I could honestly care less if any of you read this, anymore – keep running away like the cowards you are. ALL this crap is as much your fault as it is Stephenie Meyer’s because of that. I have no respect at all for any of you mean fans and/or the continued inaction of complacent people on this subject no matter what your TwiAffiliation is.

This blog bites you ALL in the arse, and you deserve it.

Yeah, you should be running away. It’s TERRIFYING and it HURTS.

This is a permanent intro – please SCROLL DOWN to the YouTube video to read each post AFTER you click on it. I’m really sorry about this, I know it’s irritating.

Btw, apologies also for all the caps used in here. I don't see them as 'shouting' as some people do - they are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that's all.

I also know it’s hard to get through this. It would not have been my first choice to spend the past TWO+ YEARS of my life in here. My advice is to read through this intro once, then go back and click on links that peaked your interest. The long post about ‘robsten’ and the cheating scandal is at the end if you’re looking for a direct shot to it.

Have YOU been watching this scandal since BEFORE it happened while researching
The Twilight Saga as a NON-actor-obsessed Twilight
& Anti-Twilight Fan?
Not ONE time did *I* EVER wish for Kris & Rob to break up; NOR
have I EVER thought they were PERFECT for each other.
I’ve been
SWITZERLAND during this stupid ‘cheating’ scandal.

Update 4/20/14 - If you are a Twilight Fan who is interested in hearing about my experience (as a Twilight MOVIE Fan since 2010) of how the research on this blog unfolded - how Twilight was irresponsibly written, published and then somehow produced into movies. I would advise starting with this post. It will lead you through the rest of the 'beginning' ones through to the present along with a very poignant introduction. And this is my still-very-poignant original first post in here if you want to skip the preamble. (Keep in mind while you are reading these, that the 'robsten' scandals were not in ANYONE'S mind, yet. Do you even remember what Twilight was like for you BEFORE the scandals? It's been more than a little tainted for many of us - and not by choice.)

Through stats, the majority of you are not reading through this intro. You’re seeing the headline and running away like a coward because you are either a Twilight/Stephenie Meyer fan who can’t stand me pointing out that all these ridiculous over-obsessions that have CAUSED so many Twilight & Anti-Twilight Fans to turn into such vile, hateful, ugly people – are her fault.

Or, an ANTI-Twilight Fan who doesn’t like me for pointing out that THEY are the majority of mean fans in comments who perpetuate these continuing tabloid & paparazzi assaults. Actually, most robsessed and krisbians weren’t that fond of me before I discovered this about them. Apparently, it causes them much pain to have to acknowledge that THEY have ANY PART in CAUSING their beloved and MUCH-worshipped actress and actor any undue stress in their lives.

The fact that none of you will read through this – or even take it seriously, if you do - is Stephenie Meyer’s fault, too. Is it any wonder why so many of us really dislike that ignorant amateur author? These blogs are her legacy. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself.

HAPPY 10th Anniversary next year, Twilight!

I was nice, once (see below if you give a crap) – I was silly and read one too many sad emails today. I just flat-out resent all you mean fans. And because this BS keeps continuing, I am really starting to resent all the TwiBystanders. All this senseless stuff happened for nothing - nothing changes for any of us. What an incredibly-dynamic waste.

So, I’m outta here… Although you will still be seeing me out in Internetland poking at you until either the tabloids stop OR Twilight & Anti-Twilight ‘fans’ STOP. I have absolutely no intention of leaving any of you comfortable in your judgmental cruelty. I’ve been on the frontline since before the beginning, and *I* am BEYOND p*ssed off. Both Kristen & Robert have made SEVERAL comments about how cruel the paparazzi & tabloids are to them – and fans (no matter what their affiliation) have witnessed it AND experienced the effects of it for years. NONE of this has been ‘normal’ celebrity treatment.

And yet – nothing from the fanbase for the Actor & Actress who made these movies a HIT for you?!! They really are nothing but well-paid indentured servants, aren’t they? They both OWE us their firstborn and every other little one after that, don’t they?

Read all about Stephenie Meyer’s harmful ‘saga’ and the way the tabloids & paparazzi still exploit her fans and lead actress & actor because of it STILL – or not. I didn’t have a problem with deleting these blogs, but leaving them up obviously suits their purpose.

It also gives me a sliver of satisfaction to stick it to Stephenie Meyer and her MEAN ‘fans’ and anti-fans. She is nothing but a smug, selfish, irresponsible PIG for never taking responsibility for all this crap so long ago when she should have like an ADULT.

Twilight & Anti-Twilight Over-Obsessions can be Explained
(a mostly-NICE post, surprisingly - different blog with no intro)

An Anti-Twilight Fan's Dream Conversation
with Stephenie Meyer About What's Wrong with Twilight
via her interviews

What exactly is wrong with Stephenie Meyer's 'Vampires'
within The Twilight Saga?
(Movie review of Twilight BDp1 & BDp2
- and the most clear case of 'what's wrong' with this 'fairytale'
AND contains Twilight's 'official debunking' explanation.)

The Latest Ridiculous Theories Regarding Just WHO
the MEAN ‘Fans’ are out in Internetland

This post goes into extreme detail about how the obsessions of Twilight’s
different FanFactions developed and progressed. It is also the
BEST REASON for ALL Twihard & Current Anti-Twihard Fans to UNITE.
This is how I know so much about
what’s going on with ‘robsten’.
It was sort of a side-effect of doing all this research on The Twilight Saga
from a movie fan's perspective. I could see all this stuff happening to us and
Kristen & Robert – but I wasn’t really paying attention to it like NONE of us were.

What Does Robert Pattinson Think About The Twilight Saga, His Character
of Edward Cullen, Stephenie Meyer, and OLDER obsessed
TwiLadies and ANTI-TwiLadies?


If you’re MAD at either Kristen or Robert for continuing to not say anything to set the record straight about their romantic relationship all this time; it’s because THAT is what these damn tabloids are trying to MAKE them do – because their REAL WORDS make them far more money than any rumor they can come up with.

I have been accused of being a drama queen with a long list of explicits on top of that – and I’ve been accused of having a crush on Kristen just because I believe both she AND Robert should be treated more like Human Beings. (For some reason, they keep missing that ‘AND Robert’ part – they apparently can’t STAND the thought of Kristen getting anything out of it).

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s FANS should ALL have a LOT more respect from the Hollywood realm considering how much money we SANK into that empire of magical ESCAPE. They don’t continue to write this mean stuff to hurt Kris or Rob – that wouldn’t make anyone any money. They do it to play PRANK after prank on the Twilight Fanbase in order to emotionally-TORTURE them for MONEY at the EXPENSE of Kris & Rob.

This blog is up here for three main reasons:

1) If *I* were still a tween or teenager with an intense obsession like MANY young Twihards have - *I* would have been SPINNING HYSTERICALLY just like Emma/Nutty Madame (the girl in the youtube crying video) when this ‘cheating’ scandal started in July 2012. I KNOW she was not an unusual case. Emma was only one of MANY overly-hurting fans out here. EXCEPT with where I was at that point in my life – I honestly don’t think *I* would have made it. Of course, I can’t say that for certain, but I really don’t think I would have if Twilight was really the ONLY cool thing I had going on in my life at the time (which, it would have been. I would have buried myself in it as completely as I could have. NOT that Emma has done this or ever did - it’s just that *I* would have).

2) If I were as obsessed as SOME older ladies are with Twilight; *I* could (and probably would) be as strung out (and either mean or heartbroken) about this as so many of them still are. It’s bad enough that I became as obsessed as I did JUST with the first two movies. It SCARES me to think where *I* would be right now if I had been more emotionally-invested in it.

3) I’m not even SORT of unusual. I have all kinds of confirmations about this in emails and responses from people who have been having a hard time dealing - thanking me (or cussing me out, ha!) for this blog. You can also see how people are still feeling about this subject in article comments. It’s STILL a huge HATE FEST – and the only people who get anything out of it are tabloids & paparazzi.

Email Quote About ‘Robsten’ August 2012 (one month after the cheating scandal started): Thank you for writing that wonderful blog. (this is the post she is talking about) it was heaven sent. ...Please someone tell him. He just texted me and said he told my mom..and for me to get some help..and bye..please tell him..everyone is doing this and its killing me..but everybody acts like they don't know what im talking about..I think I may have never needed anything so bad in all of my life than for somebody to tell him..I know they are trying to drive me crazy..and its starting to work... thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)"

It simply DOES NOT MATTER at this point in time WHAT is going on in Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's romantic relationship, and it NEVER HAS mattered. What MATTERS is that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are the MOST exploited celebrities in Hollywood for the most extended period of time – because their YOUNG (and young-at-heart) fans are STILL the most profitable.

Everyone keeps trying to say that these mean articles are dying down – WHEN?

This is an example of a STILL Robsessed ‘fan’ blogpost
The 7 Dumbest Things Kristen Stewart Has Said About Love

by Amy Sciarretto, 4/9/14

Sort of a rundown of recent ‘rumors’ about Rupert Sanders & the scandal
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Breakup Forced Rob To Quit
Acting In Hollywood; ‘All The Hell He Went Through With Kristen Was The Final Straw’

March 26, 2014

Robsten 2012 Breakdown - There was a ‘cheating’ scandal – then chaos – then rumors – then we saw Robert promote Cosmopolis – more rumors & chaos – then we saw Kristen promote On the Road – EXTREME chaos (OMG, the NERVE of her wearing that necklace and HIS shirt) – pics that confirmed they had reunited in October 2012 – FAKED photos Kris & Rob staged themselves in an attempt to calm the TwiRiots – the Breaking Dawn PREMIERE where the question RAGED – are they actually together or are they putting on a staged show for Summit? AFTER the premiere they BOTH visit LONDON TWICE, including for 2013 New Year’s Eve on the Isle of Wight like they ALWAYS did. You do NOT take someone back home and re-insert them into your inner-friend circle without SERIOUSLY trying to make things work with them.

Robsten 2013 Breakdown – Robert attends the Golden Globes in January without walking down the RC with Kristen like he ALWAYS DOES (they NEVER walk down together unless it’s Twilight) – tabloids make a big deal out of it like they ALWAYS do - by making up ‘rumors’ of Rob & Kris being on a ‘trial separation’ while he was away filming Rover – complete BS! – For THREE MONTHS Twihards (and Kris & Rob) were bashed about it in the most CRUEL ways by absolutely EVERYONE who cared to take a kick at them.

Robert came back, but not looking nearly as happy. Geez, I wonder how much it must have seriously SUCKED to have to come back to LA and live with Kristen the crazy way they have to live. There were signs of stress – mean people liked to point them out. They both had birthdays and appeared to break up around Robert’s birthday in May. They both ALSO appeared to have STARTED those rumors, themselves; and the way the original article was worded was that they were ‘breaking up for now’. They OBVIOUSLY both needed a break. Whether it was from each other or their crazy world or both – doesn’t matter.

After the split - RUMOR, RUMOR, RUMOR – Robert is dating just about EVERY female he is seen sitting next to or having a casual conversation with – and so is Kristen, every actor she is starring in a movie with is her new romantic target (Jennifer Lawrence WORRIED about Kristen Stewart working with her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult?) – suddenly, in October 2013 the paparazzi CATCH THEM TOGETHER and Robert drives away because he KNOWS they will do something stupid with those photos, and they DID (keep reading) – more arguments and swirling accusations about WHY that event happened from fans. During all those months, the rumors have NEVER stopped ONLINE – which is where the majority of Twilight Fans who CARE about them play.

Rumors about them reuniting on the Isle of Wight for the new year began and continued all throughout Christmas and New Year 2014 BECAUSE of those damn images captured in October of them together. Tabloids USED those pics to try and make fans BELIEVE that they could be reuniting. It worked to get the HOPES of MANY heartbroken fans up JUST SO they could trample them down again later because FREEDOM of SPEECH and the PRESS apparently covers making little girls (and big ones) CRY or FIGHT.

Robsten 2014 so far – RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS about them ‘still talking’ from sources & friends who continue to insist that they are still an item. They are going to be adopting more dogs together, Kristen misses him, Robert misses her, etc. Their birthdays are here again and Kristen’s has come and gone – I wonder what they are going to come up for Robert’s birthday? For Kristen’s: so far they have an OPEN RELATIONSHIP, and within the same week – they were both reuniting and breaking their relationship off for good.

How Did This Blog Change to Paparazzi Reform? This is NOT a 'new subject' - people have been FED UP with how the tabloids & paparazzi treat celebrities and cause such silly ruckus' on the public for a long time, now. But, 'Freedom of Speech' does not include carrying on with this kind of misogynistic smear campaign - for money. Freedom to LIE was NOT the purpose of this cherished constitutional right. As Twilight & Anti-Twilight Fans - We have an opportunity to LEAD the CHARGE to CHANGE the WORLD because we have all this stuff to back up our complaints. I'm willing to bet that NO OTHER FANBASE has been so harassed by Hollywood's hype machines. It almost seems WRONG for us to not at least make the attempt.

THIS is WHY the petition is for ALL celebrities – so it doesn’t specifically ‘target’ Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson OR backlash against their fans. It keeps us ALL out of the loop - and besides, ALL celebrities DO NEED these reforms. The petition has already been started by a FEW fans of other celebrities, INCLUDING some Twilight Fans (no, I’m not the only one MAD about all this).

WE know that we are obsessed – SO WHAT?! So is EVERY OTHER person who is fascinated with any celebrity for any other reason. THAT is WHY this petition CAN WORK – have FAITH, Sisters (and Brothers, I know you’re out there, too)!

The idea is that Twilight Fans will start this fire because of their numbers AND their friends who will ALSO sign it for THEIR favorite celebrities when you pass them around. Petitions have started changes for MANY WRONG THINGS in this world because they are a UNIFIED SCREAM.

If there is anyone out there who would rather host this petition and/or rewrite it to be ‘more formal’ – I do not have ONE PROBLEM with handing it off to a qualified TwiLeader. We can also brainstorm to figure out something else that might work that won’t make things WORSE (being the key) if you don’t like the idea of a petition. People keep trying to tell me that a petition won’t work, but it’s really the ONLY THING LEFT. Legislation has been tried and even achieved – but no one enforces it or cares that it is not enforced. Here are current comments on the petition.

If you can vote Robert & Kristen in for BEST KISS at the MTV awards ALL those years in a row (you know it would have been one more year IF this scandal hadn’t carried on for so long and gotten so nasty); Twilight Fans can START THIS FIRE!!!

No matter what you decide… Just take a deep breath, find a diversion, and take a healthy dose of Esme's advice: Let things work themselves out. If they don’t work out the way you want them to, that’s life and we deal.

Hollywood's storytelling hasn't been anymore real than Twilight - except Hollywood doesn't deserve any fans at the moment. Don't continue to pay them to hurt you, your family or friends. (If you need help dealing with a stubborn Twilight and/or Robsten obsession, click here. (With the exception of ‘robsessed’ fans who appear to have their own very special little fantasy world) - I hear from all kinds of fans all the time (probably mostly ‘robsten’ fans and/or concerned mothers, in general). A LOT of fans are having a hard time dealing STILL because it IS HARD to get past an obsession like Twilight when there are so many jerks poking at you about it.)

BOYCOTT ALL ONLINE TABLOIDS (especially, but print would be nice, too) & ALL PAPARAZZI IMAGES as RELIGIOUSLY as YOU LOVE Twilight, Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson.

Let's gang up on the big meanies who deserve it!!

What is the Difference Between
Actual Celebrity News & Hollywood PR Assaults?

(Petition is in here for ALL celebs – sign by email or twitter)

Searching for the Details About ‘Robsten’
(Like I said above, no need – it’s NOT important.
But for some fans, it is – that’s why this remains here.)
This is the NON-nutshell version from the beginning of the ‘cheating’
scandal in July 2012 with links to links to links for research hounds.
There are also nutshells within this so you can basically pick
which topics you want to read more in-depth about.

Blog Summary & Table of Contents




Final Judgement of The Twilight Saga - or, Why I HATE Stephenie Meyer and her ARMY of Desperate Housewives - ET ALL TwiJerks AND Anti-TwiJerks Over 30.

with Stephenie Meyer About What's Wrong with Twilight
You might enjoy this post even more. These are
my responses to her interview comments.

Actual Post Date: 1/19/14

Btw, don’t count on long-estranged Anti-Twilight fans to be in here – Oh no, *I* am a disjointed Twilight MOVIE Fan which means I’m a NEW upset Twihard. That means that absolutely NO Twilight Fans like me – not those who love it no matter what, nor those who could just puke all over it. (Here is a detailed explanation for why you don’t see them in here.)

Why? Cuz I just HAPPEN to ALSO be a Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson fan. LoL! Maybe I’ll share one someday, those conversations have been MORE frustrating than with current semi-crazy Twihards. Talk about some seriously MEAN people – some of them, anyway. It’s amazing what a bitter obsession can do to you (no, they won’t acknowledge their obsessions anymore than current obsessing Twihards will – yeah, sad all the way around from my perspective).

Many of the old gang have LONG moved onto other FAR more interesting things like becoming HUGE Anti-Kristen-Stewart and Anti-Robert-Pattinson fans; and they have been having SO MUCH FUN bashing at you Twihards throughout these cheating scandals.

PLUS, I get to watch all you “I Love Twilight No Matter What” fangirls CRY & FIGHT (or at least try to). You are far more embarrassing now than you have ever been.

This is yet another complaint on my long list against Stephenie Meyer. There was a HUGE DUSTUP when her books were first published by book readers (especially Breaking Dawn); but somehow they managed to MISS all of their complaints (see long list of side links) and produce The Twilight Saga 'as close to' as written as possible.

If Stephenie Meyer had taken responsibility and admitted her mistakes back then:

1) The books could have been CORRECTED via the movies instead of so many people HATING them OR being accidentally OVERLY-obsessed about them.

2) People like ME wouldn't have had to loose any VALUABLE time at all due to HER 'mistakes'.

3) The Twilight Fanbase would NOT have been beaten up this HARD for this long because of the 'cheating' scandal. In FACT, it might not have EVER HAPPENED IF Steph had acted like an ADULT instead of a smug, obviously-amateur author.

The really weird thing is that the MORE I learn about the obsessions of current Twilight AND Anti-Twilight FANS out here in Internetland; the more NORMAL *I* appear to be - with the exception that I am somehow one of the FEW UNWILLING Twilight Fans (no, thank God, I'm not the 'only' one) who refuses to stand by and say or do nothing.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer for ALL the divisions & chaos you have caused to your own fanbase and the world throughout the years. I, for one, can’t imagine how you sleep at night.

As your most recently engaged and enraged Twihard – count on me doing EVERYTHING I can to keep this aspect of your involvement (and NON-involvement) in perspective UNTIL you and/or your damn ARMY of desperate housewives figures out a way to repair the damage you’ve done to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD – including your beloved lead actress & actor AND their heartbroken FANS who have been CONTINUING to pay for YOUR MISTAKES since the day you decided to DENY them.

Stephenie Meyer didn’t MEAN to make us all this crazy… But the TABLOIDS DO, for MONEY!

The obsessions of Twilight fans - along with Hollywood's manipulation tactics - is what is making so many TwiLadies so unreasonable and mean OBVIOUSLY. You cannot tell me that so many of you are STILL this ugly (or heartbroken) inside after all this time.

Author John Green "We must strike down the insidious lie that a book is the creation of an individual soul labouring in isolation. We must strike it down because it threatens the overall quality and breadth of American literature," he said. "They hold me up as an example but I am not an example of publishers or bookstores extracting value because without an editor my first novel, Looking for Alaska, would have been unreadably self-indulgent…”

This article is actually about Self-Publishing, but this statement by him is the DIRECT REASON WHY Stephenie Meyer's writing failed for so many people. Because her PROFESSIONAL publishers didn't ‘professionally’ edit Twilight NOR give it the kind of treatment it should have been given. Yeah, that is partially Steph's fault for digging her heels in (like an amateur author would). Twilight could have been one of the BEST fairytales ever written. But all it did was HURT its own too-impassioned fanbase (on multiple occasions) and DIVIDE both them and the WORLD.

This blog is information overload on The Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer, the OVER-obsessions of (especially older) Twilight Fans - and of course, Robsten's apparently neverending publicity assaults on both them and their fanbase. I almost published a book about it - yeah, it's VAST. In fact, you Twihards can thank Nutty Madame (see 1/5/14 update below in my ‘Introduction’ post) for my most recent decision to cancel writing this book one last time (although these blogs will be staying up).

Need a good reason to forgive all the (usually older) TwiJERKS out there(I’ve been fighting with them for awhile and I don’t have one problem highlighting them up here like this.) This post not only explains their ridiculous over-obsessions, but it is the best argument yet for Twilight Fans to sign the petition. Also, this post most thoroughly debunks The Twilight Saga.

The above posts were never meant to be mean (although they sure seem like it to Twihards); but they were the ones that 'literary experts' were VERY interested in when I started pitching the book this last time around. Only read them if you dare - and the links that jet off of them, those are part of the fascination with them.

This is my crowning jewel out of all the stuff I’ve written about The Twilight Saga – my fanfiction rewrite, The Twilight Saga: ReVamped & ReWolfed. Just the first chapter is complete; the rest is a summary – takes a couple hours for me to read through it all.

YEAH, I love this pretty fairytale and this fanbase. I really wish I could respect the amateur author, more. Her SILENCE throughout this scandal has been so frustrating. Stephenie Meyer COULD have said something to HELP cool fans’ emotions as all this was coming down or at some point in between. And YEAH, I gave her a NICE heads-up when all this started. (I CAN be nice!)

She has done absolutely nothing but ignore me and every other estranged Twihard who came before me. As far as I am concerned – with what happened to her fanbase at the END and continues ON and on and ON – Stephenie Meyer didn’t deserve one red cent out of her efforts and neither did her professionally-negligent publisher or production company.

The ONLY good thing we got out of Twilight was the actors & actresses – ALL of them. And they ALL continue to be judged and mistreated because of YOUR MAD Twilight over-obsessions.

This is the final judgment of this Twihard regarding The Twilight Saga. And, as far as I can tell - *I* am the only person on this planet REMOTELY qualified to judge it so harshly. The ENTIRE ‘Twilight Experience’ has been NOTHING but a bawl-fest and/or cat fight from beginning to end.

I was really looking for an experience more like Harry Potter or Star Trek or Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Avengers or The Hunger Games… etc., etc., etc.

*I* cannot BEGIN to express my incredible disappointment and disgust with every single Twihard over the age of 30. You’ve been nothing but NEGLIGENT yourselves – and selfish and petty and MEAN and a SH*TLOAD of other things.

Thank you SO MUCH for the memories, Twilight Fans.

And Stephenie Meyer… I know you and your ‘professional’ cronies don’t pay attention or acknowledge any of this kind of stuff. But, you better hope you and I never cross paths - because I have more than a few rude sentences littered with explicits for you that INCLUDE the ‘C’ word in ALL CAPS. (No worries, Twilight isn’t that big of a deal to me to impart any physical harm – but if we were 12 year olds on a playground I would kick you in the shin as hard as I could, pull your hair and call you every dirty name I could think of until you cried.)

That’s basically what you’ve been allowing the tabloids & paparazzi to do to your fanbase through your beloved lead actress & actor - for YEARS!!!

No Respect. AT. ALL.

Covers the 2014 New Year’s Eve HOAX
all the way back to the ‘cheating’ scandal in July 2012.

The ‘Official’ What’s Wrong with Twilight from SO MANY Perspectives
explanation – although it starts out with the baby. NO ONE has been able to
give me a decent, logical explanation aside from estranged Twihards.

Fanfiction Literary Critique & Correction

QUESTIONS for Stephenie Meyer About Her Successful
Literary Failure: The Twilight Saga a Post Mortem
I have sent this along with many other articles
to Steph – not expecting her to read or reply.

This YouTube video below is ME in January 2012
in an obsessive rant LONG BEFORE these scandals came down
- Calling Stephenie Meyer OUT on her harmful BS.
(Ignore the Twilight Petition in here – it’s irrelevant now.)

Yeah, I know what I’m talking about in this blog.
Not ALL of us appreciated the ridiculous obsession
‘accidentally’ shoved down our throats.

Watch it if you can – and this is my YouTube
COLLECTION by estranged Twihards* mostly from 2008/2009.
The very first review is the most relatable for us all.


How Did This Blog Change to Paparazzi Reform?

Update 4/2/14 - I’m getting really sick of hearing this comment, “The gossip stories will never stop because SO MANY PEOPLE WANT TO READ IT.”

There are people who enjoy Dog Fighting – why isn’t THAT legal? Because ANIMALS get hurt and killed – it’s taboo for civilized people to participate in such heinous, violent events.

HOW is it ANY DIFFERENT than what the tabloids do to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s YOUNG Twilight Fans – or ANY of the FANS of ANY of Hollywood’s YOUNG stars: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, etc. (ALL of whom have millions of YOUNG fans – which is one of Hollywood tabloid’s most profitable, instant ONLINE audiences BECAUSE of their celebrity OBSESSIONS!!)

Like, WHAT ABOUT that DAMN ‘sonogram’ that just came out of ‘S. Gomez’?!! Could Selena POSSIBLY be preggers by Justin?!!! It was just another situation where Hollywood’s tabloids were only TOO HAPPY to correct themselves LATER. How much money did they make off of BOTH ‘stories’ – and how WHIPPED up did their fans get?!!

Their fanbase is OVERLY-obsessed in a very similar way as Kristen & Robert’s for a different reason – Selena & Justin are both REAL people who happen to perform REAL-LIFE concerts. They don’t have movie characters that fans are accidentally overly-associating them with. Their fanbases have a more naturally-formed foundation to them; AND their fans are often divided between the two (or obsessed about ‘jelena’, just like ‘robsten’ fans) and VERY YOUNG.

JUST BECAUSE THERE IS NO REAL BLOOD GUSHING OUT OF A FLESH WOUND, THEY ARE ALL FINE – RIGHT?!!!! Have any of you HEARD about the increased suicide rates in young peeps AND adults across the globe?!!

Actual Post Date 1/11/14

Btw, I've seen some weird keywords coming through here... I am not a publicist. I'm just someone who has done ALOT of various kinds of marketing so I know (generically-speaking) how things work - on TOP of being a HUGE HOLLYWOOD FANGIRL (Star Trek) of all KINDS of fanbases (Michael Jackson) throughout the years (Buffy the Vampire Slayer - oh yeah, there are more, ha!).

I am very familiar with how celebrities used to be treated compared to how they are being treated, now. This instantaneous internet hooplah is a NEW PROBLEM for our society. When tabloids only had print to rely on - they could get pretty mean, but they couldn't be this incessant about it. (Although some of us would beg to differ with regards to Princess Diana. They were so mean to her - SO MEAN. Don't get me started on what they've done to Prince William and/or Prince Harry since they have grown up.)

There is just SO MUCH CRAP going on in Hollywood that we all just keep brushing off. For instance, when I think of the extremes that Miley Cyrus has gone through this year to get the attention that she has – all I can do is feel sorry for her for probably being too influenced by Hollywood’s hype JERKS since she was a little girl. Yeah, she has a lot of fans because of it – but at what cost? Not only to herself (which, I am well-aware she insists is not true), but all those fans of hers who would probably find her just as fascinating if she weren’t twerking in a Teddy Bear body suit on Santa Clause?

Sorry, I'm also an old Billy Ray Cyrus FAN - and in fact, I talk about both him and Miley in this very FIRST post I wrote about Hollywood tabloid & paparazzi reform on January 6th, 2013 - shortly before the third spin of the robsten scandals started in January. I didn't start the petition until after Justin Bieber's fararri situation when a paparazzi died. That just seemed like really good timing.

This is the post that I wrote shortly afterwards that introduces the petition. If you scroll down past the petition - you'll see a looooooong timeline of crap that has been going on between now and then. I talk about all kinds of different celebrities.

Yeah, I've been a general fangirl of Hollywood for a long dang time.

But, for all you Twilight Fans who are getting SO sick of listening to me ramble on about Twilight (believe me, I'm beyond sick of rambling) before things got as nasty as they have, you might enjoy that first post alot more. (You'll find a Billy Ray video in it!)

And, I mean, COME ON... WHO HERE BELIEVED that TOM CRUISE would 'abandon' Suri?!! Thank you, Tom - for HOLDING these damn rags accountable!! (Sorry, Tom & Katie's divorce was actually where all this started for me - you should see my original posts about that as well as Prince Harry's photos, ha!)

Yeah, I was already pretty mad at the papz & rags when these dumb 'robsten' scandals started - for USING Suri and her older brother and sister like they were doing during that whole divorce fiasco. Kristen's 'cheating' photos popped up around the tail end of that cha-ching campaign. (NOTICE that 'Tomkats' situation pretty much ENDED after a few weeks? Robsten's assaults are not going to end until Twihard obsessions cool enough to stop making them money.)

- well, maybe it started with Princess Diana, even long before that...

It's kind of funny, because she was in the back of my mind when I started writing about this scandal - and THEN those photos of Harry came out (and weren't there nude ones of Princess Kate around the same time?!!) and really brought the spotlight back to her.

That's probably what makes me so much more afraid for Kristen (and frankly Robert, too). You all think this is all in good fun, they get paid plenty and isn't it FUNNY... Try having one of them just being gone one day for the most IDIOTIC reason on the planet.

I don't know... I guess I'm never really going to get over that. I know I cried for almost three days straight and on and off for at least a month afterwards. And frankly, it SUCKED to HIGH HEAVEN to watch her (while she was still alive) be hounded like the fox on a HUNT by the paparazzi; and for the tabloids to say all those MEAN things about her that you KNEW were NOT TRUE!!

They made Princess Diana's life hell, at times, before the paparazzi finally killed her - and they are DOING THE SAME DAMN THING TO KRISTEN and ROBERT.

YEAH, you all just messed with the WRONG HOLLYWOOD FANGIRL, rags & papsmears! *I* have personally HAD IT with your sh*t! You think you're so damn smart. This blog stays up FAR MORESO to keep a spotlight on what YOU are doing than for any other reason - FYI.

YOU MADE YOUNG GIRLS CRY AND YOU DIDN'T WRITE ONE DAMN GOOD SONG LYRIC TO DO IT - I AM NOT IMPRESSED! Every damn one of you 'professional' Hollywood paparazzi, 'reporters', interviewers, editors, etc. who has been in on ANY part of this stupid, senseless 'scandal' from the beginning of it until now should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves - you big BULLIES!!

It was so much easier to pass this stuff off back in the day because we couldn't really SEE what the papz were doing to our favorite celebrities. We only heard about it, so why should anything be done about it? It was easier to not even pay attention to it.

I'm not suggesting a change in 'freedom of speech' or any laws. PLEASE give the petition a chance. That's all I ask. I don't see one reason why Team Kristen, Team Robert and Robsten Forever Fans can't ALL sign it. If you LOVE Twilight and/or you LOVE them - why wouldn't you? (Email exchange with a concerned Robsten/Twilight fan lady.)


Introduction and Last Attempt to Reason with Overly-Obsessed Twihards

Please Note - As an introduction, this post is also one of several long timelines - listed from most recent to least recent dates (for the most part).

This is the post that probably tells you the most about who I am and why I wrote this blog. I would really appreciate it if you would give me a break if you read something in here that offends you. TRY not to take ANY of this personally. I don't know any of you, and absolutely NONE of this has been easy or fun for me to do - you'll find out why that is if you keep reading. No judgements until you know the scoop, please. :)

There are alot of links that shoot off in here. My advice is to read through it once, and then go back to the links you were interested in for the details, later.

Update 12/25/13Oh yeah, I'm a Twilight Fan - but, I'm an even bigger FAN of the Twilight Fanbase. ALL of you, including the current mean girls and long-estranged ones. (All of these links are now on a different blog with no intro.) Do any of you have ANY IDEA what it's like to WATCH and listen to so many of you heartbroken Twihards have such a hard time dealing with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's MAYBE-broken romantic relationship over all this time?

It's been heartbreaking.

Here's my Celebrating Twilight photo collection on Facebook. It's quite an eclectic mix (with LOTS of Robert and Kristen, ha!) There are 640 photos in this album - I just cleaned out all my TwiFiles.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - and ENJOY!!

What kinds of mean things are overly-obsessed Twilight Fans still saying? Come on, fangirls... Do you REALLY think that these Twihards are really this ugly inside after all this time?

Book Update 1/7/14 - You Twihards can thank Nutty Madame (see 1/5/14 update below) for my most recent decision to cancel writing this book one last time (although these blogs will be staying up).

This is also why you've been seeing me get meaner and meaner out there in Internetland - I've had to change my fighting tactics and find another way to reach Twilight Fans.

I think it's 'almost' been published three times, now - and yeah, every damn time I've had opportunities regarding it. And quite honestly, THIS last time around was really the perfect timing with Twilight's 10th Anniversary next year.

I had a big publisher I was going to sign with next Monday. They were going to get professional Child Psychologists and publishing experts to bring more validity to it. I was going to have someone to help me finish researching the things I still need to nail down and help me get it more organized and 'readable'. I was going to have help editing it AND I was going to get to interview (hopefully) a few people on my long list of people I wanted to interview for it. (Stephenie Meyer was of course at the top of that list, but I was pretty sure she was going to be a no-go.) There was going to be a big internet marketing blast and a publicity tour, etc.

Yeah, my publishing friend was cool with it - and in fact, agreed wholeheartedly. (You'll see why, below.) He's even going to explain and break the news to the publisher for me - so far, he's been a great agent and an even better friend. (I may not have many friends, but I do have a few good ones - that's all I need.)

What changed?

Emma (Nutty Madame) seems Okay, now... And if SHE is doing Okay I have confidence that the rest of you will (hopefully) be fine, too. Hopefully you're also a little wiser now as she seems to be - that's another good. And, by the time Twilight's 10th Anniversary is upon us - it would be her fans, not Stephenie Meyer, who would be hurt the most if I still published this book. (And Emma is as MUCH of a Stephenie Meyer fan as she is a Twilight fan, ha! Yeah, I can respect that even if I can't stand the lady, myself. Yeah, I know that about Nutty Madame, she and I have a bit of history that she probably isn't aware of.)

If I published this book, it would be like ALWAYS - Twilight Fans would be taking the heat for her. Stephenie Meyer never has to take responsibility for anything she's ever caused to happen because of her irresponsible and dysfunctional amateur writing.

But, that was never the intention of this blog or this message. *I* was far more concerned about the hearts and minds of emotionally-invested YOUNG and young-at-heart Twilight Fans FROM THE BEGINNING of it in November 2011.

Congratulations, Emma - you may not have been able to prevent this blog from happening, but you prevented a publicity blitz against Stephenie Meyer and her fanbase in 2015. You deserve ovations and applause for being such a BRILLIANT shining Twilight Fan STAR.

Parting thoughts... The petition is going to stay up if anyone wants to sign it, still. Hollywood's BS isn't going to stop, there is still a war going on. If you decide to help change Hollywood's celebrity lifebashing ways someday, keep it in mind. (No, assaults on Rob & Kris are not going to end, unfortunately.)

Also, STOP reading these damn tabloids - online or otherwise. We PAY them with EVERY CLICK into them and they only publish these bogus stories to jerk on your heartstrings because we make them money when they have our emotions whipped up. That is ALL this stupid cheating scandal has been about since the beginning of it. PLEASE keep that in mind from now on - don't believe this crap, girls.

Take care and TRY to be NICE to each other, Twihards!!!

I may do some arranging of this blog to make it even more readable, later - like adding a FAQ and a real timeline or something. But for now, I'm taking another break for awhile.

You should do the same thing. Take a healthy dose of Esme's advice and just let things work themselves out. Hollywood's storytelling hasn't been anymore real than Twilight - except Hollywood doesn't deserve any fans at the moment. Don't pay them to hurt you and your friends.

Book Update 1/6/14 - Okay, publishing decisions surrounding this book have been made from the few choices I had with a little help from a good, old friend. But if you know anything about me, yet - you know I don't want to publish this. One more week from today is when I will be signing with someone for publishing next year for Twilight's 10th Anniversary. PLEASE READ THIS, TwiLadies.

Update 1/5/14 - Remember 'Nutty Madame' - the girl who did the crying video that everyone made fun of as this scandal was coming down? I just found this, and I am only all too happy to post this most recent video of hers: The Return of the Fangirl!!! Emma (yeah, she's HUMAN and she has a NAME) is 'coming back to life' although she still struggles like many of us. And yeah, I TOTALLY AGREE with her - she's perfect. :)

Emma and I actually have a bit of history although she may not actually know about it. SHE was one of the REASONS WHY I started writing this blog long before these cheating scandals happened because I was WORRIED about Twihards like her way back then, already. (She also ALMOST changed my mind.)

And, I actually used her original 'Twilight Trailor' YouTube video in my 'Nothing But Love for Our Twilight Character Actors' post because she is THE PERFECT representation of us all, really.

Book Update 1/4/14 - Currently, I am hanging out with my independent publisher friend (who is sort of acting as an 'agent' in my case) He's connected in so many ways, it's not even funny. I've always called him a renaissance man because he does EVERYthing - creative and brainal - physics, art, bla bla bla... (He's actually made a Vampire movie, but it isn't anything like Twilight, ha!)

He's also a raging liberal... Yeah, me and my extremely liberal (way-too-HUGE-hearted) friend are sitting here going through my options for publishing this. But you know what? We can't seem to stay on topic. (NO, I am NOT 'romantically' involved with him - I know how you Twihards like to accuse people of that.)

YOU keep coming up (he has a young daughter who is grown now, so he gets the 'heart of the matter'. No, this isn't 'Dan' - another guy I've talked about in here)... Both of us would MUCH rather see these damn tabloids taken down a few notches because they SO DESERVE it, LoL!

It doesn't matter if we don't make a DIME. You know what...

If we manage to change this mess, I think those of us who stuck this situation out and fought hard to the bittersweet end should get together and meet each other. (No matter which side we were on at any point in time. Come on, you know you would LOVE to meet 'Margaret in the Pink', Aussie Lady or Cathryn from the HL boards, LoL!)

If *I* can let my issues with The Twilight Saga go just to take on these paparazzi & tabloids who have been so damn mean to us all - why can't you do the same thing? (Reminder: I have agreed to delete everything I've written or recorded about this subject - and I won't publish this book - if you will come through and do the right thing. It doesn't have to be *my* petitions - come up with your own thing that will work if you don't like my name at the top of it.)

Yeah... I'm a silly semi-liberal (not nearly as bad as my friend) who could give a crap less about the offers I'm looking at or how much money could come out of them. (Btw, don't hold the fact that I'm liberalish against me, Ladies. I have very conservative family members and many conservative friends. I AM a NICE misfit chick. ;)

And I'm broke - seriously broke.

My only problem with this scenario is that someone ELSE would have to pay for our post-papz-blast reunion, ha! I'm up for a PARTY if you all are!! ;)

Oh my gosh, I forgot I had this - Collection of Robert Pattinson Quotes Since the Cheating Scandal. (Sorry, you'll have to scroll down past this intro to the SECOND YouTube video.) This isn't every single one of them, but there are some good ones here. I read one of these post interviews where he was talking about his parents being an inspiration because they have a strong marriage. I was silly and didn't keep the link, though. If anyone has that, please send it to me? Thanks. :)

Here is one quote from this post: By playing Edward, which turned out to be the role of a lifetime, Rob says “I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it’s the price for success. I’m sorry to disagree but I feel like it’s a price too high to pay.
Catherine/Misfit Chick: auntmisfitchick@gmail.com

Btw, if you think I can't 'prove' what I need to prove in this book, this post AND this post are probably the only ones you need to read surrounding that. They are pretty potent.

And of course, this post on the cheating scandal is sort of the crux of it all. Are you all REALLY going to let your beloved author, Stephenie Meyer, take the HEAT for all YOUR BS during the 10 year reunion of Twilight being published in 2015, TwiLadies?

A fan YouTube video from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Hardest Thing in this World is to LIVE in it.

Instagram Robert Pattinson in New York on New Year's Eve 12/31/13 (we're still waiting to hear where Kristen was (she has been seen in LA since then), but it sure as heck doesn't look like they went to the Isle of Wight, does it? Btw, I know alot of you are blowing these pics off because they 'look old' like they were taken in Summer. (DANG, proven RIGHT again - Rob has been officially photographed with a fan at JFK airport on Jan 5th.) BUT, some of them ARE wearing warm coats & hats, etc. - it is highly likely that the courtyard has some heat. AND, there WERE MORE pics of 'the Brit Pack' as they are being called now, that were taken BY THEM (as opposed to fans) AFTERWARDS on IG and NONE of them suggest Kristen was among them - sorry. These are the friends Robert & Kristen always spent New Year's Eve with. As such, there is NO REASON TO BELIEVE that they are not real.)

Sorry, this is for you girls who are going on and on about this 'new email' or whatever out there that claims Kristen has been in a relationship with Alicia for months:

SO WHAT IF one or the other of them MAY BE 'bi' or even gay or lesbian? Also, JUST because they hang out with their same-sex friends, Robert happens to have a raging sensitive streak, and Kristen is a strong girl who doesn't have a problem flipping off the papz when they deserve it - doesn't mean a dang thing! It IS POSSIBLE for people in Hollywood to have same-sex friends and be straight!

And I mean really... If Kristen were hanging around with 'guy' friends, you would be accusing her of being a sl*t like you have Robert for hanging out with BOTH sexes. He's obviously a raging bi sl*t, isn't he?

LOOK - this Robsten New Year's Eve BS is the BEST HOAX of 2013. SIGN THE DAMN PETITIONS, LADIES!!!

Do you need a good reason to forgive overly-obsessing OLDER (usually, but not always) Twihards who just CAN'T seem to get a grip on reality?

This is the most important post to be reading in here... The most complete, up-to-date and likely-accurate truth about the original cheating scandal; along with Hollywood's incessant smear campaign against Twilight Fans, before & since.

It includes observations from both timelines, last year and this year. It also includes the most recent PR assaults that have been coming down AND debunks the 'staged stunt' and 'fake photo' theories - those photos may have been manipulated to twist the original story; but the situation was NOT intentionally staged for our 'entertainment', publicity, nor to further anyone's career.

Was Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's apparent hot Hollywood romance real? (That would be a YES, TwiFangirls!!!Thisexplanation is the one that most coincides with Kristen's original public apology that 'sounded like' it came from her (I know this has been debated).

Looking at the big picture really helps puts things into perspective.

This is my previous summary about these scandals that includes things like the Teen Choice Awards and more stuff that I couldn't fit in the article above. It includes some conversations I've had with people from these staged stunt conspiracy theory sites. This post was also an 'introduction' at one point in time - those kind of posts tend to become timelines (I have robsten timelines at least 5 long posts deep - not all of which are in here anymore), so you'll find some repeated stuff along with some additional stuff in here.

This is the second most important post - LINK TO THE PETITIONS (Thank you so much for the recent signatures, TwiLadies - Yes, this is WORTH your TIME to check out. It is for ALL celebrities, not just robsten.)

This is the third most important post - If you are looking for help with a persistent Twilight Obsession - CLICK HERE. Yeah, that is how the majority of you get in here - through these keyword searches.

You're not alone, Twihards. LOTS of peeps are still feeling a little crazy out there. ;)

The link above is on a different blog and is actually a very soothing read for most Twilight Fans no matter how you're feeling or who you're mad at.

It helps put things into perspective in your mind, is very supportive, and does not bash at your tender TwiHearts anymore, I promise. It really is just 'help'.
For any Twilight Fans who are still undecided about all this -SHOULD you sign the petition or not - here is a possibility that may help tip the scales for you.

We all know how the rags are carrying on right now about how Kristen is supposedly going to be meeting up with Robert on the Isle of Wight for New Year's Eve.

*I* am pretty sure this is just another rumor to jerk us around, more. WATCH FOR THIS CONFIRMATION OR LACK THEREOF after the new year.

It's a good guess (which makes it a good, easy rumor to make up) because this is what Kristen and Robert have done every year for the past three years in a row - they skip Christmas together to spend with their families, and then they meet up for New Year on the isle.

Honestly, if Kristen and Robert ARE STILL together - and no, that is not an impossibility - they have obviously been going WAY out of their way to trip the papz and tabloids up for whatever reason.

Robert would have STAYED in LA for any Christmas Party Kristen was having - he didn't have to go home so early this year.

As such, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY with the current distance they have been holding up, that this meet-up will take place.

And we should be helping Kristen and Robert.

If it turns out to NOT be true... I should HOPE you have your answer. These two both deserve to live their own lives with relatively similar rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as we have.

If things are left unchanged the way they are, now... Kristen is going to end up being a 60 year old woman, still trying to walk through the airport while a paparazzi yells, "Hey Kristen, have you cheated on anyone else since Robert Pattinson?"


It's misogynistic, and an extreme insult to both her as a real Human woman supposedly endowed with the BASIC freedoms of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness; AND the real Human people who are her fans - the majority of whom are young girls who will continue to grow up with her.

This is from a recent comment on the petition, and it sounds like a really good idea: "TELL the TRUTH about them and stay at least 15 feet away from them and let them come and go peacefully without trying to incite a riot with your comments"...

Notice that the date on the petitions is BEFORE the 2nd scandal startedon January 17th, 2013. (Since the middle of May, we've went through a 3rd round of Hollywood PR assaults and are now on a FOURTH spin -fyi).

If you look at the first signatures they are not from Twilight Fans - and this petition will go beyond us. ;)

I'm working on creating a REAL timeline up on 'timetoast' so you can all see this stuff more clearly. I just started with this, so give me a little time to complete it.

In the meantime, read through the links above... Everything you need or want to know is in there somewhere.
Update 12/6/13 - Yes, I am still in communication with some Twilight Fans in email. I just said this to someone, and it just seems like it should be up here.

Email Reply/Quote: "You are of course welcome to believe anything that you want to about these two kids. But they BOTH DESERVE to be given the benefit of the doubt by their fans. Because again - we can't possibly know the truth about either one of them. And if we're truly fans, it won't matter to us."


This last update is NOT for every single Twilight Fan who comes through here - you'll know who you are if this applies to you.

While this may seem pretty 'mean' to you in places - it is ONLY MEANT to get your attention, although this is not a bluff. *My* preference would be to find alternative, common ground to change this TwiMess. Neither Stephenie Meyer NOR her saga need to be at the center of the hurricane.

Also, this is NOT meant to be a blast at peeps in general who won't acknowledge Hollywood's manipulations on our fanbase by not signing the petition. I 'get' that some fans 'just can't' sign it for any number of reasons - but the MAJORITY of you OLDER TWIHARDS should damn well be signing and YOU KNOW WHY!!!

What is the difference between Twilight obsessions and every other teenage obsession like Elvis, The Beatles or Harry Potter, etc.?

Twilight obsessions were caused by professional NEGLIGENCE as opposed to creative BRILLIANCE.

*I* am a Twilight MOVIE fan (as opposed to an original book reader) who became disillusioned & debunked from my own 'neat' Twilight obsessions with The Twilight Saga's unbelievable ending back in November of 2011 when I started writing this blog. (Very similar in mind-scope to what happened to so many Twihards whose obsessions were deflated and ruined when this dumb cheating scandal came down.)

Being defunct out of an obsessions is PAINFUL - and being cruelly jerked around about it afterwards is just as painful and makes ANY obsession HARD to get past.

This is how I know so much about what's going on with Robsten - it was kind of a side affect of doing all this previous research on the dysfunctional writing within Twilight and the OVER-obsessions of the fanbase from the beginning. (Yeah, I've been following you Twihards for TWO YEARS, long before this stupid scandal hit the fan.)

There is no other FANBASE on this PLANET - and there NEVER HAS BEEN - that is so divided, hateful and MEAN to each other; nor is there ANY other fanbase that has taken such a POUNDING from the entire world because a 'saga' turned out so dysfunctional.

Yeah, from my point of view Stephenie Meyer has absolutely nothing to be proud of - I don't care how many pots of gold she's made off her books & movies, OR how many people there are out there against my ONE voice.

THIS is my beef with Stephenie Meyer... The way her fans have been ridiculed over the years - and continue to be ridiculed. The young girls whom this 'saga' was supposedly written for have been NOTHING but bashed about it since DAY ONE.

And they should NEVER have had to experience these intense Twilight obsessions in this way - with how these Hollywood assaults have INCESSANTLY attacked them - and still.

Here's a portion of JUST ONE email I've received from one of these young girls toward the BEGINNING of this fanfair that doesn't expose "too much" of someone's pain. I started receiving emails from Twilight Fans after I wrote this post to help explain to clueless Twilight Fans and young girls WHY so many of us OLDER TwiFanladies, especially, are so overly-obsessed with this pretty fairytale AND so damn MEAN about it:

"Thank you for writing that wonderful blog..it was heaven sent. ...Please someone tell him.. this is killing me.Thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)"

This is a portion of JUST ONE email from November (btw, thru a few exchanges, I discovered that this email was from a grandma - not a young girl): "...So it would mean a lot to me to know the truth, are they really together, or was this all made up for PR, did they really love each other? Was the cheating thing a PR stunt too, I really need to know the answers and if you think I'm nuts I'll understand. I have followed them, read the books, seen all the movies and then when the cheating thing came about It just flattened me..."

*I* am NOT your enemy, Twihards!!!

If you're wondering why I'm doing this... I've said this in here before... Just think of me as maybe being a bit like Rosalie. I DON'T have a PROBLEM with your CHOICE of GROOM.

In fact, there is no other post that proves that point more clearly than the the very FIRST post I did in here - BEFORE I knew (as a Twilight MOVIE Fan) what I was talking about. This is ME in the first few hours as I was becoming debunked (losing my Twilight 'religion'), 'realizing' what was happening in my wonky head. It's actually pretty funny - I laugh every time I reread it.

This post is also THE REASON how I know that there are so many of you out there STILL in pain. While it may seem like *I* am at least semi-crazy - that's true. But I'm not 'crazy like you' are at the moment - I'm just someone who has been where you are, now.

Yeah, I KNOW so many of you are STILL struggling with this stuff - and some of you are struggling in DANGEROUS ways. (Is anyone else out there worried about 'Cathryn' on the HL boards? She's been so funny and scary at the same time - just like the rest of us, except in the extreme, ha! You'll see her comments in the Twihard comments posts. As of recently, she is CONVINCED that Kristen is pregnant and THAT is why she and Robert have been holding up this 'we are not together anymore charade'; and of course before that, they were - and are - married.)

The really hysterical thing is... SHE could be as RIGHT as ANY of us, LoL!! (Unlikely, but I think I would laugh the hardest if she happened to be right. ;)

The thing about what happened to me is... This is pretty much what Hollywood's gossip rags DID to Twilight Fans the day they published those cheating photos (except my situation is FUNNY in hindsight - your's isn't and it never will be.)

Those of you who would like to accuse me of CURRENTLY being overly-addicted to Twilight... NOT ONE TIME did I EVER wish for Kristen and Robert to break up; NOR did I EVER ONCE think that they should be together because they are perfect for each other.

I was SWITZERLAND during all this scandal crap, and you've done NOTHING but p*ss all over me for being a diligent and logical Twihard who happened to not appreciate her own negligently-embedded Twilight obsession.

HOWEVER, despite my anger the DEAL STILL STANDS just for these little Twilight Fangirls whom you SHOULD ALL be caring about, too...

I will DELETE all of my blogs along with every damn thing I've ever written about this amateur author's bad writing and the affects it has had on her purported beloved fanbase - IF you will unite to fix this mess BEFORE I sign on the dotted line with anyone. (Yes, I've had interest in the book for 2015I know you don't believe me about this, but I LIVE in SEATTLE - I HAVE CONTACTS with REPUTABLE, independent publishers who have been helping me and ARE willing to help me MORE if the big guys won't come through - and even THEY have expressed interest in it (through contacts) with more work on my part, which I am TOTALLY WILLING to do.)

Frankly, your INACTION (along with Stephenie's silence) will be one of the highlights of the book. (Yes, if you were to read through this entire blog, I am OPEN TO OTHER SUGGESTIONS to fix this situation without making it any worse; OR someone else's rendition of the petition that WILL WORK - if anyone has any other BETTER ideas. (Btw, that does NOT include the poorly-targeted petition on the silly 'Justice for Kristen' blog - there are good reasons for this that you'll find later if you keep reading). I am NOT hung-up on being the front person for these changes. This is a good time for some of you TwiLEADERS to START LEADING.)

If you have ANY doubts about my capabilities to do this - I DOUBLE-DOOPLE-DARE you to actually read the links I've included in this blast. (REPEAT - the LINKS within these top paragraphs. For some reason, when I put links up here, the majority of you refuse to LOOK at them; choosing instead to read down the side-links of the blog to read every other link that seems to pick at your TwiWounds in the wrong way. Read THESE links that actually pertain to what I'm talking about in the HERE AND NOW, please. You can add additional reading as you want to, later.)

I don't have ONE PROBLEM telling EVERY TwiTHING 'like it is' - you've given me absolutely NO REASON not to. Not one of you has a thing to be proud of, especially Stephenie Meyer, her incompetent 'professional' publisher and certainly NOT her greedy production 'franchise'.

It has always been such a mystery to me - why this silly story is thought of and treated as if it were a REAL HUMAN LIFE to be so damn cherished beyond the REAL LIVES that it effects with such persistent, stinging pain.

Some of you are SO SURE you know the scoop about 'robsten'.

- I've seen your websites proclaiming Rob & Kris to be married (LOOK at that great big gold ring she's been wearing, it's definitely from Rob! Doesn't matter if they are married or not - you CAN SEE what the papz & tabloids are doing to both of them.)

- I've seen websites that accuse Robert and/or Kristen of putting on this stupid showmance for us.

- I've seen websites laden with HATE for one of the other of them (usually Kristen).



And those of you who continue to perpetuate - and ALLOW it to be perpetuated - it are just as guilty as the people who started these mean PR assaults. (Very first post I wrote in here after the 'cheating' pics were released on 7/25/12).

This is Karma biting you all in the arse... And since you're doing nothing but ignoring it, I would expect more sh*t until you come around and make things right by Kris and Rob AND their accidentally overly-obsessing Twilight Fans.

And if you refuse, I WILL make someone acknowledge the reality of this TwiMess that has been "The Twilight Saga Phenomenon" with this book.

Most of you older TwiLadies seem to enjoy wallowing in sh*t - so no, I'm not expecting you to regain your sense of reality anytime soon.

The rest of you are obviously bound by mediocrity and acceptance of the HARSH way the world treats our kids; and/or you've all been somehow given some kind of poisoned punch to make you this weak and placid.

I haven't quite decided which, yet.

In any case, the majority of you are a bunch of TwiJERKS for making Kristen, Robert and their little Twilight fangirls PAY for your (Stephenie Meyer's) mistakes.

- Catherine

What exactly is wrong with Stephenie Meyer's 'Vampires' within The Twilight Saga? (Movie review of Twilight BDp1 & BDp2 - and the most clear case of 'what's wrong' with this 'fairytale'.)

Questions for Stephenie Meyer now that Twilight is over and everything turned out so peachy. (Yes, I've sent this to her along with a pile of other stuff I've got collected in here and articles, etc. No, I'm not expecting her to read or reply to any of it. That will only make my book all the more fascinating! ;)

And this YouTube Video (below) is me calling Stephenie Meyer out on her dysfunctionally-written BULLSH*T in January 2012 - long before these scandals came down. Yeah, I know what the hell I'm talking about in here.

Yeah... I'm really going to lay in on Steph and you older MEAN TwiLadies. Not just with regards to this stupid 'cheating' scandal - but every other hurtful, MEAN thing you've ever said or done to ANY Twilight Fan (see side links) as a result of your accidental over-obsessions.

HOWEVER, despite my anger the DEAL STILL STANDS just for these little Twilight Fangirls whom you SHOULD ALL be caring about, too...

I think that's pretty generous of me. I'd take this deal if I were you.

Includes 'About Me' info for those of you who are looking.

Also, for those of you who don't like to read... Here is my "Twilight Does NOT Suck" YouTube video channel by 2008/2009 Breaking Dawn readers - the first review is of the movie BDp1, and it is the most relatable review for the majority of us. (Btw, #'s 9-12 are mine, including the one below).

9/10/13 - Kristen Stewart and the New World of Internet Hatred

And just ONE MORE THING... I like to pull out this card wheneveryTWIone is against me. This is *my* Twilight: ReVamped & ReWolfed Fanfiction Rewrite. (Just the 1st Chapter is complete, the rest is a summary - takes a couple hours to read through it all.)

I wrote this before these cheating scandals came down.

You can think/say whatever you want to about me. But with this, the TWO things you CAN'T SAY about me is that *I* don't LOVE this pretty Twilight fairytale OR thisfanbase!!

YEAH, you can put me RIGHT UP THERE with Nutty Madame as being a CRAZY Twihard!!!

TRUTH ABOUT ROBSTEN COMMENTS on a different blog without an intro.

BTW, this poll used to contain 508 votes at one point in time. I'm not sure what has happened with losing votes - either Twihards who originally voted realized their votes were incriminating their beloved goddess/amateur author; OR all these accounts have simply been closed over the course of four months for whatever reasons. Doesn't matter, I've got the original 'important' numbers recorded within these posts.

Taking Our Temperature... How are YOU feeling, Twihards? Choose multiple answers as they apply.