrity as far as rumors and lies and sneaky picture-taking tactics go. It's just that she's a profitable TARGET and (in their view) she DESERVES it for NOT respecting their intrusive place in her famous lifestyle.

NO, NOT COOL AT ALL - we're gonna talk about that, because these gossip magazines do NOT have the right to LIE to fans JUST so they can make money by jerking the still-very-profitable and TENDER hearts of YOUNG Twihards around JUST so they can CONTINUE to 'teach Kristen a lesson'. 

If you won't consider EVERY possibility beyond "what you believe to be true"; you MAY very well be HURTING this situation - like, insisting that Kristen is innocent no matter what.

WHAT IF the original cheating scandal WAS true? How do you think it makes Kristen feel, if you're all so sure she would never do something like this?

HOW MANY MORE Twilight Fans will Kristen LOSE if she REALLY made this mistake?

You may very well be putting her up on a pedestal that doesn't suit her, isn't working to her benefit, and has the potential to make her feel even WORSE about what 'actually may have happened'.

I've heard so MANY emails and comments both directed at me and otherwise, about how "I just can't/won't believe those cheating pics were real! Kristen KNOWS she is always followed by the paparazzi. She did this intentionally - for whatever reason" get back at the paparazzi because they hate them, or to play a PR game with their fans at the end of Breaking Dawn, etc.

How many times have you heard either one of them make the comment in interviews about being irritated by people "Twittering" their location and THEN they get hounded. Obviously, they move around (or at least, they used to) at times without the paps knowing about it.

As such, it would not be unreasonable to assume that Kristen was expecting to have her privacy when those cheating photos were captured - she took a RISK and it didn't work out. PLUS, both Kristen and Robert have commented on this subject several times during the past several months - as have many of their friends, peers and even family members.

There is NO WAY a LIE THAT BIG would have went left UNRESPONDED to by Kristen and/or Robert or ANY Celebrity for that matter (Hollywood REPORTED from SEVERAL respected news sources around the globe about Kristen's public apology that SHE RELEASED, and it was obviously MADE IN HER OWN WORDS!!!

PLUS, she's taken NOTHING but a POUNDING from these gossip rags (AND TWILIGHT FANS), since!! WHY WOULD SHE VOLUNTEER FOR THIS KIND OF TORMENT?! It's not like they (or ANY of us) couldn't guess what would happen out here with her fans - HUH, HOLLYWOOD?!!

Yes, Hollywood knew EXACTLY what they were doing AND what was going to happen out here with Twilight Fans when they published those cheating photos!!

WHETHER you believe those cheating photos were manipulated OR NOT...

All of this was just a MEAN, senseless PR assault directed at Twilight Fans EN MASSE that was meant to jerk their OBVIOUS. emotionally-INVESTED and obsessing Twihard HEARTS and MINDS around for Hollywood PROFITS!!

But, SEE what an effective DIVERSION these 'fake photo' theories have been... NO ONE is looking at what the gossip rags are ACTUALLY DOING, we're all trying to figure out where the rabbit went, STILL.

The outlandish story is SELDOM the one that turns out to be true - it's almost always the logical line. ANY law-enforcement official will tell you that.

As to why those cheating photos "may" have been manipulated (sure looks like it, huh? There are actually THREE possible reasons for this as outlined in my most recent, updated post about this subject. But, if you're looking for ALL of the info that I have - I highly recommend finish reading this post before this one.); what about the possibility that US Weekly (the original purchaser and publisher of those pictures) made a deal and/or worked with marketing people from Summit - since they couldn't control the leak - to make the incriminating situation appear both "tame" AND "naughty" enough to 1) convince the world that Kristen WAS being bad; while 2) not show it as "bad as it could have been shown" so that the mean gossip magazine gets to tell it's HUGE, money-making story AND BDp2 still makes its boatloads of bucks.

EVERYONE in Hollywood WANTS BDp2 to make money... In Hollywood it will spill over!!

It would have been MUCH more difficult for Twilight Fans to forgive Kristen MAYBE... If we saw those photos for what they actually were. They may have "toned them down" so that WE could be more easily manipulated and we'd still go see the movie. (Btw, in honor of Twilighter's most recent accusation about me supposedly assuming that 'Kristen was being more bad' to be silly... I don't mean that she might have been caught doing something even more dastardly. I MEAN that the 'kissing' could have been a little more intense than what we were shown - AND also, the situation could actually have 'been worse'. There is no way for any of us to know at this point.)

And IF this IS the case... IF Kristen WAS "being more bad" than the majority of us out here believe her to have been... I'm SURE she was/has been HONEST with Robert about whatever it was that was going on between her and Rupert.

It is highly UNLIKELY that this divorce dust-up is having much of an impact on their relationship - ASIDE from some of our insane reactions to it, ha! They've dealt with this stuff and talked it out. For them, this stuff is OVER (or at least, it's trying to be)!!

For the record... It occurs to me that I should separate my own personal opinions about this subject from this long-winded blog post that tries to cover just about every silly thing I've heard:

If the most recent comment below indicates anything - and it hasn't been the first time I've heard this - not all of us who believe those photos 'capture the moment' believe that Kristen necessarily meant to be cheating on Robert. I know - yet more controversy, ha!

This post tries to cover ALL the many outlandish 'Robsten' cheating scandal / breakup rumors and theories out there. My own personal opinions can be seen moreso speckled in the original timeline (see link at end) and in my comment response:

"I'm with you on the whole 'Kristen doesn't look like she wanted him near her' thing. It has always seemed to me like she was 'trying to keep things outside' - haven't some of us been there, ha?! And yeah, it would also explain alot toward how/why they got back together so fast. (It could also be the reason why Kristen doesn't seem to 'have enough humility' about this situation as so many of you think she should have - WHY would she feel ANY responsibility for what the PAPS did to YOU? She didn't create this PR storm, and she certainly did NOT ramp it UP like it has been!!)

As far as letting the paps take pics, I think Kristen & Robert do when they're tired and don't feel like holding up appearances - but that doesn't happen very often. They've been so beat up by these paps & gossip magazines over the course of all these TwiYears, and the paps have done nothing but bash them down at every opportunity. 

Honestly, I wouldn't give them anymore than I 'had' to at this point, either. Not only that, I'd probably be thinking about getting everything I could get out of Hollywood while I was still young - then take my sweety and retire as early as possible in some distant place far from the cruelty of Hollywood and my well-meaning-yet-just-don't-get-it fans to raise my family in peace." 

Continuing... ALSO, since these 'fake photo' theories (there are many of them, ha!) are based on the fact that Robert and Kristen appeared to be in a solid, loving relationship JUST PRIOR to those cheating photos surfacing in July along with a couple comments Kristen has made over the years...

NEWSFLASH: Kristen COULD have been in a WONDERFUL relationship with Robert BEFORE this happened - and STILL have been rendezvousing around with Rupert!!

Here's the conclusion of Dr. Keith Ablow's article above: "In my psychiatric office, if Pattinson were to insist on jettisoning Stewart from his life exclusively because she had expressed herself sexually with another man, I would tell him he had never truly loved her.  And I would be right."

This kind of Hollywood lie is TOO BIG to force. The consequences of being called out and SUED would have made the 'tampered with' scandal not even worth ATTEMPTING - and doesn't it seem awfully WEIRD that NO ONE CARES that those photos may have been tampered with? That's probably because it's NOT UNUSUAL for the gossip mags to DO THAT!!

Plus, there are so many OTHER far more EASIER ways to gain publicity in Hollywood - gaining publicity for Kristen OR Robert is EASY!! All they have to do is step outside of their home TOGETHER and go somewhere OR walk up a RED CARPET event TOGETHER (something they NEVER DO, btw).

The ONLY way Kristen and/or Robert would have 'been in on' this kind of scandal AT THEIR EXPENSE is IF giving the paparazzi this kind of fodder to make money off of them had been WORTH it for them somehow.

Who made money off of this scandal? NOT Kris OR Rob (they DID NOT need to 'pull a stunt' OR reunite in order for BDp2 or for ANY of their other movies to be a success)!! And the 1st scandal did NOTHING for them aside from being a MAJOR thorn in BOTH of their sides for MONTHS - they can't go ANYWHERE!!

NEITHER ONE of them needed THIS KIND of publicity; NOR have either one of them EVER been interested in ASSISTING the paparazzi in their money-making endeavors. WHY WOULD THEY?

HOW does them 'putting on this show' for the paps in order to TRICK THEM - do them ANY GOOD at ALL?!! WHAT WOULD BE THEIR MOTIVE behind it - just because they HATE them, how does it 'get back at them'?!!

What is the Difference... 
Between Actual Celebrity News and a PR Celebrity/Fan Assault
Another post I did on Celebrity/Fan harassment in general that includes the petitions - Yeah, there are more peeps than just me wanting this Hollywood BS to change. It's a worthy injustice that needs changing from many perspectives.

If you want to skip this stuff, scroll down
about two-thirds until you see this heading
followed by a short list of links. ;)

Of course, I could be wrong - time will tell."

Thanks for MORE BS, Hollywood!!
I'm really starting to like Gossip Cop. ;)

Comment by Anjali at the bottom of 'Rob's Lover' Post on Gossip Cop - we can't possibly put enough humor in here, ha! "then 'Anonymous woman' woke up & fell out of bed... but it was the best DREAM she ever had! ;-) lol"

Twihards... TWILIGHT was "just a story", but WE are REAL PEOPLE as are Kristen and Robert. Robsten's 1st "PR Cheating Scandal" was real, but this 2nd breakup is NOT... WHY are we being tormented?!

It's time to UNITE so we can HELP Kris & Rob!!

This post started on 1/17 with the first round of "second Robsten breakup" gossip and has continued... You'll also find another timeline of the original PR assault at the bottom of this. Yes, I've been covering this scoop since then and inadvertently for A YEAR before that. :)


Alot of you won't consider this post because you just plain 'ol HATE Kristen now and/or you're disgusted with Robert for "taking her back". If this is you, you're just being MEAN and WRONG and yeah - if you've EVER loved Robert and/or Kristen (aside from just the characters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan), you really should keep reading.

WHY haven't we seen either one of them around for the past couple of weeks? Probably because they are BOTH in hiding again (as much as possible for Robert since he's working) because of OUR reactions (thanks for pointing out how wonky we are, Emma Watson) to this second and just-as-STUPID PR ASSAULT.

By playing Edward, which turned out to be the role of a lifetime, Rob says “I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it’s the price for success. I’m sorry to disagree but I feel like it’s a price too high to pay."

What if I'm RIGHT? If I am... Then it's probably something more like THIS that is going on with them:

"Robert is not an idiot!! It would not have MATTERED if Kristen had "gone all the way" with Rupert or not - those cheating pics would STILL HAVE HURT HIM (and us).

Honestly, I have a REALLY difficult time believing that Robert Pattinson would have reinstated his relationship with Kristen Stewart after ALL THAT PR MESS (and all the publicity messes they have had to go through together to date) on just a "trial" basis.

He had more than ONE thing to get past - remember that public apology? ;)

PLUS, he took Kristen back home for both Thanksgiving AND New Year's (again). I don't care what the gossip magazines had to say about it (it didn't go very well, his family is still mad at her, etc.).

You DO NOT take someone "back home" who has caused this kind of pain to your family WITHOUT INTENDING to really try and make things work with them.

Robert KNEW what he was stepping back into... Not just with Kristen but with the paparazzi and gossip magazines (not to mention, US - don't you think BOTH of their lives might have been ALOT easier if they would have just walked away from each other?).

He ALSO KNOWS that Kristen is "not his only option". He has LOTS of friends around the globe and especially at home. Both he AND Kristen could have had just about anyone...

They wouldn't have gotten back together just for Breaking Dawn Part 2 and they wouldn't have gotten back together just for a "trial" - and now with a "trial separation".

No, it's probably with BOTH BOOTS and we're all allowing them BOTH to be bashed at like this - AGAIN!!

This is TOO MUCH PRESSURE, Twihards and NEITHER one of them deserves it!

Believe it or not... REAL MEN also
FORGIVE people they love when they
get burned at being a silly,
indestructible-feeling, adventurous
young girl!!
REALLY - Stranger things have happened. ;)
Because LOVE is about so MUCH MORE than just "not cheating" on someone!!

So many of you out there are doing the "na na na na na" thing... "Robert has seen the story about Liberty and Rupert's DIVORCE and NOW he KNOWS "what all you did and HOW FAR you went", Kristen..."

Kristen would not have been able to get this far with Robert by LYING to him... Even IF she "went all the way"... He knows what's going on better than WE do, that's for SURE. They got PICTURES, how could she lie about it?!

And honestly... with Kristen's public apology along with all the stuff they have both commented on about this subject SINCE then in interviews; ALONG with some of their co-stars, Kristen's Mom, some of her closest friends, etc... Have had to say about it...

By NOW, it sure seems pretty obvious to me that THIS PART of the "cheating scandal" was REAL.
Between Actual Celebrity News and a PR Celebrity/Fan Assault
(Petitions are here - Yeah, there are more peeps than just me wanting this Hollywood BS to change. It's a worthy injustice that needs changing from many perspectives.)

I also want to point out ONE MORE THING before we get started SMASHING these most recent Robsten rumors (ha!) to DUST...

People who are obsessed with Twilight not ONLY come from across a broad range of ages, cultures and walks of life - BUT, since The Twilight Saga started getting popular in 2005, AND peeps have been falling in love with it EVERY year since for 7ish years as they "come of age" and/or become introduced to it by friends...

We're all in various PHASES of our Twilight obsessions... *I* just happen to be at the very END; and you've all been recently, INVOLUNTARILY and rudely knocked out of YOUR obsessions - within your varying phases - by Hollywood's well-protected Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment.


Yeah... Some of us HURT far MORE than OTHER'S for this VERY REASON.

WOOT - Now Kristen Stewart has CAUSED the DIVORCE of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross... Those POOR kids, all because of Kristen & Rupert's selfish indiscretion... The gossip rags are going to have a HAYDAY with this...

Aside from these maddening gossip machines being incredible *ssholes throughout this entire mess; if Rupert and Liberty ARE getting a divorce, this publicity scandal did NOT CAUSE it!! While it surely didn't help anything, there had to have been MORE going on in that relationship for something like this to end it after all this time.

This is NOT Kristen's FAULT, Twihards. Just a reminder, there were TWO peeps - that includes Rupert - in this scandal. Relationships are COMPLICATED. I'm willing to bet he has more than one major fault, and maybe Liberty even has a couple herself that they just can't get past.

For those of you who are MAD at Liberty for seeming to do a pretty good job of taking advantage of this situation since the BEGINNING of it... Honestly, *I'm* giving her a break for utilizing her Celebrity contacts and resources during a time that she probably ALREADY KNEW she wasn't going to be continuing with this failed marriage.

She's a woman who probably (although I haven't done alot of research on Rupert, this is what it sounds like) had went through this with him a couple of times. While she probably wasn't that thrilled with Kristen, Rupert's actions had to have been a HUGE disappointment for her; AND she's getting ready to be a single mom who is PERFECTLY CAPABLE of forging her own new life.

She's a woman just trying to survive in this harsh world like the rest of us - with two children. WHO AMONG US wouldn't have USED every opportunity to boost our own now-NEEDED career?!!

Please remember... There are four HUMANS involved in this mess and NOT ONE of them is perfect (including Robert). EVEN IF (I know this is what some of you are hung up on) Kristen went "all the way" with Rupert, she is STILL FORGIVABLE - both from her FANS perspectives and from Robert's!!

As someone who has actually and unintentionally (really, suddenly sometimes you're "just there", ha!) BEEN tangled up in that "young girl messing around with an older, married guy" situation a time or two back in the day (but never got caught, ha!)...

...AND as someone who has forgiven a cheating partner who went "all the way" on more than one occasion (THREE separate relationships through the decades - only one got jettisoned eventually for continuing); BUT has never cheated on anyone herself (but haven't we ALL been tempted!)...

I can tell you for CERTAIN that KRISTEN IS forgivable and it would NOT be unusual for Robert to have done just that!!

It was something else that eventually ended my other two relationships; and the months immediately AFTER the "make-up" were always GOOD - in fact, VERY good, because you really do "re-realize" what you mean to each other and things sort of become refreshed between you. (I've never been in a situation where I have "had" to stay with someone, like alot of other people feel they have to.)

BECAUSE LOVE is about SO MUCH MORE than just "not cheating" on someone!!

MANY of you out there are having a HARD time grasping, "how/why" Kristen could DO something like this to Robert and it's STILL driving you CRAZY... Here's my response to a recent email earlier this month:

"...I can think of a few reasons, but the main one that comes to mind is just being young and scared. They were done with Twilight and both of their careers probably seemed to be a little up-in-the-air and uncertain. PLUS, what about the fear of being uncertain yourself about whether or not your relationship will last past Breaking Dawn? Not to mention all the PRESSURE...

It's not like Kristen is actually BELLA and already has a perfect happy ending already written out for her.
Rupert was "just an escape" for Kristen - much like Twilight is for US, except he was a real person she "escaped" to instead of inside a silly fairytale for awhile. SHE wasn't serious about HIM, nor was he with her!

She was just being a silly, indestructible-feeling, adventurous young girl who got caught playing with matches and got burned...

I really like how Velma worded the end of her comment, above: "I hope that Kristen will be careful to honor and protect her heart always".

This is something we ALL have to do, and Kristen learned that lesson the loooooong HARD way - hopefully many of you will simply remember this too, and not have to go through what she has. Going through this in PRIVATE is pretty unfun and hard too, ha!

I think if this situation did anything good, it helped Robert and Kristen re-evaluate and re-establish "what they mean" to each other. It looks to me like their bond has deepened.

Of course, I could be wrong - time will tell."


Kristen is in this for the LONG RUN!! 2/8/13

Robsten is still unbroken!! 1/25/13

Split Completely Untrue! 1/18/13

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart... still together!!

This "exclusive" from NOW Magazine (that is trying to promote it's latest issue coming out) about Robsten breaking up is NOT true.

"Turning up to the Golden Globes alone, Rob proved that he was firmly single – they haven’t been spotted together since they spent New Years Eve together on the Isle of Wight."


And this is Kristen carrying Rob's jacket
through the airport on 1/13/13 - OBVIOUSLY she was meeting up with him.

This "breakup" stuff is simply believable because these rags built up "not spending Christmas together" and "Robert walking the RC at the Golden Globes without Kristen"; and now they are USING that to whip us up again so they can milk this current PR assault for every penny they can get out of it.

Where have you EVER seen Robert and Kristen on the Red Carpet together unless they were working for Summit on Twilight - and, didn't they do the "separate Xmas" thing TWO YEARS IN A ROW BEFORE THIS?!!

NORMAL, normal, normal for these two...

And it's also NORMAL for the tabloids to build up the question of whether or not they will attend an event together prior to ANY celebrity event EITHER one of them attends - especially if they are scheduled to appear at the same time.

Do you EVER see them walk the RC together - even then?!! 

Insiders told Heat that Rob’s solo jaunt down the red carpet in Los Angeles was a bold statement from him: “In Rob’s eyes, it’s over..."

When the REALITY is... We did not EVEN see them walk the Red Carpet together last year at Cannes when they both had separate movies to promote. While they both attended each other's events AND walked the RC, they didn't walk up TOGETHER - And THIS was the place the paps captured the infamous Robsten Cannes KISS!! ;)

I've heard SO MANY of you out there going on and on and ON about "how this just HAS to be a publicity stunt" they are putting on... LOOK how it helped the movie Cosmopolis and Robert's career since then...

A) While I can't even BEGIN to speak for Mr. Pattinson, I seriously DOUBT this would have been his promotion of choice, especially because...

B) IF they DID want to add some MAJOR SPARKAGE to their publicity campaigns AND utilize each other's fame tails while the paps (scumbags they HATE) captured pictures to make money off of them (they've made PLENTY off of these two breakup scandals!); all they would have had to do is WALK DOWN THESE RED CARPETS TOGETHER while they were at CANNES!!

(Note: the paps would have made LESS MONEY off THOSE pics because all the paps present would have been in competition over them. Kris & Rob would probably have preferred that to the alternative universe this Hollywood hooplah has created, ha!)

They are ALL OVER THE PLACE - but SELDOM together.
That photo at the top was probably the best one they got!!

And when Kristen did turn up to see Rob – at a Hollywood after party, things were very strained between the pair and then they left separately…"

They left TOGETHER.and seemed to be in a HAPPY place when they did (although you have to "read between the lines" in this article to "get" that).

Here is another one that confirms some PDA at SoHo House after the Golden Globes. And again, you have to IGNORE the author of this article's obvious intention to SWAY us.

NOTICE how they twist this stuff...WHY do they continue to DO THIS? They have a couple of really GOOD, manipulative reasons... Keep reading through the next update and I'll explain it. :)

3/21/13 - Here's that FIRST PIC!!
*I* could not be more PLEASED
that a FAN got this pic before
the paps, LoL!!!
We will see/hear about Kristen visiting Robert on set in a few weeks - ignore this crap until then, girls!! (On second thought, maybe not with all this extra Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross divorce stuff going on, now... She may lay low KNOWING that you're all going to be blaming HER; and she is a BULLSEYE for the papsmears right now (as is Robert) - again!! (And oh yeah, Kristen's wounded foot didn't help much, I'm sure.)

And the REALLY MADDENING thing IS... Now that they have built this stupid story UP like this again, it's like a competition...

Whatever lucky paparazzi gets the next image of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart TOGETHER - the one they WILL GET after he gets back from shooting Rover and/or before if Kristen visits him in Australia - makes another pile of money AND the gossip rags get to twist our perception of it around and around and around while they milk it for even more money... 

Original Post Beginning: 1/17/13

IGNORE these Hollywood gossip stories that you keep coming across - don't visit their websites and fall into their money-pits. If we STOP paying for their garbage (and by visiting their sites you ARE paying them!!), they will no longer have a reason to publish it.

This is essentially TODAY'S WAY of getting commercials across to people who don't spend NEARLY as much time in front of a "normal" television show on a normal television set complete with 5 minutes of commercials every ten minutes - like we used to.

This is HOW they STILL CAPTURE the ATTENTION of an audience - and SELL STUFF - to people who are CLUELESS they are being PLAYED.

WHY do they continue to BE SO MEAN to Kristen & Robert - it's MADDENING?!!

As someone who has been around through quite a few of Hollywood's FANDOMS - I can tell you without even SORT of a sliver of a DOUBT - that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have had to deal with MORE SHIT than ANY OTHER CELEBRITY so CONSTANTLY and with such ARROGANT PERSISTENCE for such an EXTENDED period of time as these gossip rags and papsmears do to them, now.

Okay, so some of this stuff is getting old AND I'm sure
SOME resources that are discovering themselves
on this blog - along with their revealing actions -
are being removed, at times. (The original source
of this video was a gossip site, I'm almost positive.)

Isn't it WEIRD, in fact - that this blog has
been well traveled for at least A YEAR;
but this story has YET to  BREAK?!!

It has literally been stonewalled from EVERY
angle - I can barely advertise it. It get's
rejected for 'libelous content'.

especially when stuff like this keeps
disappearing - like VOTES on the poll
at the bottom. ;)

Here's the same video from another YouTuber.
We fans have got this covered, thank you very much,
you Hollywood JERKS.


Here's that quote again from the NOW Magazine at the beginning of this... "Turning up to the Golden Globes alone, Rob proved that he was firmly single..."

And they get to CONTINUE to harass her (and Robert and US Twilight Fans) with stuff like this by POINTING OUT that SHE "would not/did not" join Robert on the Red Carpet - even though neither Kristen NOR Robert ever do!!

THIS is what THEY WANT her to start doing so they can get some decent "Hollywood couple pics" of them together. Kristen doesn't cooperate, so they are simply trying to MANIPULATE HER into doing things THEIR WAY in Hollywood - by trying to manipulate HER FANS into PUTTING PRESSURE on her...

Is it any WONDER why Kristen and Robert HATE these Hollywood gossip magazines and paparazzi?!!

This is also probably why whichever one isn't "working" that night usually dresses down; AND it is also probably why Kristen changes after her obligations have ended for the evening - so the paps don't EVEN get a decent pic of them together at the afterparties. You ALWAYS see one "dressed up" and the other one (sometimes IT IS Robert - like at the "On the Road" LA afterparty) in jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and/or HATS. (And if memory serves, he also dressed down after the BDp2 LA Premiere. Maybe he was/is "that mad" at the paps OR he wasn't as wild about that green-checkered suit like alot of us weren't, ha!)

When they are BOTH dolled up - those pics make the paps MORE MONEY!! (And don't they RIP Kristen especially over this.)

This is probably ALSO WHY they always BASH at her/them for not engaging in much "PDA" - even walking into and out of venues, you know the drill, Twihards... HOW MANY images of these two have we seen like this:

One ahead of the other (as opposed to side by side), hat/hood ON, head down (don't smile OR make eye contact), those glasses ON (haven't those clear 'designer' glasses come out since the 1st PR scandal? I could be wrong about that, ha!), wearing the same plain 'paparazzi money-dumbing-down' t-shirts over and over, hands in pockets - let's GO and NOT give them one decent red cent when we do!! ;)

Yeah, the paparazzi still take their pictures AND talk about "how they never hold hands; Kristen doesn't love Robert, she's OBVIOUSLY a cold biotch"... But they don't make NEARLY as much money off of the pictures they capture as they otherwise could IF they would JUST be MORE cooperative.

IMAGINE Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart strolling hand in hand through the airport smiling happily! How much do you suppose a pic of them like THAT would be worth?!

The paparazzi DO NOT LIKE Kristen Stewart - they forgive Robert a little more 'cuz Kristen is "the girl". SHE must have him pussywhipped - he can't possibly be thinking from his BRAIN at ALL after all this time... He's too SWEET, isn't he? He's ONLY still with Kristen because he has a soft heart and she made him feel sorry for her, right?!!

Even more... Is the incredibly disrespectful way they treat Kristen's MANY FANS of ALL AGES, most of whom are YOUNG GIRLS!!

And they do NOTHING but CONTINUE to TREAT her AND us like SHIT!! (Has anybody even noticed that?)

Do you NOT SEE how they are MAKING FUN of us Twihards at the SAME TIME they are harassing Kristen... Laughing at how "crazy" we Twihards are... WATCH those hysterically FUNNY young Twilight Fans CRY... Listen to those desperate housewives carry on and on about what an UNFORGIVABLE slut she is...

 This is Hollywood making fun of YOUNG Twilight Fans;
and Bruce "Diehard" Willis using Robsten's PR assault
toward his own tired, washed-up, SELFISH publicity benefit.
You saw The Donald doing this, too... and others.

We are ALL FUNNY to the cold, cruel world and HOLLYWOOD keeps things stirred up and "reports" to them on it, daily - for MONEY!

KRISTEN won't pose like a little princess for the papsmears "just to get them off her back" like alot of other celebrities do... So many of you out there ARE and have been SO MAD at her - just for that!!

Kristen Stewart's First Public Appearance
After the 1st Round Cheating Scandal at TIFF, 2012
She gets paid PLENTY of MONEY - they BOTH do, WHAT is their PROBLEM? It's PART of their JOBS!! (Honestly, I have often wondered if Summit has payed them enough with all the money they must have to spend on security for themselves almost everywhere they go.)

NO, it REALLY REALLY is NOT part of their JOBS to contribute to the WEALTH of swarming FLIES and NASTY gossip article "writers" AND "professional" interviewers/reporters who ABUSE them.

THESE jerks have done NOTHING but be MEAN to them since the BEGINNING of Twilight BECAUSE of all the HOOPLA surrounding YOUR obsessive opinions on things like:

Whether Robert Pattinson is or is not the right actor for the character of Edward Cullen. Whether Kristen Stewart is or is not the right actress for the part of Bella Swan.

AND THEN... Whether or not they should actually be together in REAL LIFE.

They TAKE ADVANTAGE of your WEAKNESSES, TwiFangirls, and they have been doing an OUTSTANDING job of jerking your Twilight hearts AND Kristen AND Robert all over the place... Causing ruckus after ruckus among us fans, PITTING us against each other.

I'm willing to bet that there are even more underlying reasons why they are BOTH so stubborn about going out of their way to not allow many 'good pics' of them together to happen, or even just 'alone' - very SELDOM do you ever see either ONE of them out in public NOT 'dressed down', wearing glasses with an expressionless look on their faces.

- because they also probably resent the Twilight Fanbase's most intense, judgmental 'diehards'.

They BOTH get bashed for never smiling, anymore... I'm sure as soon as they know someone is pointing a camera at them, and maybe even when they don't - maybe it's sort of become a mask that they put on JUST when they leave the house because they NEVER KNOW when someone is pointing a camera at them...

Kristen & Robert both have their extreme haters AND people who 'overly-love' them among their very passionate - and many times, divided - fanbase. I can't imagine that either type of extreme fan is a very comforting thought for their Human heads; and I can't imagine that they would want to give those people anymore than they already give them through the movies.

That's what they get paid for, and that's ALL they get paid for.

On the other hand, they also know that they have MANY 'real' fans out here in the world who are really BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE - so they say little, and what little they do say gets twisted, judged and marked by these gossip rags as them being' ungrateful' for their Twilight success.

Very First Photos of Kristen Stewart
Resurfacing After the 1st Round Cheating Scandal
- Arriving at the airport for TIFF, Sept 2012

So MANY MANY of you TwiFans out there have gone on and ON about how HORRIBLE it was for Kristen to have dressed like this - the NERVE of her!! In Robert's T-Shirt, apparently wearing jewelry he gave her, etc...

GOOD GRAVY... How scary and HARD do you suppose it was for Kristen to step back out here into the world and face us all?

I know *I* sure as hell wouldn't have wanted to do it - and frankly, I was afraid for her... Who knew what was going to happen? (THANKS to all the Canadian Twihards who graciously supported Kristen during this first jaunt back down the RC!!)

Know what *I* think?

I think they were ALREADY BACK TOGETHER and/or seriously talking about it... MANY of you have noticed how they seem to dress in code... They both wear those "tie" bracelets, they wear each other's cloths, jewelry, etc.

It's actually kind of nice that they do this... While they probably just do it for each other, their FANS have noticed, ha!

This was probably Kristen's way of feeling closer to Robert at a time when he couldn't be with her and she could have really used his support - maybe he even insisted that she wear them, who knows?

But, in both of these pics above, Kristen looks pretty contrite and bashed here to me - and in pain, still.

Robert and Kristen have OBVIOUSLY both moved beyond this situation... And so should we.

And I mean, REALLY... Would YOU want to be the one prancing around and posing with your boyfriend just because all the girls who are OBSESSED with him think you should be GRATEFUL for their over-fascinations with him?

Kristen treats the paps with the same disrespect they treat her - so they HATE HER and ANY wedge they can THINK UP, much less actually FIND (like those photos) to RAM between her and her FANS - they use at every opportunity.

I know so many of you out there are saying, "Well WHY doesn't one or the other of them SAY SOMETHING to correct their fans perspective of this - isn't that the LEAST they could do?"

If they do that, then WHO WINS in the end... The gossip rags still get what they want - something even BETTER that they can twist and twirl around for us for ANOTHER couple of months. Isn't that what they do with EVERYTHING they say whether it's about each other or not?!!

Both Kristen and Robert have said PLENTY regarding this issue (read through the original timeline at the bottom, I've got lots of quotes in there) - and NO ONE BELIEVES THEM!!

Kristen has even asked for their privacy since they've gotten back together - and Rob has said, "if I talk about it, then it isn't personal anymore".

But that story is BORING and it doesn't accomplish their goals to poke at ALL of us... The people who are writing this stuff don't CARE about anyone, they are just USING the names "Kristen Stewart" and "Robert Pattinson" because WE still WANT to hear about them, of COURSE.

...But not like this... They pull you into their pages with their mean-spirited HEADLINES (for some Twihards, this 2nd publicity assault feels almost as bad as the first one) - and somehow they manage to put a squeeze on your heart and/or infuriate you when they do it BECAUSE of your "real feeling" Twilight obsessions...

If we start INSISTING that "professional" Hollywood Pararazzi and Gossip Magazines change their lifebashing ways - it may take awhile, but they will have to in the end IF we follow through and stop buying their stuff... They will stop making money and become OBSOLETE.

I mean, REALLY... We Twilight Fans don't NEED them anymore, LoL! WE get the story RIGHT alot more often than they do!!

If the headline is anything other than an interview done by one of them - don't click OR buy!! Yes, it's that easy!

SET your favorite Actress and Actor FREE from their undeserved, CHAOTIC LIVES and all these Celebrity Gossip LIES by BOYCOTTING this Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment and SIGNING the PETITIONS!!

By playing Edward, which turned out to be the role of a lifetime, Rob says “I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it’s the price for success. I’m sorry to disagree but I feel like it’s a price too high to pay."

HOLLYWOOD... We're SICK of watching ALL of our favorite celebrities being hounded, their kids crying, trying to hide, chasing after their cars and CAUSING ACCIDENTS (trust me, you HURT one hair on either ONE of these two kids and you'll see the INVISIBLE TWIHARD ARMY that I keep talking at COME to LIFE! Those of us who went through Princess Diana's SENSELESS death don't need a reminder!!)

This is Kristen and Robert returning to LAX a few months ago. LISTEN to what they are taunting them with!! Kristen is no-doubt going to be paying for this mistake for a LONG DAMN TIME - too long, in my opinion. And really, what is Robert paying for??

AND you KNOW these vultures ARE currently attempting to HUNT Rob & Kristen down JUST because whomever gets photos of them NOW that they've built this subject BACK UP - and especially, whomever gets the NEXT ONE of them TOGETHER - gets EVEN MORE professional paparazzi kudos along with ANOTHER huge pile of money.

DESPITE your opinion of Kristen and this maddening situation... If you EVER LOVED TWILIGHT... Let's take care of our beloved actors AND each other!

Between Actual Celebrity News and a PR Celebrity/Fan Assault
(Petitions are here - Yeah, there are more peeps than just me wanting this Hollywood BS to change. It's a worthy injustice that needs changing from many perspectives.)

This is a List of Gossip Magazines
we were originally boycotting at the beginning
of the original Robsten PR cheating scandal.
(They all still apply, ha!)

from "the Day After" (7/25/12) thru to the
Breaking Dawn Premiere and Beyond

It may be impossible for you not to cry at the end of this video. ;)

YouTube Video Link to Kate Moss
trying to get through the airport with her little girl
(Imagine this might someday be Kristen and/or Robert with THEIR kids!)


  1. Okay, now I feel really really bad... Someone sent me a really touching email, but it had been sitting in my inbox for a day before I got to it. While I was in the middle of responding to it - it vanished/was recalled.
    I'm sorry, I know you really needed a response ASAP - but my time is kind of scattered in here. Please give me at least three days to reply to emails - I usually do respond sooner.
    If this was you - please resend! ;)

  2. It was me. :) You are an angel I can tell. :) I will resend it. Take your time in responding. You are so sweet to respond to me.

    Warm regards,


  3. Wow nice pics...
    Robert and kristen are looking Good together in twilight movie
    Thanks for sharing please keep sharing more :-)
    Christian Grey

    1. I am going to leave this trolling link up because it's good for both of us and I have nothing against '50 Shades of Grey'. I think it has been a fairly healthy sexual awakening for women across the planet, for the most part. (No, I've never read them, nor do I intend to.)

      However, don't get me started on the topic of JUST HOW an 'innocent' young adult 'vampire' fairytale could inspire such a rough-sex, power-exchange BDSM 'fairytale'.

      *I* for one, am getting real sick of the LAME fantasies of desperate housewives turning into 'Hollywood phenomenons'. From a female perspective, It's embarrassing to say the least. Sorry, world. :(


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