TwiGrey FanLadies… If you absolutely must help perpetuate porn now; please at least check out female porn directors, first.

Blog Conclusion: Why has there always been so many ‘haters’ of The Twilight Saga’s ‘sparkling vampires’? Why did the fanbase divide into half a dozen different fanbases? Why aren’t there hardly any male fans? Why are so many older girls more obsessed than younger ones? Why were the books not edited or treated by the professional publisher like they normally would have been? How did we get 50 Shades of Grey out of all this literary dysfunction?

Fanfiction writing is a completely different type of writing than professionally published manuscripts – that’s why it has it’s own special place in the world; and that’s where both The Twilight Saga and 50 Shades of Grey should have stayed. (OR, they also could have been taken seriously and ‘treated’ by professionals in such a way for them to have been much less harmful on young – and moreso older - blossoming minds).

Writing is a time-honored profession with rules that are in place for a reason. When those rules are not understood by amateur writers; and go unedited & uncorrected by ‘professional’ publishers – things like Twilight & 50 Shades of Grey happen. Hopefully, with what the world & publishing companies have learned from these glaring literary mistakes – they won’t happen again. (That’s why they’ve never happened like this before – no other ‘professional’ publisher would ever have published any of these seven books with such obvious & profound negligence intact.)

And now, I, as the only person on this planet actually qualified to judge these two female amateur authors (at this point in time); officially declare both Stephenie Meyer & EL James to be Worldwide Embarrassments to the Female Gender – because hate & incompetence is what The Twilight Saga and 50 Shades of Grey will always be known for. Well that, and their unusually & infamously sick fans. The entire world – men & boys as much as women & girls – are going to be paying for these failures for a long time, like global warming. How either one of these authors can look themselves in a mirror at the end of the day is amazing. I’d bet those piles of money help a lot.

Women should be helping each other, instead of hurting each other. I shouldn’t have to remind any of you about that for any reason – especially since a whopping portion of them are YOUNG girls. These ugly divisions shouldn’t even exist. Yeah, Big Blue Ribbons to both Steph & Erika.

~ Catherine, Blog Author
Btw, I’ve been researching & writing about Stephenie Meyer’s amateur literary mistakes for a lot longer than it took for her to write them out. I’m sure I know more about her books, characters, movies & storyline than she does. I’m ‘one of you’, ladies… And only someone who used to love Twilight can tell you what is actually wrong with it. And probably only someone who is familiar with both Vampires & BDSM can tell you what is wrong with 50 Shades of Grey, also. For one, knowledge is power – not consent.

If you are coming in from an outside link; scroll down (so sorry!) past the table & slideshow to read that specific post. Also, scroll down after you click on blog links in here – many of these top links are elsewhere with no intros. I recommend reading through once; then going back to dig deeper into links if you need more – you might not; that’s why I wrote this intro to minimize readers having to do that. Btw, please forgive all the ‘caps’ in here, I know they are irritating for a lot of you. I got in the habit a long time ago; and I don’t see them as ‘shouting’ as some peeps do. They are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that’s all.

This beginning is a summary of absolutely everything – starting at the end, with a finalizing running commentary of 50 Shades of Grey and ‘what’s wrong with it’. Scroll down for highlights such as ‘Why is 50 Shades dangerous’ and ‘negligent publishing explained’. This isn’t rocket science – but this stuff isn’t going to make much sense to most of you unless you push through this entire introduction. For others, it will make perfect sense from the beginning. It’s a matter of what your perspective has been about Twilight over all these years (I used to be a completely clueless ‘person in the world’; and then a clueless Twilight movie fan for a while, too). If you get too angry to keep reading – pause and check out ALL the incriminating side links I’ve collected. They are all that you need to read if nothing else.

Let’s Talk About 50 Shades of TwiGrey

Grey Area: How ‘Fifty Shades’ Dominated the Market
New York Review of Books Magazine

Where ’50 Shades’ Came From – Includes an ORIGINAL
Graphic Captured from the TwiFanFiction Novella.

2/24/15 - I’ve been writing this blog for over three years, now; and in all that time I’ve received some pretty mean hate mail and online comments from angry Twilight Fans, and I expect that. But I have always thought it weird that I have received more hate from older Anti-Twilight Fans – and now that makes sense; because anti-twilight ladies ended up getting 50 Shades of Grey out of it.

…So, shut up, Catherine! FSoG must have been a uniting force among older Twilight & Anti-Twilight women, LoL!

But now I’m also hearing from Twilight-haters who are so incensed at the word ‘Twilight’; that they can’t be anything but ‘put off’ and mean to anyone who mentions it. 50 Shades of Grey is its own animal and a much easier topic to misogynistically spout-off about - especially for men – because its ‘just’ sex (and something they erroneously view themselves to be experts at).

So now, while many haters are mad about this disturbing ‘abusive mommy porn’ (as if you have any business to be talking about it like that – is anyone aware of ‘reality porn’ that sets up real young girls to be violated? Consent is everything.); we’re not going to remember much less talk about Twilight’s offensive influence on 50 Shades of Grey and all the other bad things those sparkling vampire books managed to inflict upon this planet.

When this blog started gaining momentum; I was SO SURE that it would have support from the rest of the world – especially anti-twilight fans & twilight-haters because of all the past links I found about Twilight: all the amateur writing, shallow characters, shallow storyline and unusual over-obsessions of fans, etc.

But, I literally receive hate from EVERY direction, now… If I could tell the whole wide world off, I would. I have never regretted watching a movie so badly in my entire life. Nor have I ever had so many people AGREE with me about something and hate me for it.

This blog has ALWAYS been an advocate since November 2011 for YOUNG and young-at-heart Twilight Fans AND Anti-Twilight Fans (past & present) – many of whom are clueless; HAVE NO VOICE; and have been bullied by the world & their own fansisters relentlessly for a whole decade, now – because of an ‘accidental’ sexually-charged superstory that was written by an amateur author; then somehow negligently edited & published into the world by a ‘professional’ publisher.

50 Shades of Woops!

Go ahead and hate me for that.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer for causing so much division and HATE in this world – as if we didn’t already have enough. And DOUBLE-thanks for all the hate that has always come at ME for informing the world and telling the truth about your harmful books that you have never accepted responsibility for.

Just because the world is no longer interested in the harmful effects of YOUR books, anymore – like it once was for the SAME EXACT REASONS (scrolls down to the side links); and you’ve got clueless women of the world BRAINWASHED with your bs by now – doesn’t make this blog irrelevant. I hope you and your morally-superior, amateur author eyes see this blog someday, Stephenie Meyer.

When women make a big, cultural stink – we don’t just make an obvious, offensive one that makes a few conservatives mad. We break all the safety rules and INSIST that it’s BRILLIANT in the face of valid, logical and overwhelming evidence and worldwide opposition.

Update 2/23/15 - And so it begins… Sex assault charges tied to '50 Shades of Grey' movie. It’s not just about WOMEN ‘being safe’. Men & boys NEED to understand this stuff, too!! Women are not just ‘into having hardcore sex’. Do you think he might have used this movie as an excuse to be abusive? If so, how many more men around the world might do that? Maybe he just misunderstood the girl, huh? Just so you know, Stephenie Meyer… I will be blaming YOU for every one of these violent assaults, not EL James. THIS is what happens when people don’t understand the concepts surrounding ‘what they are writing about’ with respect to ‘how the world works’.

This is why this lesson is TAUGHT in schools; and it is also one of the most recommended pieces of advice among good writers to aspiring writers: *drum roll* Write what you know about and/or do the research.

Let’s all continue to feel bad for Stephenie Meyer because I’m SO MEAN to her in here. That amateur author has done absolutely nothing to deserve my respect – least of all take responsibility for her literary failure so many years ago, or NOW. Ya darn right I’m mean to her. She deserves this damn blog. I only wish I could SHOVE it in her FACE and MAKE her read it!

Clarification on why this movie is NOT a ‘feminist breakthrough’: “People are saying that this franchise does right by women because it was written and directed by women and produced for women, but that only makes it worse,” she said. “That means that romanticized abuse is so internalized (JEEZ, how did it GET that way, GUYS!!!) that it can be mass-marketed to women, and only demonstrates female-produced content as of lower quality, which isn’t the truth.” (Usually.) Source

There are AT LEAST as many women as men who have very good reasons for abhorring this movie. For one, THEIR stuff is obviously & blatantly sexual or violent or whatever. It’s an EASY choice whether or not you want to join them for the show. This movie HIDES the reality of what it is really about in plain sight - behind a fake veil of BDSM.

These books are no more about the lifestyle or practice of BDSM than Twilight was about Vampires; and neither series is about love, either… 50 Shades of Grey is virtual proof of how warped the obsessions of so many OLDER Twilight & ANTI-Twilight fans were so many years ago (and still).

I mean, MAYBE 50 Shades of Grey is Okay because YOU are all grown-ups. But, Twilight wasn’t written for grown-ups like it SHOULD have been – or not published at all. For instance, one of the favorite alternative names for Edward for OLDER – mostly ‘robsessed’ fans - is ‘Bedward’; and MANY of them are very VERY sad/mad that Robert Pattinson didn’t accept the part of Christian Grey... And fans who don’t see Edward Cullen this way (at least, in the extreme) – mostly young girls – have been tormented about things like that, for years… and it continues in ridiculously misogynistic ways around the world, daily.

BOTH The Twilight Saga & 50 Shades of Grey are deceptively ALL about ‘rough HARDCORE sex’ – and that is all either one of them was ever about. Stephenie Meyer may have written about that subject by accident (the sexual fantasy she left glaring throughout Twilight is/was probably much more tame than the ones she caused some of her fans); but EL James obviously ‘got it’ from the beginning – just like SO MANY of Steph’s OLDER ‘fans’- and wrote out exactly what Twilight was about.

‘Vampireism’ and ‘BDSM’ were just the masks that were used to create each respective series’ storylines so that grown women could write out their NAUGHTY sexual fantasies and have them be accepted & excused by the world. If that were not true, they would both have been written a whole HELL of lot better - and probably about the actual subjects they were supposed to be about!

NEITHER of these books have a believable storyline; neither one of them would have received higher than a ‘D’ on the first chapter in a college course; and neither one of them were edited OR treated in a remotely professional way by a ‘professional’ book publisher. WHY & HOW did either of these two HARMFUL book series’ get published (or win ANY awards?!?) - much less get made into movies?!

Really… English teacher/professor challenge… PLEASE grade just the first chapter of each of the first published books in these series.

THANK YOU 50 Shades of Grey for NOT ONLY causing so many sexually-naive
conservative women to get hung up on this harmful crap; but for further confusing the

topics of things like gay-marriage and sex in general for them
– as if they didn’t already have enough BS to contend with!!
You POLARIZED conservatives and made divisions DEEPER!!!
Don’t listen to all these stupid sermons that are about to come out, Ladies…
I’d rather you go watch the movie and allow your brain to expand; but be
smart about it and realize that things aren’t ‘quite right’ up on that screen.
If anyone makes you feel guilty about it, IGNORE them.

I mean, the damn thing is HERE… You might as well learn & grow from it.
Isn’t that what we do with mistakes – especially big ones?

How Could EL James save the next two 50 Shades of Grey
movies without making the world much more sick?

Update 2/20/15 - I keep reading that EL James wants more control over the script for the sequels, of course – cuz ‘we all just don’t understand’ I would guess, LoL! We get it… You really should let someone who at least semi-knows what they are talking about FIX this story since you have the opportunity to do that. PLEASE don’t pull a ‘Stephenie Meyer’ and try to force the rest of this story on us like this in ignorance, I’m BEGGING you!!!

Doms & Dommes are not Vampires for fans to scream ‘its HARMLESS fiction’. This time, the books are erroneously based on REAL Human-type people IN A DANGEROUS WAY– not evil mystical-fantasy monsters that have been made prettier than Jesus, Jim Jones and Zeus combined. (Btw, snuggling can be as big a part of BDSM as pain can.)

Believe me, I’ve spelled it out for you (scroll down to the 2/16 – 2/18 updates, below)This story COULD (potentially) be a really GREAT story IF you ‘do it right’ by going back and figuring out what’s wrong with it, first. The same thing could have happened with Twilight if Steph hadn’t have been such an arrogant amateur author flipping off her own fanbase and the world when all the controversy about her books was in the limelight.

You could make a different choice.

And DON’T be silly and go out and get a bunch of men to try fixing it like they did to ‘make Twilight seem valid’… KEEP your female director who probably ‘gets it’ better than anyone. You’re worried about ‘the romance’ getting messed up – that’s why you’re there to make sure it doesn’t. I mean, of course The Red Room SHOULD have been red to start out with; and that last line SHOULD have been ‘Stop’ instead of ‘Red’, etc.

But, you’re not just telling this story to a bunch of older ladies who are just discovering this HARDCORE stuff, anymore. Sure the story might turn out a little (or a lot) different - honestly, I would be surprised if it wasn’t a completely different story by the time you’re done. But, I’m willing to bet that EVEN YOU will like it better after you understand ‘what’s wrong with it’.

Btw, Sam… If she’s pushing for MORE SEX, give it to her. Don’t be afraid to show us women like that IN THE RIGHT WAY. We deserve our own raunchy fairytale that doesn’t treat women like sh*t. THAT would be a ‘feminist breakthrough’ movie.

Update: I love emails because peeps often alert me to ‘how things are being perceived’ up here. For instance, now I’m being accused of being an obsessed fan of this series who is simply ‘wanting her own fantasy’ to be fulfilled – NOT. You couldn’t get me to read these books unless you put a gun to my head or something, LoL! I don’t need them to know what’s wrong with them – a good ‘flip through’ is all that was necessary. It’s just that I think it would be a really good learning experience for everyone.

Also, feel free to use the ‘Comments from the World’ post below instead of sending me emails. ;)

What Makes 50 Shades of Grey So Dangerous?

Update 2/18/15 - THIS is the ‘scary’ thing about this movie/books being about BDSM for people who are not familiar with it… If you decide to go out there and FIND a ‘dom’ to play with you; you have to be VERY CAREFUL – especially on the internet – to be able to distinguish between a REAL DOM and just another sexually-aggressive jerk. The line between the two can be ’50 Shades of Grey’. ;)

And I HOPE to God none of you have gotten hurt like that, yet. (Not everyone who has been reading these books are grown, responsible, married women who are OUT of the danger zone and supposedly know everything.)

For Instance – One result of bringing this book into the mainstream:
100 teens stampede Florida movie theater that
denied them entry to 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

It’s not like we can really put the genie back in the bottle now, can we?
This is why *I* think ‘teaching’ would be better than burying this mistake.

One of the big differences between them would be… The most ‘harsh’ punishment a Dom/Domme can give out to (most) subs is to IGNORE them – essentially, they ‘withhold their power’ which can drive a sub to BEGGING, LoL! They wouldn’t ‘rape’ them or anything like that AS A RESPONSE when they get really (personally) mad at them (of course, a ‘good’ sub doesn’t instigate that – on purpose. ;) – but basically, they don’t do that because ABUSE isn’t the right way to respond; AND because that ‘might’ be a reward for a sub (maybe they are acting the way they are towards you in order to GET that kind of a reaction out of you) - NOT the desired effect, at all. (Yes, ‘rape’ or whatever can certainly be a huge part of your consensual roleplay.)

Can you see the difference, now?

Btw, there IS a difference between a ‘playful’ sub and one that is ‘p*ssing off a dom/domme’. If you ‘mildly’ make them mad, they might ‘teach you a lesson’ – but, don’t expect it to necessarily be the ‘one you want’, LoL! I’m just saying, the only ‘more extreme’ punishment beyond ‘ignoring’ would be to banish the sub.

There are LOTS of very generous Doms & Dommes out there who have BDSM for beginner’s websites that go further into these differences. One of the TOP PRIORITIES of ‘real’ BDSM peeps is that SAFETY is the number one concern for everyone – surrounding a lot of things like, ‘how to use a crop’ and how to tie knots so as not to hurt your sub – too much. ;)

There are MANY men out there who intentionally ‘pose’ as doms to reel sexual targets in (and they were doing that long before 50 Shades came along) – DO BE CAREFUL, but DO also have fun if you want to! Probably the ‘safest’ place to start learning about BDSM is your local club – they almost always have beginner’s classes; and they know how to take care of newbies. They are actually VERY protective of each other. ;)

In fact, if you happen to be visiting Seattle to check out Mr. Grey’s apartment – you should check out Seattle’s club – endearingly and formerly known as ‘The Wet Spot’ (yeah, I’m actually from Seattle; and I happen to be a Switch, ha!). Say Hello to Alena (I think she is the president) if you go – she is quite possibly one of the most compassionate and coolest people on the planet: The Center for Sex Positive Culture.

Please, I implore you… Do your research first, girls.

Explain the ‘Rare, Professionally-Negligent Publishing’ Thing
with Twilight in Relation to 50 Shades of Grey, better…

Twilight & Anti-Twilight obsessions (not every fan is obsessed) are unusually-personal & potent (and sometimes too-intimate) for EACH person – uniquely, regardless of age - because of the too-shallow character writing in the very first few chapters; that made Bella Swan – especially – extremely easy for some readers & watchers to ‘slip into’ her character (instead of Stephenie); and/OR become too personally-infatuated with the character of Edward Cullen.

To put it another way… Fans who were reading these books, especially; had to ‘help’ Stephenie Meyer write her story using their own personalities and internal substance to flesh-out Bella’s character. This is how/why things became so PERSONAL for each person. Additionally, fans who read the books AFTER watching the movies (or didn’t read the books at all) used their own idealized perceptions of the actress & actor who play Bella & Edward to ‘flesh out’ the shallow characters (some moreso than others). This is how so many fans got a ‘little too hung-up’ on Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart.

Because of this, there are LOTS of Twilight & Anti-Twilight obsession variations. For instance, did you know that there is an entire section of Twilight’s pre-movie book fanbase that completely rejected the movies a long time ago? AND the majority of older ‘robsessed’ fans don’t consider themselves to be Twilight fans – AT ALL; but rather, Anti-Twilight ‘protectors’ of Robert Pattinson from his ‘crazy’ Twilight fanbase. Incidentally, this is also where the majority of Kristen Stewart haters & ‘anti-fans’ come from. (I’ve been told this so many times, its so sickening.)

Here’s a normal comment on one of Robert Pattinson’s fansites: “You're not dealing with Rob's fandom, you're dealing with the fandom of his ex… The crackpot comments are coming from fans of Twilight/Edward/Bella…” February 25, 2015 at 11:23 PM (This is actually an untrue statement. There are MANY heartbroken ‘just robsessed’ fans – most of them seem to be older and/or also Twilight Fans (because the fanbases often bleed into each other). This ‘fan’ sounds younger. Most young anti-twilight fans can be smug, mean know-it-alls just like the judgmental older ladies. But, they could do a better job of debunking this storyline than even I can, I’m sure. (In fact, they have – I certainly didn’t come up with the majority of this stuff without them, LoL! re: side links.)

On top of that; every fan’s different variation of familiarity with Vampires colored their story – again, for each person – based on their own previous knowledge of these mystical creatures OR LACK THEROF. It’s the ‘lack therof’ fans of both of these two series who are so quick to pass these books off. This update is how 50 Shades was ‘probably’ born. Despite popular opinion, I ‘don’t think I know everything’. I didn’t realize this until I started to really think about it and piece (yet more) stuff together on the day it was written.

So MUCH of this stuff has been realized ‘as it has been happening’. You have NO IDEA how creepy that has been to me, at times – LoL! The number of coincidences that led me to this place is amazing. What am I saying? Nothing other than someone ELSE should have been able to figure ALL this stuff out LONG BEFORE *I* came along; and they DAMN WELL SHOULD have done something about it back then.

Update 2/16/15 - You know, I have some experience with BDSM (no, I’m not a ‘pro’ – but I am a ‘switch’); and I’ve been trying to put my finger on exactly what’s wrong with this movie and I think I’ve finally figured it out. Subspace… this is why the storyline is so unbelievable… Being able to ‘call’ Ana on her various forms of sexual arousal during the contract scene is NOT it – that could be the seductive ‘line’ from any guy. That ISN’T how a ‘dom’ would seduce you, Ladies… Christian isn’t believable as a ‘dom’ (in more ways than this); and Ana isn’t believable as a ‘sub’ (she obviously doesn’t like it) – they should both just drop the pretense and HAVE AT IT, LoL! Kink is NOT confined to the BDSM realm – really. You don’t need a damn contract or even a crop or handcuffs to get naughty; and pain and bondage can be part of sex without ‘BDSM’ being in the picture.

And dang, here’s more… THIS is probably one of the reasons why EL James wrote this book this way. Because in Twilight, Edward Cullen is a ‘Vampire’ with supernatural abilities that includes things like being EXTRA STRONG and able to read your mind and sense your feelings, etc… If you’re going to write a parallel story to that, the character of Christian Grey HAS to have that same kind of niche, and a ‘rich dom’ might work if you’re trying to bring the story into the Human realm. I’d guess that EL James had an ‘inkling’ of what ‘subspace’ actually was – just like Stephenie Meyer had an ‘inkling’ about the ‘intoxicating’ effects of vampires.

If you’re a longtime vampire fangirl who knows better - watching Christian Grey up on the screen… We’re basically watching EL James’ version of ‘what she wanted Edward to be doing to Bella’ in Twilight. But, NOT EVEN Edward would have been acting like this toward Bella – UNLESS he was being written as a ‘real’ make-believe EVIL Vampire (which, he wasn’t – intentionally ignorantly – but if you know even just a little bit more about them than Stephenie did – VOILἏ, ’50 Shades of Grey’).

Because Edward Cullen supposedly LOVES Bella Swan… Which is why (no doubt) Stephenie went to so many great lengths to bury her (probably much more tame) sexual fantasy with all that extra writing in her LONG four books – so that (most) people couldn’t see all the sex hidden between the lines. BUT, isn’t Edward Cullen kind of ‘dominant’ and intoxicating in some very seductive ways? (Btw, real Doms… You can take that as a huge compliment. We girls of course LOVE good, SAFE hardcore sex as much as men do (doesn’t necessarily have to be with a ‘dom’) – but, we DON’T like to be treated like sh*t. I really hope that isn’t too much of a conundrum for peeps to understand, now.

This is probably THE MAIN REASON why EL James’ movie & books have done so well… She brought the unobtainable, sparking vampire loverboy character in Twilight into our HUMAN realm; and now we can see how that ‘type’ of an intoxicating character can REALLY be available to us girls, ha! (That is actually kind of depressing when you know that the reality is: there are FAR FEWER male Doms to sub ratios than there are female Domme to sub ratios. ;)

As such, these books probably could have been amazing, too (just like Twilight could have); IF they had both been written about the actual subjects they were supposed to be about. Subspace… You’re COMPLETELY missing the point until you figure that out if you’re looking to ‘get into’ BDSM. But again, you DON’T need that part – and neither did these books. If you strip all that erroneous stuff away, you’re left with ‘what this book is really about’.

The same DAMN thing happened with The Twilight Saga, that’s HOW this book got in EL James’ head – strip away Edward being an erroneous vampire, and what are you left with? Can you see now why so MANY bad things came out of the Twilight books? Is it any wonder why these two series AND THEIR FANS get made fun of?

No, I don’t think anything like this has EVER happened, before – rare professionally-negligent publishing. (2yo article with a year of research behind it.)

Of course Stephenie Meyer didn’t mean to do any of this stuff on purpose. She was an obviously ignorant & arrogant amateur author – THAT point isn’t even in question (I’ve always wondered WHERE her ‘professional’ publisher & editors were). But, 50 Shades of Grey is the most recent ‘harmful thing’ that has happened to this world as a result of her amateur writing – that’s why I start out talking about it.

That was the ‘special’ thing about The Twilight Saga – NO other ‘professional’ publisher would EVER have published it that way from the BEGINNING. EL James certainly didn’t need all the dysfunction in Breaking Dawn to help write her harmful books. What happened with The Twilight Saga is called ‘professional negligence’ – NOT ‘Free Speech’. Yeah, there are REAL AMATEUR LITERARY REASONS WHY Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – and WE are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it. (Unless we manage to write a XXX blockbuster based on all this negligence that makes a handful of people a sh*tload of money.)

For years, an argument about ‘what’s wrong with Twilight obsessions’ crescendoed and barely prevailed through passing time (again, see side links) as the five TwiMovies BOWLED through society against our will. And the answer has always been simple, but people couldn’t ‘see’ it – NOW we CAN see it PLAIN as day via 50 Shades of Grey. Why NO ONE wants to admit it is utterly amazing to me. (Honestly, I’m almost positive this story hasn’t been picked up by ANY major news outlet SIMPLY BECAUSE I also have such a beef against Hollywood’s misogynistic tabloids & paparazzi. (The really funny thing is that the publishers I’ve talked to weren’t very interested in this blog as a book UNTIL the tabloids started getting so nasty – because THAT is what makes this blog ‘newsworthy’. Guess I SHOULD have published it, ha!) If you pick up the important parts of this blog’s VALUABLE message to the world; then you almost HAVE to include how harmful ‘Free Speech and Free Press’ have been, don’t you?!!!! Trust me, I’m mad at the whole wide world in here, not just Steph and her Army of Desperate Housewives.)

Update 2/15/15
(Apologies, I ended up having to take a side-trek here.) Nah, I haven’t always been a big meanie… This ‘Anti-Twilight’ MOVIE fan blog took a two year hiatus, called a TRUCE, and became a ‘Hollywood Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform’ blog before swinging back around to the original cause of ALL the world’s collective TwiHATE, Stephenie Meyer – in January of this year. I even offered to delete everything I’ve ever written, recorded or published about this subject if Twilight & Anti-Twilight Fans (along with the rest of the world) could unite. Turns out that isn’t possible. Here’s a nostalgic reminder if you’re interested – SCROLL DOWN past the slideshow to read after the click:

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)

This is funny… Not ten minutes after I added this link; a 15yo Twilight Fangirl
wrote to me asking if I would still delete these blogs if we could all
unite against the tabloids. Yes, yes, a resounding YES!! ;)
(However, someone ELSE would have to instigate that;
and don’t expect me to be holding my breath, LoL!)

YIKES! I had a couple of emails about this earlier – and I just got two in a row after mentioning the young fangirl above. Some moms are worried that I might be manipulating young girls and don’t think they should even be in here. (And I guess it is supposedly kind of *my* fault that they are, ha!)

First, for the longest time, there were VERY FEW young girls that came through here compared to older girls – probably one out of every half a dozen emails were from girls. Most young fangirls were still ‘into’ the actual story of Twilight. In fact, most of them were/are still doing things like creating Edward & Bella digital photo montages. (Which is of course exactly what they should be doing.)

HOWEVER, since the stories of Robert Pattinson dating FKA Twigs (scroll down to read comments on stuff like this) started coming out around September – young girls are starting to come out of the woodwork A LOT more because the majority of them are Edward & Bella ‘robsten’ fans who have been ‘keeping the faith’ about them still being together ALL THIS TIME. Many younger fans and older non-vamp fans are SERIOUS ‘robsten’ fans; because they are the ones most-likely to have this pretty fairytale in their heads EXACTLY HOW STEPHENIE MEYER WROTE IT. Edward & Bella FOREVER! ;)

Many of these fans have basically been making up their own ‘tabloid-type’ stories about Kris and Rob; and ignoring all the other rumors up until now - because they thought they were sure about ‘the truth about them’. (HKN Haven baby conspiracy blog is one example of this - believe it or not, this has been the MOST popular keyword search into here, and THE most popular post since December. If you know an obsessed Twilight Fan of ANY age – check in with them.) Now that ‘reality’ has come into play with Robert dating someone else… There are more heartbroken young girls coming through here; AND you are seeing more of their comments & opinions out in Internetland – whereas before, the majority of comments beneath online articles were from older fangirls.

CATHYN DELGADO Posted at 11:59 AM on February 17, 2015 (A widowed lady from Mexico who has been a HUGE fan of the above blog - seriously flailing since the beginning of the ‘cheating’ scandal. That’s WAY too long to be in this ‘state’. You’ll see more of her comments in here.)

Unfortunately for Cathryn and many other heartbroken fans of all ages; that isn’t what happened. Robert flew into town to do some Hollywood power-networking during the Oscar parties – then flew back to London in time for the Brit Awards to be with Tahliah since she had two nominations.

Twilight probably used to have only ONE fanbase, but it fractured into a few different kinds – VERY unusual for ANY kind of ‘fandom’ to do that. Have you ever heard of any other fanbases doing that? Not only that, but fans are disjointed from the world, itself - by gender & age (age because many older fangirls see twilight 50 Shades of Grey differently than young girls do). These things are just more examples of ‘bad’ things that came out of Twilight.

Btw, it is UTTERLY AMAZING how the tabloids & paparazzi have seriously died down around Rob & Kris just since 50 Shades of Grey came out. One can only guess why they are SUDDENLY almost gone. Not to worry, I capture LOTS of stuff. This post is from December and contains TWELVE of the MOST awful bs that we had to put up with, to date. Tabloids were trying to give their fans Twelve Days of a Merry Christmas, I guess. Here’s a short list:

INTENTIONALLY-damaging articles posted on Hollywood Life JUST in December:

Robert Pattinson's Family Loves FKA Twigs More Than Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart: Robert Pattinson Punishing Her With FKA Twigs ...

Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs: He's Having The Best Sex Of His Life

Kristen Stewart Thinks FKA Twigs Will 'Grow Tired' Of Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson: Why Kristen Stewart Isn't Sexy To Him Anymore

Here’s a ‘fan’ complaining about the lack of reporting about them, now:

Rossi Posted at 4:36 PM on February 15, 2015
Where ARE the paps??!! All the media swirl of late has been around Fifty Shades of Grey and Robs friend who plays Grey. OR, Alicia and Kristan going for yet another coffee! Doesn’t anyone find it just a MIGHT interesting that there has been NO gossip or pics about Rob and FKA Twigs for quite awhile now?. I know she’s down under…I mean Down Under in Aussie land. However, not a peep have we heard from either of them about each other. Is this a cooling off period for them??? Let’s face it, way too much NOTHING happening out there for something not to be in the “missing” category…

Second, I haven’t received NEARLY as much hate mail OR surprise about the information on this blog from younger fans as older ones. Young girls WANT to know EVERYTHING about their favorite fairytales; and have already done all this research I have in here in their own ways – and made their own decisions surrounding it.

Many of them have been arguing on one side or the other for years – along with the know-it-all older girls. Yeah, there are lots of Twilight AND Anti-Twilight fans BOTH among young girls. They FIGHT about this mess among themselves as much as grown-ups do – it is NORMAL to most of them by now. Talk about a cultural disfigurement. It’s been amazing to me… I’d say they are divided about in half (whereas older girls have heavy concentrations of Anti-Twilight fans especially in the ‘robsessed’ portion of the fanbase).

Many young girls already KNOW all this stuff (and can get pretty dang mean about it from either side just like the big girls can)… Older women are a lot more clueless about it, especially movie fans; simply because we weren’t as interested in the details – and who has time, ha!

The MAIN REASON why younger girls are coming in here is because THEY are doing searches about their beloved celebrities and what’s going on with them. Most of them are pretty mad about all the tabloid crap like me. And since I’m writing about them up here, I can tell you that EVERY SINGLE YOUNG FAN who has written to me - and MANY older non-hater ones, also (you wouldn’t believe how many older hater-hags have accused me of having a crush on Kristen Stewart, ha!) - would LOVE for the world to hear this message:


Would you like to experience a recent wild ride through
a tabloid debate among Kristen and Rob’s colorful fanbases
Brace Yourself, ha!

This is even better… Collected fan & anti-fan comments during
Robert Pattinson’s birthday last year (and OMG, it’s coming up again
in May! Kristen’s is in April, but who really cares about HER, right?!)
Robert’s 2014 Birthday Wishes from Fans & Anti-Fans

What are Heartbroken Fans still saying since the ‘cheating’ scandal?
This post rarely gets hit. I guess peeps could care less about
still heartbroken fans after all this time.

What are Mean Fans still saying?
This post gets LOTS of hits and then you LEAVE.
There are two ‘death threats’ I have captured in here
- one for Kristen and one more recent for FKA Twigs.
They have BOTH had MANY others.
Yeah, I would imagine that is embarrassing for
you older girls, especially.
Do you think tabloids should be able to leave harsh
things like death threats within audience comments?

Tell me again that fiction doesn’t hurt anybody…

This is from a young semi-ANTI-Twilight ‘robsten’ fan: August 2012 (one month after the ‘cheating’ scandal and YES, I still receive emails like this): “Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent. …Please someone tell him. He just texted me and said he told my mom..and for me to get some help..and bye..please tell him..everyone is doing this and its killing me..but everybody acts like they don’t know what im talking about..I think I may have never needed anything so bad in all of my life than for somebody to tell him..I know they are trying to drive me crazy..and its starting to work… thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)” (This is the post she was talking about.- incidentally, the very first post where I connected 50 Shades with Twilight. If you’re wondering WHY a fan of ‘robsten’ would say such nice things to me – again, she isn’t the only one – it’s because I did a lot of ‘forgiving’ and ‘explaining’ about what was ACTUALLY going on at the beginning of the ‘cheating’ scandal.)

I mean, what did Kristen Stewart do that was SO BAD – that Bella didn’t do to Edward with Jacob? As I recall… Edward forgave her back then, too. ;)

If you are among fellow Twihards - YEAH, you are MORE than HAPPY to acknowledge your Twilight addiction. It's a bonding thing! But, let someone point out how bad and/or damaging Twilight is... THEN, it's "NO WAY, Twilight is HARMLESS, it's JUST a STORY that doesn't hurt ANYBODY!" (Kristen, Robert and their MILLIONS of FANS are NOT people?!) Kristen did NOT have sex with Rupert Sanders; and NEITHER were those photos 'faked'. Tabloids twisted the story (and those images) to make so many of you believe one or the other of these TWO things because anything less than a 'cheating' scandal OR a silly conspiracy theory would have been OFF LIMITS as a way for the misogynistic smears to continue.

As long as there is NO REAL BLOOD gushing out of a flesh wound, they are all FINE, right?!!

The Truth About ‘Robsten’
Cheating Scandal & Fake Photos DEBUNKED Here

We girls of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s never had to go through ANYTHING like the cruel & intentional emotionally-harsh obsession-bashing that has been going on with Hollywood’s tabloids & Twilight fans for years – and in the extreme for the past 2.5 years. Gossip rags have been INTENTIONALLY assaulting fans, NOT ‘entertaining’ them – for money.

Yeah, I have a HUGE problem with that.

Stephenie Meyer… A few months before the 1st Twilight movie was due to come out in 2008 - you published Breaking Dawn and RUINED the story for so many of your accidentally overly-obsessed fans of ALL ages (YES, they WERE FANS). At that point, you and your ‘professional’ cronies were going down in FLAMES.

BUT THEN, the ‘accidental’ leak of Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s Voice – THRILLSVILLE for fans who had been DYING to hear it!!!) – along with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson NAILING their parts in the first ‘rushed’ Twilight movie that year; SAVED YOUR BUTTS! (Reminder: Side Links) That was some pretty damn BRILLIANT back-pedal marketing. You should probably also give Catherine Hardwicke a pile of credit; for actually having a CLUE about ‘what was so special with Twilight’ BEFORE you ruined it with BD. She is also ‘probably’ the one who SAVED your first movie – and somehow, also your entire franchise - by leaking Midnight Sun, herself. Perhaps you should have begged her to stay on board. She is the only person who could have saved this ‘saga’ back then – maybe.

Again, YOU could make a different choice, EL James.

Update 2/12/15 - Dang, I am frustrated with ‘crazy’ accusations… I’ve almost published this blog into a ‘real book’ THREE different times over the past year and a half. I’ve been offered thousands of dollars to publish it by a major publishing house – not a ‘fanfiction’ outlet; and I’ve been told that it is brilliant deductive reasoning by literary EXPERTS (one, was especially impressed with my critique and summary correction of the Twilight storyline)… No, that doesn’t mean that this blog is currently at a writing standard to be professionally published. Previous publishing discussions included obtaining interviews with professional literary experts along with child psychologists and ‘obsession experts’ to bring a lot more validation to the information on this blog.

This is a BLOG – it’s not a published work. I had good reasons for NOT publishing it. I simply don’t want to hurt anymore ACTUAL Twilight Fans than I have to in getting this message out – especially young ones. (For instance, I don’t troll fansites for the same reason – usually, but especially not with 50 Shades. Tabloid stories where mostly grown-ups hang out is where you see my rants.) Here is the original post where I talk about not publishing this stuff months ago AND WHY. (scroll down after the click)

Really… you all need to STOP with the crazy accusations BEFORE I actually DO go crazy, LoL!


Who am I?

I’m an Anti-Twilight MOVIE (not book) fanlady over 40 who RESEARCHED how Twilight was written & published because I KNOW better and have higher standards. It is not even SORT of a mystery to people like me - how EL James came up with 50 Shades of Grey from Twilight. Keep reading, I’ll explain it to you in DETAIL. ;)

I’m a long-standing Sci-Fi, Mystical, Superhero Fangirl - so dammit, I apparently knew more about vampires than your average ‘Buffy’ fan did. I’m NOT apologizing for that.

I’m also a survivor of ALL KINDS of childhood abuse. None of you have any idea how offensive these STUPID books are to people like me. Don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about in here – OR that I’m crazy. This is the MOST SANE I’ve ever been in my life, and it hasn’t been ANY fun AT ALL.

Whatever Happened to the ‘Anti-Twilight Army’
from 2008-2009; and WHY don’t you see their support on this blog?

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat,
which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Whole Wide World’s Twilight Saga Hate

You don’t think this is a big deal? This movie ‘flopped’ – as Robert put it.
It FLOPPED amidst RARE (for him) GLOWING reviews from movie critics at
film festivals who compared his performance to Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar-Nominated
performance in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Yeah, it’s a HUGE deal!!

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post

Here’s a splash from Nico’s article: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women “I don't care if Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders did it in a car, in a bar, in a house or with a mouse. But while I might not be concerned for K-Stew, I am concerned for my younger stepsister who idolizes and worships her....” And this is an update from Nico on Salon: Racist 'Twilight' fans won't stop harassing Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs

Reminder: The ‘Cheating’ Scandal Happened on July 24th, 2012

Published on Jan 3, 2015 – Tabloid Video - Kristen Stewart:
"Get the F*CK OUT of my face!" Faces free lesbian dating site rumors!

- Always check out the audience comments when viewing articles & videos if they are available.

This is the ‘description’ of this video: How did kristen stewart become an actress? An autograph hound asks Kristen Stewart to sign a Twilight photo showing her and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson together, and Kristen curses the guy out with an f-bomb. It's been years since Rob had any Kristen Stewart teeth marks. Some reports online have said recently that Kristen met her girlfriend on a free online lesbian dating site, and Kristen has been an unspoken supporter of the gay and lesbian community. Do you think lesbian meeting sites are a great place to meet online singles? (Video Courtesy: Splash News AKA Paparazzi *ssholes)

Sign the NEW petition against the people at the root cause of:
50 Shades of Grey; all the Twilight world hate, bullying and fanbase infighting;
along with every mean, LYING and/or career-hindering tabloid & paparazzi assault against
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their emotionally-invested fans since 2008:
Stephenie Meyer and her professionally-negligent
publisher and production franchise.

I could care less if anyone else ever signs this - it feels really really good for me
to put it up after all the work I've put into Stephenie Meyer's amateur mistakes.

Twilight and 50 Shades fans

Twilight and 50 Shades fans
Kinda hard to read... Twilight's heaviest fan-concentrations are in the red/pink states.


This is a Summary List of Links for this Blog – More Links Galore Within Them!!

The TwiSmears

The Twilight Saga

Stephenie Meyer

The Fanbases

Why the ‘Cheating’ Scandal Started; Telling on My Big TwiSisters (Aug 2012, 1 mo. After)

Nothing but LOVE for
our Twilight Character
Actors & Actresses

An Anti-Twilight Fan's Dream Talk with SM

Twihards - We Movie Fans
Deserve a Discussion

July 2012 'Cheating' Scandal

What actually happened
to Kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders that day? Why did robsten really break up?

Why is Twilight so Addictive? How Did it Inspire 50 Shades of Grey?

Questions for Steph:
Twilight, a Post-Mortem

Defining Twilight's
Various Fanbases
…In which I actually
stick up for
Stephenie Meyer, OMG!

Additional & Extended Scandal Timelines

- WAY more info than you want; but some peeps just can’t get enough. ;)

What's Wrong with Twilight Chapter
One: First Sight

1st Original Blog Post
- How Can You See
Steph's Sexual Fantasy
Glaring thru Twilight

Letter to My Little Twilight Sisters – Why I Keep Picking on Twilight.

Pre-Cheating Scandal Smears that have been going on since 2008.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2 Movie Reviews
- easiest to see literary dysfunctions

Ramifications of Wrong Writing in the Case of Twilight Addictions
Whatever happened to the Anti-Twilight Army?

Letter to My Big Twilight Sisters – Are You SURE Breaking Dawn is Okay?

Fan & Anti-Fan Hate-Debate; December 2014
- Fans reveal how harmful tabloids have been via online article comments.

Official Reasoning for
Every Little Thing
Wrong with Twilight

The Most Common Keyword Searches into these blogs:
HELP with a Twilight Obsession; Immortalicum & ‘Demonic Messages’?!

Why are so Many OLDER
Fans so sick

What Have Heartbroken Fans Been Saying Since the Scandal in July 2012?

What EXACTLY is Wrong with Stephenie Meyer’s Sparkling ‘Vampires’?
- Written BEFORE I watched her movies.

What a JOKE!
Twilight is Coming to Facebook Because ‘the voices of women are important to Steph’!!

What Does Robert Pattinson Think About His OLDER ‘robsessed’ Twihard & Anti-Twilight ‘Fans’, BOTH?

What Have Mean Fans Been Saying Since the Scandal in July 2012?

YouTube Video Collection
'What's Wrong with The Twilight Saga'

Final Judgment of
The Twilight Saga
Or, Why I HATE (omg!) SM and Her ARMY of Desperate Housewives – et all TwiJerks & Anti-TwiJerks Over 30.

Help Easing a Stubborn
Twilight and/or Robsten

Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal Career Hindering Rover Smear
- Based on the Wide World’s Twilight Hate

Fanfiction Corrective
Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles,
believable ending
and MORE

Let’s Talk About ‘Midnight Sun’
and how Steph Could POSSIBLY Make Her Huge Literary Failure up to The World.

Who am I?

Anti-Twilight in Pictures


What's Wrong with the Tabloid Petition on the 'Justice for Kristen' Blog?

Yes, of course I have a history with the people who run that blog. Since our messages were semi-similar towards the beginning of the scandal (as far as I know, *I* am the only person who has been following this scandal religiously, and NON-obsessively, since day one). I thought it would be a good idea to join forces in order to reach more people.

But, we seriously do not agree on the reasons behind WHY Kristen's 'cheating' photos may have been manipulated - so we've been fighting each other instead of the tabloids.

For those of you who don't know - Justice for Kristen blog is pretty much the most well-known 'faked cheating photo conspiracy theory' propaganda BS blog (in the US, anyway). Most other faked cheating scandal websites point to it.

I'll start by saying that Sue / Veulent Savior is cool; and has been from the beginning whether we have disagreed, or not. Her heart is obviously in the right place. I have some serious issues with 'Twilighter'... Here's why:

1) He's supposedly a retired prosecuting attorney - which impresses and seems to be a validating factor for concerned fans who are seriously interested in 'getting down to the bottom' of this 'cheating' scandal issue.

2) He has ALWAYS (even when I was starting out 'nice' at the beginning) rejected and REFUSED to even SORT of consider ANY of my valid, logical arguments against his ludicrous 'up-in-the-air' conclusions.

It's been awhile, and I know they have toned the blog down to be more 'generically-Hollywood'. But, the last time I read Twilighter's brilliant para-deductions; he had the blame placed on ROBERT as 'doing all this' to KRISTEN for career-profit gains.

HOW OUTRAGEOUS IS THAT?!!! The premise of their blog alone would have the WHOLE WIDE WORLD laughing at us.

Why won't they be laughing at us through this blog (aside from the fact that I will be deleting it)? Believe it or not... there are MANY people out there (especially pre-movie peeps) who already KNOW about all this stuff I have collected and explained in here (again, see side links). It's pretty much common knowledge - even to many Twilight fans.

Also, this blog is as angry with the WORLD for all the bullying it has collectively done since the movies became a hit. Everyone who is at fault gets a ding in here. That's only fair. ;)

3) Since so many of Twilighter's observations have wound around every OTHER possible 'story' he could think up aside from the OBVIOUS one; it seems like he has been trying to 'divert' the attention of fans all of this time...

I mean, when I met them... 'The Plan' on the Justice for Kristen blog was to have FANS write letters (letters with an S on the end) to a long list of tabloids to complain and insist that they basically stop being mean to Kristen Stewart.

What kind of 'professional' would even SUGGEST such a thing? That was NEVER going to accomplish anything (except maybe cause another 'story' for tabloids to make fun of Twilight fans about). It's hard enough getting people to take a moment to sign JUST ONE signature; people would never take the time to do that in numbers big enough to make a splash.

4) My petition came first and then - after they rejected my silly ideas and decided not to join forces with me; they started their petition. Since Sue and I had discussed the issue of 'making it as easy as possible' for fans to actually make a difference... I can only guess that she talked to Twilighter about what I had to say; and he really had no choice but to agree that *my* idea WAS a better way for people to submit a valid, unified complaint... So he wrote his own petition.

5) He does not have his petition targeted correctly - either intentionally, or ignorantly - I honestly could not tell you, for certain. But if that petition ever goes through - the people targeted on their petition would probably get BONUSES for causing a bunch of obsession-densed fans to sign such a silly thing - as 'official' as Twilighter and all his brilliant law-knowledge can make it sound.

My petition targets the owners and CEO's that give tabloids and paparazzi their marching orders. It is also not very 'official-sounding'. That was one of the things that would have been nice for Twilighter to do if he was so concerned about this topic: he could have rewritten 'my' petition when we joined forces to be more 'legalized' for people.

But honestly, *my* petition was never meant to be an 'official' thing... It was always meant to be a heartfelt fan-rant; and in my opinion, in this case - it is completely appropriate for our purposes. Because of the way my petition is set up - anyone of any age or location around the world can sign it since we are not talking about tampering with any US Laws - and THAT potentially significantly increases the amount of signatures we can gain. There is absolutely no reason why we all shouldn't be able to complain - especially kids since this pretty fairytale was written for THEM.

Yeah, my petition is simply ONE, unified SHRILL SCREAM that the world will hear loud and clear.

Petitions have started many changes in this wonky world - LOTS of them. It's worth a try.

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)


HKN Haven Baby Conspiracy Theory & FKA Twigs Isn't a Decoy

Sorry, I know HKN Haven is doing a good job at present of altering their original fantasy, a bit - for one, now Robert supposedly got Tahliah preggers; then she told Kristen about it; Kristen kicked Robert out - and now he is supposedly romping around the world with FKA Twigs in order to hurt her because he's such an *ass, apparently. (Really, what IS it with these fans and pregnancies?)

It has always amazed me how 'fans' of Robert and/or Kristen can just TURN on them like this.

And THIS fantasy evolved from their original 'FKA Twigs has made an agreement with Rob & Kris to help divert paparazzi attention from their newborn baby girl'.

But, I haven't been keeping up with it. This post mostly addresses the original premise of their blog.

Quote on HKN Haven's Website regarding this photo: "Yes it is and yes they were backstage together. The media was hoping they were going to get a reaction shot in the audience of Kristen when Rob came out to present but she was smart enough not to bite on that one. She was backstage WITH her husband. He never came out to a table and sat. Stayed backstage WITH his wife until it was her turn to present." 

This is where the original photo of Kristen's was taken from - also located a few images up on the same page.

Update 11/8/14 - An excessive amount of keywords are coming through that sound like this: robert pattinson pretending to date fka twigs. I’m so sorry, girls… He isn’t pretending to date her, it’s true (keep reading, I’ll explain more, shortly). It’s been really hard to see what has actually been going on between Robert & Kristen because of all the tabloid lies, but not impossible. They started those ‘breaking up for now’ rumors themselves in May of 2013 – this was inevitable. Don’t be mad at him or sad for Kristen - they are probably both a lot more ‘fine’ than many of their fans are right now. AND, it is also HIGHLY-LIKELY that Robert & Kristen are still at least semi-BFF’s despite their romantic split.

As it should be – they’ve navigated these storms pretty well, considering; even if they split up. Forever friends is not a bad place to end up after all that’s happened to them.

And LOOK! Over 100 Pics of Rob & Twigs in Toronto on a paparazzi-haven fansite. WHY do their fansites HELP the papz who cause them (and their fans) so much stress? These images only PAY the pap who took them; gives tabloids & ‘meanies’ more ammo; and invades their private lives (although it’s nice to see that they didn’t bombard them with rude comments – can’t wait for their first ‘together’ arrival at LAX).

Boycott all online tabloids & fansites like this that support them until tabloids voluntarily reform their well-protected industry of celebrity mistreatment. (I’m sure there are fansites that will intentionally not post or even mention these photos - find them & use them if you really love Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart.)

Why HKN Haven is Wrong About ‘Sweet Pea’

Update 11/1/14 – Okay, I’m sorry this intro is so long - but I’ve been getting so much email surrounding this subject, so I’m cutting & pasting this blurb up here at the top as a sweeping response. Since Robert supposedly started dating FKA Twigs, the rumor about him and Kristen having a baby has escalated to the point of a perfectly logical explanation being manufactured:

Twigs allegedly has an agreement with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart to help sidetrack the paps from finding out about ‘sweet pea’. (If you don’t know, yet – that is what fans who believe this rumor call their phantom baby.)

No… Come on, dearhearts… get a grip, please.

5/24/14 – Recent keyword search into here: hkn haven baby bump

Cathryn Delgado • 6/26/14 “Peter Facinelli that play Robert Pattinson father in Twilight.. Email Robert to tell him happy father`s day. For his first born June 15 2014, Kristen Stewart gave birth to that baby she was hiding under that sweatshirt she was wearing, And the 30lbs she put on. They never broken up.” Comment on Hollywood Life

Kristen Stewart is NOT pregnant. She has been all over the place this year and we have seen her drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, etc. How can any of you think that her and Robert having a baby so soon after the cheating scandal helps her position at all? It would just rain MORE HATE down onto her for allegedly ‘trapping’ Robert into a relationship with her. Kristen is NOT that crass or STUPID to do something so immature.

We’ve seen HER more than we’ve seen ROBERT this year – why would HE be hiding if SHE is preggers?!! SUPPOSE on the OUTSIDE chance that she is… MAYBE you can see a reason to sign the petition since you believe Robert & Kristen are hiding themselves from the papz throughout this year because of a baby. I’ve been to this site – an obvious robsten-obsessed individual who LOVES underhandedly-captured paparazzi images since they are proudly displayed (as so many other ‘fansites’ do).

Kristen Stewart Marie Claire Interview 2014: “I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question." Stewart does acknowledge a desire to someday have children (and believes in adoption) and re-create the happy childhood she had. "I had it too good to not have that, too. If I were to put money on it, definitely, yeah. But you earn that, like, that's so not here yet." She laughs. "I mean, at this point, I can't tell you if I want to hang out on Saturday."

The person who runs HKN is very fond of manipulated photos – and they are ALL OVER that site. It’s just someone either playing a HUGE trick on members of the fanbases who will listen; OR it is someone living out their own little robsten fantasy in a blog.

Give Robert & Kristen more credit… Kristen WOULD NOT have purposefully gotten herself pregnant just to keep Robert. She knows better than that. And neither of them would have thought that ‘this was good timing’ for that. I don’t have to know them personally to know that – it’s logical.

And another thing… IF this information was true, the tabloids WOULD have pounced on it and ran with it long by now. (Same with them being married – they are NOT married!!)

Remember how they grab stuff from Twitter, Instagram and sometimes even fan blogs when they post images of them?

If there was so much as a sliver of a POSSIBILITY of truth to Kristen & Robert having a baby, they WOULD have used that story by now for their own money-making purposes.

They certainly have not shown ONE BIT of restraint on any other topic about them – why stop with this one? It would bring them in more money than ANY of their other damn smear campaigns against them.


Stephenie Meyer's Twilight is Coming to Facebook Because the Voices of Women are Important to Her - What a Joke!

One of the most hypocritical statements ever made: “The female voice is something that has become more and more important to me as I’ve worked in the film industry,” Stephenie Meyer regarding Twilight coming to Facebook.

Putting aside the fact that she completely ignored the cries of pain from her various fanbases when these extreme scandals started (see email below) - when she could have said something to help support Kristen, Robert and their heartbroken fans in the millions...

Stephenie Meyer only appreciates the female voice when they are in the MINORITY and support her HARMFUL, erroneous amateur writing and movies that made so many of her fans CRAZY beyond ‘normal’ obsessions due to professional negligence (instead of creative brilliance) – especially when you consider that those are the only opinions she will give an audience to.

I’m sorry, but the female voice is NOT something Stephenie Meyer gives a rats *ss about!! (also see long list of side links regarding WARNINGS about The Twilight Saga mostly from WOMEN who were concerned about it for very good reasons.)

Stephenie Meyer has purposefully shielded herself from negative feedback since it became excessive with the publishing of her offensive & insulting book in 2008, Breaking Dawn.

A 'contest' on FB? I’m sorry… for such a HUGE franchise, Twilight deserved a continuing series; not a FB continuation. Not that I would have appreciated a series, either – this just goes to show you how much love Lionsgate has always had for Steph’s bad story.

It was a good moneymaker, and that’s it… No doubt, facebook will be a viral cash pig with all those still-obsessed moms, sisters, daughters and friends who are uber-connected; especially with the message of 'empowering women' tagged onto it.

Way to TARGET Twilight’s small but profitable audience directly, Scummit - and double-thanks for figuring out a way to still make money off of Twilight while keeping your crap out of the mainstream!!

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.
That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if
they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Happy 10th Anniversary Next Year, Twilight Fans
- and THANKS for all the really sh*tty memories!

Email to Stephenie Meyer through her guard-dog brother, Seth, from her website - August 8th, 2012 (two weeks after the 'cheating' scandal started):

Hi Seth,

I know you don't forward anything to Stephenie, but I just want to make sure people in her camp are aware of some of the EXTREME reactions Twihards are having - and may continue to have in increasing ways if someone doesn't address these people with some sort of nice, simple little gesture of support.

You and/or some of them may have noticed my HOT blog out here debunking The Twilight Saga several different ways, but I've called a TRUCE on this subject just to help out with these Twihards. But, of course, they aren't listening to ME.

They NEED to hear from your Sister - nothing heavy, nothing that takes anyone's side - just something that acknowledges their intense pain and gives them a few soothing, reassuring words of support.

I'm REALLY worried about some of them... Especially little girls who were no-doubt buried TOO deeply in their obsessions. Basically, I'm worried about stuff like this heating up even MORE:

PLEASE... You don't have to pass this email on, just give her a call and make her aware.

Thanks Seth!

The usual silent treatment from Steph & Seth was the response. This is why *I* am furious with Stephenie Meyer - I could care less about her stupid 'vampire' storyline. But, the extreme sicknesses she has obviously & accidentally caused her FANS due to HER IGNORANCE about 'real' make-believe creatures of the NIGHT is her fault since she has never taken responsibility for them in ANY WAY that I can see.

And that's not all... I also sent emails & twitters roughly about the same time (or possibly earlier) to the biggest fansites (you know who they are); suggesting that they put up some sort of support message and/or 'more help' with obsessions ON THE FRONT of their sites. Many of them had minimal communications going on inside (often reminding people to 'mind their own business' - like that was possible); but on the entry page where it was easy for emotionally-spinning fans to get their hands on.

Not one Twilight, Kristen or Robert fansite came through
on that one... You're all 'just fine' in your Twilight
(and anti-twilight) obsessions, aren't you?

An Anti-Twilight Fan's Dream Conversation
with Stephenie Meyer About What's Wrong with Twilight
NO ONE understands the issues Anti-Twilight Fans have with
this pretty fairytale BETTER than I do. No, I STILL
do not find ONE REASON to not UNTIE! ;)

Questions for Stephenie Meyer About Her Successful Literary Failure:
The Twilight Saga, A Post-Mortem
Yes, I’ve sent this to her along with many other
articles & complaints I have compiled. I’m not expecting
her to ever read or reply – that isn’t her style.

Final Judgment of The Twilight Saga
Why I HATE Stephenie Meyer, Her
Army of Desperate Housewives, and ALL
mean Twihards and Anti-fans over the age of 30.

BTW, this poll used to contain 508 votes at one point in time. I'm not sure what has happened with losing votes - either Twihards who originally voted realized their votes were incriminating their beloved goddess/amateur author; OR all these accounts have simply been closed over the course of four months for whatever reasons. Doesn't matter, I've got the original 'important' numbers recorded within these posts.

Taking Our Temperature... How are YOU feeling, Twihards? Choose multiple answers as they apply.