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Sign the NEW petition against the people at the root cause of all the
Twilight world hate, fan bullying and fanbase infighting; along with every
unfair, LYING and/or career-hindering tabloid & paparazzi assault against
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their emotionally-invested fans since 2008:
Stephenie Meyer and her professionally-negligent
publisher and production franchise.
Scroll down after the click past the slideshow to read this 2nd tell-all post.

Update 1/26/15 - I just got the funniest email from a grandma who was insisting that she hasn’t seen any more rumors going on about Robert & Kristen in the tabloids since the big cheating scandal happened. This is why I am basically slapping the petition up and leaving this blog to fend for itself. I could really hurt myself banging my head against the wall like I do in here for too much longer, LoL! If you were one of the many MORE fans who were doing the RIGHT thing over the past couple of years and ignoring all these tabloid assaults (like the lady who just sent me this email); GOOD FOR YOU and here’s a catch-up if you want one.

If we had all been doing that – it wouldn’t have been so damn profitable for Hollywood’s rags to continue. You think they are ‘dying down’ – nope. A slow week for a ‘robsten/twigs’ article gets a good 20K hits still and they go up from there into between 60K – 80K. Hollywood Life is one tabloid that displays that stat. Go have a look. Twilight obsessions haven’t gone away enough for them to stop picking at them. You’re all still much too profitable. Tabloids have NEVER written this crap to hurt Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart – although, that is an unfortunate side-effect. They write it for their FANS because they are profitable (and funny) when their emotions are whipped up surrounding them.

And while a petition probably isn’t needed anymore… For someone like me who has spent MORE TIME writing about and/or correcting this amateur author’s HUGE literary mistakes than it took for her to write them out – not to mention, ACTUALLY dealing with the ramifications afterwards and all the way up until now; it feels really good to put an action behind the incredible anger I have for her.

There may not be many people left who still feel as strongly as I do to sign a petition (with one exception so far, apparently – moveon won’t approve it until it reaches 10); but Steph KNOWS that she has massive amounts of anti-fans and former fans – and she knows why she has them. That’s why she shields herself from this kind of criticism about her ‘saga’; and it’s why her Twihard fans are the ones who have always done the arguing for her.

*I* am NOT a hater… That is the difference between me and alot of you out there, still. Yeah, I HAVE to believe that Twilight & Anti-Twilight’s INFAMOUS over-obsessions are what have caused all this hate; because I REFUSE to believe that so many of you are ‘naturally’ this ugly and/or heartbroken inside after all this time.

Most people coming into this blog are assuming that I’m an obsessed teenager who has gotten too carried away in her addiction. No, I’m a normal 40-something lady who IS mad at Stephenie Meyer for being the root cause of all this chaos while simultaneously managing to not take responsibility for any of it – at all – ever; but I am not obsessed with Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart.

This is how I know so much about what’s going on with ‘robsten’... It was sort of a side-effect of researching Twilight from a movie fan’s perspective LONG before these scandals started. Not one time have *I* ever wanted Kris & Rob to break up; nor have I ever thought that they were perfect for each other. I’ve been Switzerland. ;)

People keep asking me what I expect to gain out of this blog. Nothing other than to make sure that NONE of you are sitting out there too comfortable or cozy in your tabloid-manipulated HATE.

Twilight obsessions have not been harmless, and they weren’t even before the scandals happened. It was just easier to envision them becoming ‘nothing’ like these kinds of fictional obsessions usually do - which made them so much easier to pass off.

All the world really had to do was hang on for awhile until this silly Twilight Phenomenon was over; and we could ALL breathe a sigh of relief while the crazy fans took their time floating back to reality.

If you are among fellow Twihards - YEAH, you are MORE than HAPPY to acknowledge your Twilight addiction. It's a bonding thing! But, let someone point out how bad and/or damaging Twilight is... THEN, it's "NO WAY, Twilight is HARMLESS, it's JUST a STORY that doesn't hurt ANYBODY!" (Kristen, Robert and their MILLIONS of FANS are NOT people?!) Kristen did NOT have sex with Rupert Sanders; and NEITHER were those photos 'faked'. Tabloids twisted the story (and those images) to make so many of you believe one or the other of these TWO things because anything less than a 'cheating' scandal OR a silly conspiracy theory would have been OFF LIMITS as a way for the misogynistic smears to continue. (Fake Photos DEBUNKED Here!!)

As long as there is NO REAL BLOOD gushing out of a flesh wound, they are all FINE, right?!!

There are so many fans who have all their obsessive hate blamed on either Kristen or Robert. And according to many, Robert needs to ‘tell the truth’ about Kristen NOT cheating on him – and since he hasn’t done that, he’s ‘not a man’. Incidentally, these peeps are also OFTEN big believers in the ‘Liberty Ross and/or Robert Pattinson had fake photos created from scratch for their careers’ conspiracy theories.

Neither of them owes anyone another word… Kristen Stewart called it a ‘momentary indiscretion’ in her public apology that she was practically FORCED to make (incidentally, that apology was also the FIRST of TWO times she apologized to her fans by including the phrase ‘and everyone this has affected’); and Robert Pattinson reunited with her SOON afterwards because that is ALL it was. Remember what the people close to Kristen were saying at the time? (You’ll find many more links like this buried in here.) And, so MANY of her friends, peers, MOM and other people have grazed the topic in interviews regarding her ‘mistake’, since.

The Truth About Robsten
The condensed version of the ‘cheating’ scandal from beginning to end.
- includes WHY Kristen & Robert ACTUALLY broke up.
I have many long-winded & detailed timelines (below) that go into this
subject aside from this shortened version if you need more.

Will Kristen & Robert Ever Re-Unite?
This is up here just for heartbroken peeps.

This is where many fans are getting hung up in their obsessions since Robert Pattinson has started dating FKA Twigs… IF Kristen DIDN’T ‘really cheat’ on Robert… THEN WHY does it look like they are not together anymore? If she didn’t cheat – WHY would they have broken up? It’s a conundrum in the fantasy-mind’s eye of many ‘robsten’ fans who have been ‘keeping the faith’ ALL this time – that they are having to face, now. (This is also why we are seeing so many FKA Twigs haters and baby conspiracy theories, now.)

The answer to that question is that in all likelihood, Robert and Kristen probably broke up because of continuing and incessant tabloid & paparazzi harassment since the ‘cheating’ scandal happened. If you were good and didn’t continue to watch… Tabloids went WELL above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count. Every single cruel thing they could ‘think up’ was published. Quite honestly, very FEW relationships on this planet would have survived such a targeted barrage.


This is why I had a petition for tabloid & paparazzi reform up for two and a half years before the new one for Stephenie Meyer went up in January. For the life of me, I will NEVER understand WHY we all just couldn’t unite for such a worthy and long-overdue cause. The crap these two professional actors have had to put up with regarding the papz & rags went beyond being normal celebrity treatment years ago – LONG BEFORE the stupid scandal began.

Oh, well… I’ll be tinkering around with these blogs to shorten this intro, especially; but I’m taking a break for now. In the meantime, it really does feel good to FINALLY be able to put blame where it belongs:

Stephenie Meyer, you are a smug, selfish, irresponsible amateur author. Real authors don’t treat their fans the way you have. They don’t set them up for the world to bully – nor are there ANY fanbases that are as divided and hateful as your’s are. Twilight is a big stink now that the fat lady is done singing – and the orchestra is just getting warmed up for Twilight2 via ’50 Shades of Grey’.

Someone should really make you go watch that movie; and WORSE, they should make you READ the ugly books that you inspired from beginning to end. That might be good punishment for you Steph, LoL!

I was going to delete these ugly yet brutally-honest blogs about
Twilight… But in 2.5 years, neither fans nor anti-fans chose
to unite for tabloid & paparazzi reform. That was the deal.
So let reality creep in as slowly as it needs to…

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Entire World’s Twilight Saga HATE

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post
If this article written a month after the 'cheating' scandal started
doesn't wake you up - you have no shame.

Here’s an update from Nico on Salon:
Racist Fans Won't Stop Harassing FKA Twigs

Just How Harmful has the Tabloid, Hollywood Life
(and other tabloids) been on Twilight’s Various Fanbases
This post is basically FANS themselves, debunking
the ‘cheating’ scandal; and explains the FIFTH smear
campaign that we are currently on right now.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs – Tabloids
Harass While OLDER Anti-Fans Blame Younger Fans for Hate

In a nutshell, this also contains the ‘cheating’ scandal summary; along with the reasons
why Rob & Kris ACTUALLY broke up; Why ‘robsten’ fans are freaking out over FKA Twigs;
where ‘krisbians’ came from; HOW ’50 Shades of Grey’ was inspired by Twilight
and so many other things that shouldn’t even go together!
I can’t make things more condensed than this.

Update 1/22/15 – Wanna hear something absolutely MADDENING? Beyond search phrases like ‘still addicted to twilight’ and ‘fake robsten’; the two most popular searches into here STILL are ‘HKN Haven’ (baby conspiracy theories) and Gossip Cop. I don’t know how the girls on that blog managed to convince so many people to take a robsten baby seriously after all this time – but come on, dearhearts – there IS NO BABY and Robert & Kristen are NOT now nor have they EVER been married!!

MOST (not all) of the fans who believe this theory are NON-english speakers who have taken some of the things Rob & Kris have said over the years in JEST – to heart. For instance, because Robert told fans a LONG time ago (BEFORE they were dating); that he had a crush on Kristen since watching ‘Into the Wild’ – THAT supposedly means that he and Kristen are each other’s FIRST LOVE.

Not true, Kristen dated Michael Angarano for awhile; and remember Nina whom Rob dated for a couple YEARS before Kristen? He took her to the Harry Potter premiere. Also, since Rob made the comment in JEST a LONG time ago in an interview that ‘maybe he and Kristen are married because of the Twilight marriage ceremony being filmed with a REAL minister’. He was joking and basically throwing you a bone, ladies.

HKN Haven – proof of manipulated photos on that site (scroll down after the click to read). Accepting the truth does NOT mean that you are turning your backs on Kristen Stewart… Trust me, our little Aries (I know, cuz I am one, too) already took care of whatever punishment MAY have been coming to Robert IF there was any to be dished out. She really does not need your help.

Kristen Stewart Marie Claire Interview 2014: “I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question." Stewart does acknowledge a desire to someday have children (and believes in adoption) and re-create the happy childhood she had. "I had it too good to not have that, too. If I were to put money on it, definitely, yeah. But you earn that, like, that's so not here yet." She laughs. "I mean, at this point, I can't tell you if I want to hang out on Saturday."

Who LOVES ‘Gossip Cop’ for constantly ‘seeming’ to correct tabloid lies – obvious correction after obvious correction; like this OBVIOUS correction they are making money off of right now. Here’s the latest in the ongoing 3-way drama online as of 1/22/15. Yeah, Gossip Cop even has an article debunking this obvious lie, too.

Gossip Cop is playing a ‘good cop’ on a block of ‘bad cops’ – they make just as much money off the tears and fury of emotionally-invested fans as Hollywood Life or any other tabloid GC knocks regularly. They ‘make it appear’ that they are our friends. They are NOT.

Remember to keep an eye on your friends (yeah, still). If they are looking a little ‘blue’, ASSUME they are very blue for awhile. Fans NEED support from each other right now – as silly as that sounds to people. Your FEELINGS are REAL even if your obsession is not. Take care of them, or they’ll turn into ugly things as you’ve seen – at least until they drift away. Hang in there; you’re going to be FINE. Find a good diversion until you are fine.

HELP easing a stubborn Twilight and/or
robsten, robsessed or krisbian obsession

What’s Wrong with Twilight Obsessions?

Why is The Twilight Saga so addictive to read OR watch? Shallow storyline writing & non-researched characters created TWO different types of Twilight obsessions within the fanbases: 1 ) Those who didn’t have preconceived ideas about vamps 2) Those who did; and many other fans who fall into a grey area between. This link contains the most complete explanation on how Twilight ‘inspired’ 50 Shades of Grey. The character of Edward Cullen was ‘Christian Grey’ for MANY ladies long before EL James wrote out her XXX ‘rough sex’ interpretation and gave him and Bella Swan different names.

What’s Wrong with Chapter One: First Sight? The main reason for Twilight over-obsessions: Shallow character writing that required readers (and eventually watchers) to essentially ‘help’ Stephenie Meyer write her story by ‘filling in the gaps’ of Bella Swan with their own personalities and internal substance - making things SO MUCH more personal & intimate for EACH PERSON than they should/would have been IF the first few chapters had been properly edited – including insisting on rewrites for more ‘fleshed out’ characters like ANY ‘professional’ publisher WOULD have done.

Official Reasoning & Debunking Behind
‘What’s Wrong with Stephenie Meyer’s Vampires’

(scroll down after the click to read)

Here’s a splash from the above:

1) 'Real' make-believe vampires are all about the blood. They NEED to be changed from a Human into a Vampire via BLOOD. Twilight's 'vampires' are bloodless, which is an oxymoron. They don't need it for any physical or logical scientific reason. Their bodies are not blood-based, they are solid like ice or crystals - which makes them incapable of ingesting anything, much less blood (or incapable of producing anything - like ‘immortalicum’).

Extra Credit: Do you know why Vampires originally had to sleep in the ground or in a coffin or mausoleum during the day?
Answer: They were inanimate because they were DEAD human bodies. They ‘rose’ when the night came on because they are supposed to be EVIL creatures of the NIGHT – just the night. But, that’s kind of gross and doesn’t make Edward Cullen very available, does it? That’s Okay, it didn’t work for Buffy’s ‘Angel’ or ‘Spike’, either. ;)

All Stephenie really needed to do was eliminated her 1) erroneous ‘frozen’ idea of them 2) along with venom; 3) EXPLAIN Edward Cullen’s pretty vampire sparkles; and 4) have them drinking REAL Human blood, and VOILἏ – suddenly vampires!

Believe it or not, vampires have been given consciences by previous vampire storytellers while still sticking to the basics of what a vampire is. Stephenie Meyer did not originate ‘nice’ or ‘non-evil’ vampires. She simply insulted and offended their fanbases beyond belief and got away with it – until now.

Just ONE of my ‘really good’ reasons for NOT dropping this message until something GOOD starts happening with it. (Yeah, Stephenie Meyer being held responsible for her harmful bs would be a good thing – since so few of her fans saw fit to hold the TABLOIDS responsible for their hate-stirring bs. LEARNING from mistakes - especially major ones like this, is valuable for society.):

Yes, I STILL receive emails like this. This is from a young semi-ANTI-Twilight ‘robsten’ fan: August 2012 (one month after the ‘cheating’ scandal):

“Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent. (This is the post she was talking about.) …Please someone tell him. He just texted me and said he told my mom..and for me to get some help..and bye..please tell him..everyone is doing this and its killing me..but everybody acts like they don’t know what im talking about..I think I may have never needed anything so bad in all of my life than for somebody to tell him..I know they are trying to drive me crazy..and its starting to work… thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)”

Catherine: auntmisfitchick@gmail.com – emails are heavier than usual from both young and older fangirls because of all this FKA Twigs tabloid crap. Go ahead and vent at me, scream, kick, tell me off or tell me all about your spinning mind – as you can see, I’m not sharing personal emails (really, you could not possibly say anything new to me – hateful or not, I have always received them both). I’m only sharing things in a very generic way that applies to so many heartbroken, hurting and/or furious fans and anti-fans of all kinds.

Twilight’s fanbases are so twisted… For instance, did you KNOW that there are MANY young girls out there who are SERIOUS anti-twilight fans while their moms are serious Twihards? I get letters from the daughters. Moms don’t admit that kind of thing. ;)

When people write to me they are either angry because of what they see in this blog OR they are desperate because no one else seems to ‘get’ what’s going on and everyone keeps making fun of and/or fighting with them.

Lovely when you’re being tormented by your own fanbase sisters – RELENTLESSLY.

Just think of me as maybe being a bit like Rosalie
– I don’t have a problem with ANYONE’S choice of groom.
- And not all Anti-Twilight Fans are haters. I would be one example.

I have a problem with all the HATE. Stop. It. Now.

Because these blogs are so long & detailed; this table and the slideshow are all that will eventually be left up here. While this table is not yet completely filled in with links; ALL of this information IS currently explained thoroughly in here, somewhere. You can either keep reading while I lead you through all of it; or you can come back occasionally to see what easy link has been added.

The TwiSmears

The Twilight Saga

Stephenie Meyer

The Fanbases

How Can Fans HELP
Robert Pattinson &
Kristen Stewart?
STOP searching & stalking them online ASAP!!!

Nothing but LOVE for
our Twilight Character
Actors & Actresses

An Anti-Twilight Fan's Dream
Conversation with Steph

Twihards - We Movie Fans
Deserve a Discussion

Pre-Cheating Scandal Smears

Why is Twilight so Addictive?

Questions for Steph
Twilight: a Post-Mort

Defining Twilight's
Various Fanbases
…In which I actually
stick up for
Stephenie Meyer, OMG!

July 2012 'Cheating' Scandal
What actually happened
to Kristen that day.

How Did Twilight Inspire
'50 Shades of Grey'?
(See link above for now)

1st Original Blog Post
- How Can You See
Steph's Sexual Fantasy
Glaring thru Twilight

Why are so Many OLDER
Fans so sick

Aftershocks - 2nd Breakup
, Jan. 2013
(details toward end of article)

What's Wrong with Chapter
One: First Sight

Letter to Little TwiSisters:
Why I Keep Picking
on Twilight

Creating Their Own Tabloid
Stories that Feed Obsessions
(conspiracy theories
coming soon)

May 2013 Real Break-up
(details at beginning)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Parts
1 & 2 Movie Review

Letter to Big TwiSisters:
Are You Sure BD is Ok

What are Mean Fans
Still Saying

Aftershocks - Rumors &Lies
(everything til now)

YouTube Video Collection
'What's Wrong with Twilight'

What a JOKE! Steph does
NOT Care About
'the Voices of Women'

What are Heartbroken
Fans Still Saying

Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal
Career-Hindering Smear

Official Reasoning for
Every Little Thing
Wrong with Twilight

Link List of Warnings on
Twilight Pre-Movies
Mostly from Women
(See side links for now)

Help Easing a Stubborn
Twilight and/or Robsten

Continuing Smears

Fanfiction Corrective
Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles,
believable ending
and MORE

Final Judgment of
The Twilight Saga

Who am I?

Anti-Twilight in Pictures


What's Wrong with the Tabloid Petition on the 'Justice for Kristen' Blog?

Yes, of course I have a history with the people who run that blog. Since our messages were semi-similar towards the beginning of the scandal (as far as I know, *I* am the only person who has been following this scandal religiously, and NON-obsessively, since day one). I thought it would be a good idea to join forces in order to reach more people.

But, we seriously do not agree on the reasons behind WHY Kristen's 'cheating' photos may have been manipulated - so we've been fighting each other instead of the tabloids.

For those of you who don't know - Justice for Kristen blog is pretty much the most well-known 'faked cheating photo conspiracy theory' propaganda BS blog (in the US, anyway). Most other faked cheating scandal websites point to it.

I'll start by saying that Sue / Veulent Savior is cool; and has been from the beginning whether we have disagreed, or not. Her heart is obviously in the right place. I have some serious issues with 'Twilighter'... Here's why:

1) He's supposedly a retired prosecuting attorney - which impresses and seems to be a validating factor for concerned fans who are seriously interested in 'getting down to the bottom' of this 'cheating' scandal issue.

2) He has ALWAYS (even when I was starting out 'nice' at the beginning) rejected and REFUSED to even SORT of consider ANY of my valid, logical arguments against his ludicrous 'up-in-the-air' conclusions.

It's been awhile, and I know they have toned the blog down to be more 'generically-Hollywood'. But, the last time I read Twilighter's brilliant para-deductions; he had the blame placed on ROBERT as 'doing all this' to KRISTEN for career-profit gains.

HOW OUTRAGEOUS IS THAT?!!! The premise of their blog alone would have the WHOLE WIDE WORLD laughing at us.

Why won't they be laughing at us through this blog (aside from the fact that I will be deleting it)? Believe it or not... there are MANY people out there (especially pre-movie peeps) who already KNOW about all this stuff I have collected and explained in here (again, see side links). It's pretty much common knowledge - even to many Twilight fans.

Also, this blog is as angry with the WORLD for all the bullying it has collectively done since the movies became a hit. Everyone who is at fault gets a ding in here. That's only fair. ;)

3) Since so many of Twilighter's observations have wound around every OTHER possible 'story' he could think up aside from the OBVIOUS one; it seems like he has been trying to 'divert' the attention of fans all of this time...

I mean, when I met them... 'The Plan' on the Justice for Kristen blog was to have FANS write letters (letters with an S on the end) to a long list of tabloids to complain and insist that they basically stop being mean to Kristen Stewart.

What kind of 'professional' would even SUGGEST such a thing? That was NEVER going to accomplish anything (except maybe cause another 'story' for tabloids to make fun of Twilight fans about). It's hard enough getting people to take a moment to sign JUST ONE signature; people would never take the time to do that in numbers big enough to make a splash.

4) My petition came first and then - after they rejected my silly ideas and decided not to join forces with me; they started their petition. Since Sue and I had discussed the issue of 'making it as easy as possible' for fans to actually make a difference... I can only guess that she talked to Twilighter about what I had to say; and he really had no choice but to agree that *my* idea WAS a better way for people to submit a valid, unified complaint... So he wrote his own petition.

5) He does not have his petition targeted correctly - either intentionally, or ignorantly - I honestly could not tell you, for certain. But if that petition ever goes through - the people targeted on their petition would probably get BONUSES for causing a bunch of obsession-densed fans to sign such a silly thing - as 'official' as Twilighter and all his brilliant law-knowledge can make it sound.

My petition targets the owners and CEO's that give tabloids and paparazzi their marching orders. It is also not very 'official-sounding'. That was one of the things that would have been nice for Twilighter to do if he was so concerned about this topic: he could have rewritten 'my' petition when we joined forces to be more 'legalized' for people.

But honestly, *my* petition was never meant to be an 'official' thing... It was always meant to be a heartfelt fan-rant; and in my opinion, in this case - it is completely appropriate for our purposes. Because of the way my petition is set up - anyone of any age or location around the world can sign it since we are not talking about tampering with any US Laws - and THAT potentially significantly increases the amount of signatures we can gain. There is absolutely no reason why we all shouldn't be able to complain - especially kids since this pretty fairytale was written for THEM.

Yeah, my petition is simply ONE, unified SHRILL SCREAM that the world will hear loud and clear.

Petitions have started many changes in this wonky world - LOTS of them. It's worth a try.

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)


HKN Haven Baby Conspiracy Theory & FKA Twigs Isn't a Decoy

Sorry, I know HKN Haven is doing a good job at present of altering their original fantasy, a bit - for one, now Robert supposedly got Tahliah preggers; then she told Kristen about it; Kristen kicked Robert out - and now he is supposedly romping around the world with FKA Twigs in order to hurt her because he's such an *ass, apparently. (Really, what IS it with these fans and pregnancies?)

It has always amazed me how 'fans' of Robert and/or Kristen can just TURN on them like this.

And THIS fantasy evolved from their original 'FKA Twigs has made an agreement with Rob & Kris to help divert paparazzi attention from their newborn baby girl'.

But, I haven't been keeping up with it. This post mostly addresses the original premise of their blog.

Quote on HKN Haven's Website regarding this photo: "Yes it is and yes they were backstage together. The media was hoping they were going to get a reaction shot in the audience of Kristen when Rob came out to present but she was smart enough not to bite on that one. She was backstage WITH her husband. He never came out to a table and sat. Stayed backstage WITH his wife until it was her turn to present." 

This is where the original photo of Kristen's was taken from - also located a few images up on the same page.

Update 11/8/14 - An excessive amount of keywords are coming through that sound like this: robert pattinson pretending to date fka twigs. I’m so sorry, girls… He isn’t pretending to date her, it’s true (keep reading, I’ll explain more, shortly). It’s been really hard to see what has actually been going on between Robert & Kristen because of all the tabloid lies, but not impossible. They started those ‘breaking up for now’ rumors themselves in May of 2013 – this was inevitable. Don’t be mad at him or sad for Kristen - they are probably both a lot more ‘fine’ than many of their fans are right now. AND, it is also HIGHLY-LIKELY that Robert & Kristen are still at least semi-BFF’s despite their romantic split.

As it should be – they’ve navigated these storms pretty well, considering; even if they split up. Forever friends is not a bad place to end up after all that’s happened to them.

And LOOK! Over 100 Pics of Rob & Twigs in Toronto on a paparazzi-haven fansite. WHY do their fansites HELP the papz who cause them (and their fans) so much stress? These images only PAY the pap who took them; gives tabloids & ‘meanies’ more ammo; and invades their private lives (although it’s nice to see that they didn’t bombard them with rude comments – can’t wait for their first ‘together’ arrival at LAX).

Boycott all online tabloids & fansites like this that support them until tabloids voluntarily reform their well-protected industry of celebrity mistreatment. (I’m sure there are fansites that will intentionally not post or even mention these photos - find them & use them if you really love Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart.)

Why HKN Haven is Wrong About ‘Sweet Pea’

Update 11/1/14 – Okay, I’m sorry this intro is so long - but I’ve been getting so much email surrounding this subject, so I’m cutting & pasting this blurb up here at the top as a sweeping response. Since Robert supposedly started dating FKA Twigs, the rumor about him and Kristen having a baby has escalated to the point of a perfectly logical explanation being manufactured:

Twigs allegedly has an agreement with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart to help sidetrack the paps from finding out about ‘sweet pea’. (If you don’t know, yet – that is what fans who believe this rumor call their phantom baby.)

No… Come on, dearhearts… get a grip, please.

5/24/14 – Recent keyword search into here: hkn haven baby bump

Cathryn Delgado • 6/26/14 “Peter Facinelli that play Robert Pattinson father in Twilight.. Email Robert to tell him happy father`s day. For his first born June 15 2014, Kristen Stewart gave birth to that baby she was hiding under that sweatshirt she was wearing, And the 30lbs she put on. They never broken up.” Comment on Hollywood Life

Kristen Stewart is NOT pregnant. She has been all over the place this year and we have seen her drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, etc. How can any of you think that her and Robert having a baby so soon after the cheating scandal helps her position at all? It would just rain MORE HATE down onto her for allegedly ‘trapping’ Robert into a relationship with her. Kristen is NOT that crass or STUPID to do something so immature.

We’ve seen HER more than we’ve seen ROBERT this year – why would HE be hiding if SHE is preggers?!! SUPPOSE on the OUTSIDE chance that she is… MAYBE you can see a reason to sign the petition since you believe Robert & Kristen are hiding themselves from the papz throughout this year because of a baby. I’ve been to this site – an obvious robsten-obsessed individual who LOVES underhandedly-captured paparazzi images since they are proudly displayed (as so many other ‘fansites’ do).

Kristen Stewart Marie Claire Interview 2014: “I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question." Stewart does acknowledge a desire to someday have children (and believes in adoption) and re-create the happy childhood she had. "I had it too good to not have that, too. If I were to put money on it, definitely, yeah. But you earn that, like, that's so not here yet." She laughs. "I mean, at this point, I can't tell you if I want to hang out on Saturday."

The person who runs HKN is very fond of manipulated photos – and they are ALL OVER that site. It’s just someone either playing a HUGE trick on members of the fanbases who will listen; OR it is someone living out their own little robsten fantasy in a blog.

Give Robert & Kristen more credit… Kristen WOULD NOT have purposefully gotten herself pregnant just to keep Robert. She knows better than that. And neither of them would have thought that ‘this was good timing’ for that. I don’t have to know them personally to know that – it’s logical.

And another thing… IF this information was true, the tabloids WOULD have pounced on it and ran with it long by now. (Same with them being married – they are NOT married!!)

Remember how they grab stuff from Twitter, Instagram and sometimes even fan blogs when they post images of them?

If there was so much as a sliver of a POSSIBILITY of truth to Kristen & Robert having a baby, they WOULD have used that story by now for their own money-making purposes.

They certainly have not shown ONE BIT of restraint on any other topic about them – why stop with this one? It would bring them in more money than ANY of their other damn smear campaigns against them.


Stephenie Meyer's Twilight is Coming to Facebook Because the Voices of Women are Important to Her - What a Joke!

One of the most hypocritical statements ever made: “The female voice is something that has become more and more important to me as I’ve worked in the film industry,” Stephenie Meyer regarding the new Twilight series’ coming to Facebook.

Putting aside the fact that she completely ignored the cries of pain from her various fanbases when these extreme scandals started (see email below) - when she could have said something to help support Kristen, Robert and their heartbroken fans in the millions...

Stephenie Meyer only appreciates the female voice when they are in the MINORITY and support her HARMFUL, erroneous amateur writing and movies that made so many of her fans CRAZY beyond ‘normal’ obsessions due to professional negligence (instead of creative brilliance) – especially when you consider that those are the only opinions she will give an audience to.

I’m sorry, but the female voice is NOT something Stephenie Meyer gives a rats *ss about!! (see long list of side links regarding WARNINGS about The Twilight Saga mostly from WOMEN who were concerned about it for very good reasons.)

Stephenie Meyer has purposefully shielded herself from negative feedback since it became excessive with the publishing of her offensive & insulting book in 2008, Breaking Dawn.

A few movies on FB? I’m sorry… for such a HUGE franchise, Twilight deserved a continuing series; not a FB continuation. Not that I would have appreciated a series, either – this just goes to show you how much love Lionsgate has always had for Steph’s bad story.

It was a good moneymaker, and that’s it… No doubt, facebook will be a viral cash pig with all those still-obsessed moms, sisters, daughters and friends who are uber-connected; especially with the message of 'empowering women' tagged onto it.

Way to TARGET Twilight’s small but profitable audience directly, Scummit - and double-thanks for figuring out a way to still make money off of Twilight while keeping your crap out of the mainstream!!

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.
That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if
they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Happy 10th Anniversary Next Year, Twilight Fans
- and THANKS for all the really sh*tty memories!

Email to Stephenie Meyer through her guard-dog brother, Seth, from her website - August 8th, 2012 (two weeks after the 'cheating' scandal started):

Hi Seth,

I know you don't forward anything to Stephenie, but I just want to make sure people in her camp are aware of some of the EXTREME reactions Twihards are having - and may continue to have in increasing ways if someone doesn't address these people with some sort of nice, simple little gesture of support.

You and/or some of them may have noticed my HOT blog out here debunking The Twilight Saga several different ways, but I've called a TRUCE on this subject just to help out with these Twihards. But, of course, they aren't listening to ME.

They NEED to hear from your Sister - nothing heavy, nothing that takes anyone's side - just something that acknowledges their intense pain and gives them a few soothing, reassuring words of support.

I'm REALLY worried about some of them... Especially little girls who were no-doubt buried TOO deeply in their obsessions. Basically, I'm worried about stuff like this heating up even MORE: http://crushable.com/entertainment/kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson-cheating-scandal-upset-fans-390/

PLEASE... You don't have to pass this email on, just give her a call and make her aware.

Thanks Seth!

The usual silent treatment from Steph & Seth was the response. This is why *I* am furious with Stephenie Meyer - I could care less about her stupid 'vampire' storyline. But, the extreme sicknesses she has obviously & accidentally caused her FANS due to HER IGNORANCE about 'real' make-believe creatures of the NIGHT is her fault since she has never taken responsibility for them in ANY WAY that I can see.

And that's not all... I also sent emails & twitters roughly about the same time (or possibly earlier) to the biggest fansites (you know who they are); suggesting that they put up some sort of support message and/or 'more help' with obsessions ON THE FRONT of their sites. Many of them had minimal communications going on inside (often reminding people to 'mind their own business' - like that was possible); but on the entry page where it was easy for emotionally-spinning fans to get their hands on.

Not one Twilight, Kristen or Robert fansite came through
on that one... You're all 'just fine' in your Twilight
(and anti-twilight) obsessions, aren't you?

An Anti-Twilight Fan's Dream Conversation
with Stephenie Meyer About What's Wrong with Twilight
NO ONE understands the issues Anti-Twilight Fans have with
this pretty fairytale BETTER than I do. No, I STILL
do not find ONE REASON to not UNTIE! ;)

Questions for Stephenie Meyer About Her Successful Literary Failure:
The Twilight Saga, A Post-Mortem
Yes, I’ve sent this to her along with many other
articles & complaints I have compiled. I’m not expecting
her to ever read or reply – that isn’t her style.

Final Judgment of The Twilight Saga
Why I HATE Stephenie Meyer, Her
Army of Desperate Housewives, and ALL
mean Twihards and Anti-fans over the age of 30.

BTW, this poll used to contain 508 votes at one point in time. I'm not sure what has happened with losing votes - either Twihards who originally voted realized their votes were incriminating their beloved goddess/amateur author; OR all these accounts have simply been closed over the course of four months for whatever reasons. Doesn't matter, I've got the original 'important' numbers recorded within these posts.

Taking Our Temperature... How are YOU feeling, Twihards? Choose multiple answers as they apply.