This is the reason why a blog like this about Twilight and Stephenie Meyer still exists: “…Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent. …Please someone tell him. He just texted me and said he told my mom..and for me to get some help..and bye..please tell him…”

The world will no-doubt continue to ignore the pleas of young women. Lord knows older women are 50 Shades of Grey more accidentally-overly-obsessed to care about them. Do you know that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15 - 24 year olds in the United States?!!

If you came in from an outside link, scroll down past the link table (so sorry!) to read that specific post. Also, scroll down when you click on blog links in here – many of these top links are elsewhere with no introduction.

This is the Official Introduction, Blog Summary and
Reasoning on Why this Information is Still Very Important:

For one,
do you care about the younger generation, AT ALL?!
(This entire post used to be this long introduction at the top;
and it reads like it – please keep that in mind while
reading until I get it edited down better.)

This intro is a summary of everything, starting at the end with Fifty Shades of Grey. Please be patient. I wrote this so that readers would not have to jump off the page, as much. I recommend reading through once; then going back to read links for more details, later. If you get too angry to keep reading, pause and scroll down to the side link collection. I used to be a clueless person in the world, and then a clueless Twilight Movie Fan for a while, too. You’ll see more about me, below. And please forgive the caps, in places. I don’t see them as shouting as some peeps do. They are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that is all…

A lot of people leave before reading through this because they are fans who are immediately incensed at the title and description; or anti-fans who become incensed because I just added Kristen Stewart’s image at the top – but, those things grab your attention.

I started out trying to be nice, but that doesn’t even sort of work – and this stuff is important. Every person who has had questions about Twilight and/or Fifty Shades should be reading this whether they are fans of those series’ or not.

There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – especially OLDER women; and we are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it - unless we manage to write a XXX blockbuster based on all this negligence…

Update 8/18/15 - Every once in a while I post an update regarding emails I receive – because the majority of you don’t believe that I receive them.

To start, this is one of my most recent email exchanges that started on 8/16/15 regarding how to get past a Twilight obsession. Keyword searches into this blog go through phases, and how to deal with obsessions is one of the most popular & recurring ones. Many fans of all ages are still having problems dealing with their obsessions because they ARE NOT NORMAL ‘teenage’ obsessions. This post will also demonstrate that; and I will tell you how I got past my own intense Twilight obsession (along with how I ‘got into’ Twilight) in the responses. It is really weird how many people who are obsessed with Twilight started out not really liking the ‘sparkling’ concept of it. Both she and I have that in common – I hear stories like this all the time, too.

I’m sharing this email along with additional excerpts from other blog posts that have really seemed to help various people who are struggling. One of the sad things is that this it is such a typical email for me from a mom; and she talks about things that so many other people keep mentioning over and over – so, it seems important.

If you are having problems getting past your addiction to Twilight, Edward Cullen / Bella Swan or ‘robsten’ – CLICK HERE. I’ve tried to tackle this subject in many places; but this is probably the most condensed version, yet.

Next, I am still hearing from people who consider The Twilight Saga to have been manipulated into Stephenie Meyer’s mind by some sort of mystical or evil influence. No, we Humans are perfectly capable of creating our own evil. I address that issue more thoroughly in this ‘common keywords’ post. Scroll down past the list of obsession keywords to ‘did stephenie meyer channel twilight’.

And lastly, I get asked this question every once in a while; and I heard it at least four or five times over the past few days… “Why does Stephenie Meyer need to apologize?”

Because the world can’t heal from the wounds she has inflicted on it if she doesn’t acknowledge her amateur mistakes and apologize for them. All she has done from the beginning of her controversies is metaphorically flip off her critics. While normally that is exactly what you are supposed to do… In this case, with all the professional exceptions that were made while The Twilight Saga was being published; the amateur author (AND the publisher AND production franchise) really needed to be listening to fans. It is NOT NORMAL for roughly half of your fanbase (much less, the world!) to become so angry with you regarding a casual creative expression.

The reason why this blog is still here and relevant, is because of Hollywood’s emotionally-harsh, misogynistic and apparently never-ending campaign against Twilight & Anti-fans of all ages. The controversy of Fifty Shades of Grey has more to do with the affect Stephenie Meyer’s amateur writing had on older women like Erika. So yeah, this blog has four main complaints:

1) I abhor how Twilight’s young (and young-at-heart) fans have been treated by Hollywood since long before Kristen Stewart’s super-hyped ‘cheating’ scandal with Rupert Sanders - especially the ‘clueless’ fans who are/were probably the most embedded in their obsessions; and who have had the hardest time dealing with tabloid rumor-lies surrounding the celebrities they are infamously overly-obsessed with – one misogynistic stunt after another; and anything to stir up more imaginary hate for money.

Hollywood, you made young girls CRY and you didn't write ONE DAMN GOOD SONG LYRIC to do it! I am not impressed…

2) I have a serious problem with all the anti-twilight haters who have somehow turned into the WORST anti-fans or superfans of Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson. Did you know that these are the majority of know-it-alls who are so mean in online comments; and did you also know that the majority of these ‘fans’ are older ‘robsessed’ women? (Keep reading, I’ve got all kinds of stuff to back that up – or you can go do the research yourself. It’s fun! ;)

3) Fifty Shades of Grey originally being Twilight-inspired fanfiction; and then being published with as much professional negligence – and even more harmful on society in dynamic, hardcore ways. (Oh yeah, I will talk about how Twilight inspired 50 Shades; along with what’s wrong with it, and how – specifically – is it harmful.)

4) Stephenie Meyer and her ‘professional’ publishers and production franchise caused all this chaos in so many ridiculous and preventable ways. The Twilight Saga was an accident/mistake from page one. No other professional book publisher would ever have published a book with that much dysfunction intact for young adult audiences, especially.

No other author has ever accidentally-caused so much deep-seeded hate, division and misogyny around the world or among their own fanbase. The list of Stephenie Meyer’s offenses is sickening; and much moreso now ‘after the fact’ since she has always refused to acknowledge or take responsibility for them.

This blog has been active since November 2011 with thousands of Twilight & Anti-Twilight Fan visits (scroll down for side counter); along with, no-doubt - Stephenie Meyer's 'professional' cronies and Hollywood journalists who are researching Twilight for this year’s anniversary. (Searches on the ‘pros and cons of twilight over twelve years’ are probably journalist-type searches. No, I’m not stupid. ;)

But, this isn’t really a newsworthy blog for any of you ‘journalists’ to reference, is it? I mean, it’s not like any of you are about to admit that you have done anything wrong. Ever. You were/are all well within your ‘rights’ to mistreat young girls as blatantly and misogynistically as you have. EVERY Hollywood ‘journalist’ is responsible for NOT PUTTING A STOP TO IT!!! (Yeah, bold, all-caps like this is a rude shout, you JERKS!!!)

At this point, it is practically impossible that Stephenie Meyer or the rest of the important, ‘big-people’ of the world don’t know about this blog. Oh yeah, I have made efforts to contact her every way possible for years. It is highly-likely that she knows and is continuing to ignore this issue. And as long as everyone else keeps quiet, she will get away with it - again.

Where are you, Stephenie Meyer? The Twilight Saga is ten years old this year; and we've been calling you out for a long time. It is time to answer for the harmful & willful amateur mistakes that you forced on us all in ignorance - with the help of your publisher & production franchise: both of which should have known better.

Did you know that Steph’s publisher didn’t want to publish Breaking Dawn? Did you know that New Moon & Eclipse were not supposed to be in between the 1st & last books? Do you ‘get’ that she didn’t mean to cause so many of her OLDER fans to see Edward Cullen the way they came to see him as Christian Grey? Do you understand that these are the reasons why the world has always & STILL bullies Twilight Fans, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because of her amateur mistakes?

Yeah, it is beyond time for you to apologize to the world and your Twilight Movie Fans who propelled your ‘saga’ into such a phenomenal orbit, Stephenie Meyer. If we had known from the beginning what so many of your book fans knew (along with ALL the bad things that would happen because of it); and realized just how ignorantly and smugly you have managed your profound literary failure – the success of Twilight would have ended in 2008.

You wanna hear something funny? Every single person who has read through at least part of this blog; and has sent me feedback through various online means - and I do mean every single one; admits to agreeing with most of it. The majority of you hate me because of it – while so many others of you are simply too afraid to stick your necks out.

Is it any wonder why I hate Stephenie Meyer for causing all this unnecessary and incredibly misogynistic hate & division? There is nothing female-positive or male-positive in either of these series. If you don’t like the truths that I am exposing in here – just think of me as maybe being similar to historic feminist, Katharine Bushnell, who took on the misogynistic ideals among her religion.

I’m calling out the misogynistic ideals of the religion of TwiGrey, ha! And just like the men of Katharine’s day whom she was calling out and exposing – you despise me and call me crazy.

Fun! While this is not the way that I would have chosen to spend so much time over the past three plus years - now that this blog is done - I’m really glad that I took the time to do it; and I wouldn’t change a thing. If you are in here, then it has served it’s purpose of making you less cozy in your varied hate – if you’re a hater. And if you’re an uniformed person seeking answers – you’re in the place to become informed. (Eventually this intro will be much shorter – scroll down to the link table for easy access to info at your fingertips. ;)

Whatever Happened to the ‘Anti-Twilight Army’
from 2008-2009; and WHY don’t you see their support on this blog?

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Whole Wide World’s Twilight Saga Hate

This movie FLOPPED amidst RARE (for him) GLOWING reviews from movie critics at
film festivals who compared his performance to Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar-Nominated
performance in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Yeah, it’s a HUGE deal!!
This movie would not have tanked without way too much ‘help’ from
tabloid manipulation of Twilight’s huge numbers of anti-fans.

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post

Here’s a splash from Nico’s article: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women “I don't care if Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders did it in a car, in a bar, in a house or with a mouse. But while I might not be concerned for K-Stew, I am concerned for my younger stepsister who idolizes and worships her....” And this is an update from Nico on Salon: Racist 'Twilight' fans won't stop harassing Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs

Yeah, Twilight’s still-many hateful and overly-obsessed
fans managed to p*ss all over the debut of the proclaimed

Celebrity Rookie of the Year 2014

Aren’t we sweet?


Update 7/15 – If you happen to appreciate anything about this blog, I would appreciate your help in getting my depleted bank account back up to par. I have poured way too much time, effort and money into it; and I turned down a huge pile of money to publish it (scroll down after the click to read). If you can help me out even with a buck, my little family and I would really appreciate it. (This post is actually a really nice ‘ending-blog’ post because I thought it was done – but the bullying attacks against Twilight Fans are neverending, aren’t they?)

Update 7/17/15 – And to the trickle of biotches who have started to write me hate emails informing me that I don’t deserve a dime for telling the truth about Steph’s pretty fairytale and exposing it for what it really is… You and those of your ilk can just STOP. I already know how sick-in-the-head you are; and we all know whose fault it is. Pour money into Stephenie Meyer & EL James’ harmful crap that has caused so much misogyny, division and hate around the globe – doing THAT is Okay. This is why the world is the way it is – because people’s priorities concerning the Human spirit are seriously perverted. It is people like Steph, Erika and their enablers who have contributed to these twisted ideals in so many ways across history.

If you really do not feel like I deserve anything for all the hard – not to mention, incredibly frustrating – work that I have put into this blog; here is a challenge… Read through my Twilight: ReVamped & ReWolfed fanfiction corrective rewrite & storyline critique and then decide whether or not *I* deserve a few pennies out of this messy pie. I do almost as much sticking up for Stephenie Meyer, as I do at ripping her writing to shreds. It’s called, ‘being honest’.

No, EL James isn’t the only one who wrote a good Twilight fanfiction alternative – except you can expect mine to not be XXX, ha! I rewrote The Twilight Saga by sticking to the storyline; but I made it believable – really, that was possible. In fact, now that Twilight can be shown as a believable story - it is no longer necessary for Anti-Twilight peeps to continue bullying Twilight Fans just because SM didn’t ‘get’ why she needed to make it believable.

Careful… I have had some really good compliments on it from both literary experts and Twilight (and especially Anti-Twilight) Fans. It is only a summary, with just the first chapter written as complete to give it the foundation that it should have had (takes 2-3 hours for me to read through it all).

Here is one positive review (sorry, have to scroll down after the click to read): “I have so very many things to say where to start..... Firstly I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life. If I were a judge I would totally give you custody!...)

Between these blogs and the rewrite I have probably written as much as either Steph or Erika have; and I certainly put a lot more thought and creativity (not to mention, knowledge) into it. Just insert either author’s purple prose where applicable while you’re reading, since I didn’t write any – and it is darn near perfect, ha! ;)

Yeah, you be the judge – please.

Donations via PayPal
(No PayPal account necessary, however)




Update 4/24/15 – Many of the people who are coming through here at the moment are heartbroken and/or emotionally-flailing fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Please world, be extra-patient and gentle with these girls – young and older – who are having such a hard time with the possibility of the engagement of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. Remember: the feelings of obsessed fans are real even if their obsessions are not until they drift away. There are still MANY fans like this out there. PLEASE stop bashing mercilessly at them, tabloids. You have absolutely no right to continue making money off of their pain in such obviously wicked ways!! Your job is to ENTERTAIN, not harm Human hearts in ways that lowers the quality of life for Kris, Rob, Tahliah AND their fans.

If you’re a fan looking for ‘the truth about robsten’ – here you go. Stay out of tabloid stories that are specifically written to hurt you and your friends. This is how I know so much about ‘robsten’ – I am a movie fanlady who had been researching Twilight when the misogynistic ‘cheating’ scandal came down; and it was sort of a side effect of doing all this research.

You HKN Haven baby conspiracy theory girls (this post debunks these ludicrous theories - as of July 2015, this has been the most popular post since December 2014) who are EXTRA-mad at Robert now for ‘leaving his wife & baby’ are simply wrong about that plot line. Kristen has NEVER had a baby and they have never been married!! Stop blaming them both for things they never did; or you will always hate them and each other.

Also, this post is called “Will Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson ever reunite?” Sometimes, you just need a semi-believable scenario in order to move on. Tabloid Lies and fan infighting just breeds more internal static (and more money for the rags, that’s why they continue to harass Rob & Kris; cuz you’re profitable when they have the emotions of their fans in flux.) Hang in there, girls – boycott all tabloids, find a friend to hang out with and/or another good diversion for a while until you feel fine. The static will go and peace will come eventually, I promise! ;)


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Questions for Steph:
Twilight, a Post-Mortem

Defining Twilight's
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Additional & Extended Scandal Timelines

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What's Wrong with Twilight Chapter
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Ramifications of Wrong Writing in the Case of Twilight Addictions
Whatever happened to the Anti-Twilight Army?

Letter to My Big Twilight Sisters – Are You SURE Breaking Dawn is Okay?

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What EXACTLY is Wrong with Stephenie Meyer’s Sparkling ‘Vampires’?
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What a JOKE!
Twilight is Coming to Facebook Because ‘the voices of women are important to Steph’!!

What Does Robert Pattinson Think About His OLDER ‘robsessed’ Twihard & Anti-Twilight ‘Fans’, BOTH?

What Have Mean Fans Been Saying Since the Scandal in July 2012?

YouTube Video Collection
'What's Wrong with The Twilight Saga'

Final Judgment of
The Twilight Saga
Or, Why I HATE (omg!) SM and Her ARMY of Desperate Housewives – et all TwiJerks & Anti-TwiJerks Over 30.

Help Easing a Stubborn
Twilight and/or Robsten

Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal Career Hindering Rover Smear
- Based on the Wide World’s Twilight Hate

Fanfiction Corrective Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles
believable ending
and MORE!

Let’s Talk About ‘Midnight Sun’
and how Steph Could POSSIBLY Make Her Huge Literary Failure up to The World.

Who am I?


Final Judgement of The Twilight Saga - or, Why I HATE Stephenie Meyer and her ARMY of Desperate Housewives - ET ALL TwiJerks AND Anti-TwiJerks Over 30.

Update 10/14: Honestly, this post is just as good of a 'judgement' against Stephenie Meyer and it is shorter and more recent. Here's a splash:

One of the most hypocritical statements ever made: “The female voice is something that has become more and more important to me as I’ve worked in the film industry,” Stephenie Meyer regarding the new Twilight series’ coming to Facebook.

WHAT A JOKE!! Putting aside the fact that she completely ignored the cries of pain from her various fanbases when these extreme scandals started (see email in the link above) - when she could have said something to help support Kristen, Robert and their heartbroken fans in the millions... 

She deserves a spanking (not the fun '50 Shades of Grey' kind) for being such a PIG to the world AND her fans - both those who love her and those she abandoned. (And in my opinion - Stephenie Meyer abandoned her movie fans in 2012 in the same EXACT way she abandoned her book fans in 2008.)

I just found out about these events on 5/18/14 (and in my own hometown!!) Fifty Soiree – ‘Classy’ events based on the 50 Shades of Grey novels to benefit survivors of abuse. As a survivor of abuse myself, AND as someone who can see how these STUPID rough-sex books could be ‘inspired’ by The Twilight Saga; do any of you have ANY IDEA how OFFENSIVE the very thought of this happening, IS to me?!! As if Twilight being sickening wasn’t enough. Coat it in as much icing and pretty flowers as you want. Pig slop is still pig slop no matter what.

Actual Post Date: 1/19/14 - I wrote this before I realized how many NEW Anti-Twilight Fans were developing since the movies were made - and then WHY they don't like this blog. ;)

Author John Green "We must strike down the insidious lie that a book is the creation of an individual soul labouring in isolation. We must strike it down because it threatens the overall quality and breadth of American literature," he said. "They hold me up as an example but I am not an example of publishers or bookstores extracting value because without an editor my first novel, Looking for Alaska, would have been unreadably self-indulgent…”

This article is actually about Self-Publishing, but this statement by him is the DIRECT REASON WHY Stephenie Meyer's writing failed for so many people. Because her PROFESSIONAL publishers didn't ‘professionally’ edit Twilight NOR give it the kind of treatment it should have been given. Yeah, that is partially Steph's fault for digging her heels in (like an amateur author would). Twilight could have been one of the BEST fairytales ever written. But all it did was HURT its own too-impassioned fanbase (on multiple occasions) and DIVIDE both them and the WORLD.

This blog is information overload on The Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer, the OVER-obsessions of (especially older) Twilight Fans - and of course, Robsten's apparently neverending publicity assaults on both them and their fanbase. I almost published a book about it - yeah, it's VAST. In fact, you Twihards can thank Nutty Madame (see 1/5/14 update below in my ‘Introduction’ post) for my most recent decision to cancel writing this book one last time (although these blogs will be staying up).

Need a good reason to forgive all the (usually older) TwiJERKS out there(I’ve been fighting with them for awhile and I don’t have one problem highlighting them up here like this.) This post not only explains their ridiculous over-obsessions, but it is the best argument yet for Twilight Fans to sign the petition. Also, this post most thoroughly debunks The Twilight Saga.

The above posts were never meant to be mean (although they sure seem like it to Twihards); but they were the ones that 'literary experts' were VERY interested in when I started pitching the book this last time around. Only read them if you dare - and the links that jet off of them, those are part of the fascination with them.

Btw, don’t count on long-estranged Anti-Twilight fans to be in here – Oh no, *I* am a disjointed Twilight MOVIE Fan which means I’m a NEW upset Twihard. That means that absolutely NO Twilight Fans like me – not those who love it no matter what, nor those who could just puke all over it. (Here is a detailed explanation for why you don’t see them in here.)

Why? Cuz I just HAPPEN to ALSO be a Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson fan. LoL! Maybe I’ll share one someday, those conversations have been MORE frustrating than with current semi-crazy Twihards. Talk about some seriously MEAN people – some of them, anyway. It’s amazing what a bitter obsession can do to you (no, they won’t acknowledge their obsessions anymore than current obsessing Twihards will – yeah, sad all the way around from my perspective).

Many of the old gang have LONG moved onto other FAR more interesting things like becoming HUGE Anti-Kristen-Stewart and Anti-Robert-Pattinson fans; and they have been having SO MUCH FUN bashing at you Twihards throughout these cheating scandals.

PLUS, I get to watch all you “I Love Twilight No Matter What” fangirls CRY & FIGHT (or at least try to). You are far more embarrassing now than you have ever been.

This is yet another complaint on my long list against Stephenie Meyer. There was a HUGE DUSTUP when her books were first published by book readers (especially after Breaking Dawn); but somehow they managed to MISS all of their complaints (see long list of side links) and produce The Twilight Saga 'as close to' as written as possible.

If Stephenie Meyer had admitted her HUGE literary mistakes and apologized back then - here’s what could have happened instead of the harmful TwiRide so many of us ended up with:

1) The books could have been CORRECTED via the movies instead of so many people HATING them OR being accidentally OVERLY-obsessed about them. (Oh yeah, it could have been done - by someone who actually 'gets' why girls & women love this pretty fairytale so damn much.)

2) People like ME wouldn't have had to loose any VALUABLE time at all due to HER 'mistakes'. (I've been in here since November 2011, and I was spinning before that. No, *I* have not appreciated my TwiRide at all.)

3) The Twilight Fanbase would NOT have been beaten up this HARD for this long because of the 'cheating' scandal. In FACT, it might not have EVER HAPPENED IF Steph had acted like an ADULT instead of a smug, obviously-amateur author flipping off HER OWN FANS!!!

The really weird thing is that the MORE I learn about the obsessions of current Twilight AND Anti-Twilight FANS out here in Internetland; the more NORMAL *I* appear to be - with the exception that I am somehow one of the FEW UNWILLING Twilight Fans (no, thank God, I'm not the 'only' one) who refuses to stand by and say or do nothing.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer for ALL the divisions & chaos you have caused to your own fanbase and the world throughout the years. I, for one, can’t imagine how you sleep at night.

As your most recently engaged and enraged Twihard – count on me doing EVERYTHING I can to keep this aspect of your involvement (and NON-involvement) in perspective UNTIL you and/or your damn ARMY of desperate housewives figures out a way to repair the damage you’ve done to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD – including your beloved lead actress & actor AND their heartbroken FANS who have been CONTINUING to pay for YOUR MISTAKES since the day you decided to DENY them.

Stephenie Meyer didn’t MEAN to make us all this crazy… But the TABLOIDS DO, for MONEY!

The obsessions of Twilight fans - along with Hollywood's manipulation tactics - is what is making so many TwiLadies so unreasonable and mean OBVIOUSLY. You cannot tell me that so many of you are STILL this ugly (or heartbroken) inside after all this time.

This is my crowning jewel out of all the stuff I’ve written about The Twilight Saga – my fanfiction corrective rewrite, The Twilight Saga: ReVamped & ReWolfed. Just the first chapter is complete; the rest is a summary – takes a couple hours for me to read through it all.

YEAH, I love this pretty fairytale and this fanbase. I really wish I could respect the amateur author, more. Her SILENCE throughout this scandal has been so frustrating. Stephenie Meyer COULD have said something to HELP cool fans’ emotions as all this was coming down or at some point in between. And YEAH, I gave her a NICE heads-up when all this started. (I CAN be nice!)

She has done absolutely nothing but ignore me and every other estranged Twihard who came before me. As far as I am concerned – with what happened to her fanbase at the END and continues ON and on and ON – Stephenie Meyer didn’t deserve one red cent out of her efforts and neither did her professionally-negligent publisher or production company.

The ONLY good thing we got out of Twilight was the actors & actresses – ALL of them. And they ALL continue to be judged and mistreated because of YOUR MAD Twilight over-obsessions.

This is the final judgment of this Twihard regarding The Twilight Saga. And, as far as I can tell - *I* am the only person on this planet REMOTELY qualified to judge it so harshly. The ENTIRE ‘Twilight Experience’ has been NOTHING but a bawl-fest and/or cat fight from beginning to end.

I was really looking for an experience more like Harry Potter or Star Trek or Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Avengers or The Hunger Games… etc., etc., etc.

*I* cannot BEGIN to express my incredible disappointment and disgust with every single Twihard AND Anti-Twihard over the age of 30. You’ve been nothing but NEGLIGENT yourselves – and selfish and petty and MEAN and a SH*TLOAD of other things.

Thank you SO MUCH for the memories, Twilight Fans.

And Stephenie Meyer… I know you and your ‘professional’ cronies don’t pay attention or acknowledge any of this kind of stuff. But, you better hope you and I never cross paths - because I have more than a few rude sentences littered with explicits for you that INCLUDE the ‘C’ word in ALL CAPS. (No worries, Twilight isn’t that big of a deal to me to impart any physical harm – but if we were 12 year olds on a playground I would kick you in the shin as hard as I could, pull your hair and call you every dirty name I could think of until you cried.)

That’s basically what you’ve been allowing the tabloids & paparazzi to do to your fanbase through your beloved lead actress & actor - for YEARS!!!

No Respect. AT. ALL.

Covers the 2014 New Year’s Eve HOAX
all the way back to the ‘cheating’ scandal in July 2012.

The ‘Official’ What’s Wrong with Twilight from SO MANY Perspectives
explanation – although it starts out with the baby. NO ONE has been able to
give me a decent, logical explanation aside from estranged Twihards.

Fanfiction Literary Critique & Correction

QUESTIONS for Stephenie Meyer About Her Successful
Literary Failure: The Twilight Saga a Post Mortem
I have sent this along with many other articles
to Steph – not expecting her to read or reply.

This YouTube video below is ME in January 2012
in an obsessive rant LONG BEFORE these scandals came down
- Calling Stephenie Meyer OUT on her harmful BS.
(Ignore the Twilight Petition in here – it’s irrelevant now.)

Yeah, I know what I’m talking about in this blog.
Not ALL of us appreciated the ridiculous obsession
‘accidentally’ shoved down our throats.

Watch it if you can – and this is my YouTube
COLLECTION by estranged Twihards* mostly from 2008/2009.
The very first review is the most relatable for us all.


  1. The problem with Twilight ( T ) is not KStew or Robert nor Taylor or anyone: it is that its a Soap Opera. From beginning to end it had a daytime Soap-feel, and that means cheesiness, cheap. I liked T enough to watch without being frustrated and because I am not a weak-minded hater, but overall it just wasn't that good. The second problem is that Twihards (?) make a huge deal of these movies (and books), when most of us who appreciate good film making or good productions don't. It's not about only about T, for us responsible ones, but Harry Potter (HP)was also bad. And easily worse was The Hunger Games (THG). However, pop culture can't target every single White actors or such movies: they prefer one or more over the already target one(s). Pop culture is bias, based on Prejudice, Bigotry, which is all Bullying. More so, pop culture is mostly driven by those ages tweens to early 20s. Mostly but surely not only. So, because kids are not fully developed mentally, they many times poorly Select what is good (great sales) and which not to (poor sales). But if kids wanted to showcase they are smart or responsible, they would also praise and support movies with OLDER actors and music from OLDER ones. This is where older people take offense. Kind of. They really can't do much about it because they have families, work (sometimes two jobs), and other activities which help them and their families, while kids mostly only have school/homework and spend tons of time on "social" websites and networks (which IS making them dumber). There is NO balance in kids. Mostly. If they were to show such balance, as in supporting other artists, then most movies and singers would be doing well overall and not just kid (or for kids) movies and music. Again: it is POP CULTURE that decides who will be big and who wont. Pop culture IS BIAS (Bigotry, Prejudice, Bullies).

    I hate Bullies, I hate discrimination based outside reasonable values or standards. Pop culture is the "hate" Selectively targeted at Selena Gomez all over online and certain music shows, and its the reason why most Hispanics don't do well in the entertainment business. Most people who proclaim they hate Bullying, as in on personal levels (and the painful results from Bullying we see and read on the news), hate the hate lobbed at their idols, BUT TURN AROUND AND BULLY SELENA GOMEZ. If Bullies are going to cry "stop Bullying", then for goodness sake CRY IT OUT FOR EVERYONE WHO IS BULLIED. While KStew, Bieber, Miley, get "hate" and are Bullied, their BIG movies and Huge concert sales makes up for it. At least a bit. But Selena Gomez is hard pressed to see more than four or five such Big venues as other artists get in most of theirs. Pop culture is Selective. Its Prejudice. Bigotry.

    My name is James and I am 19, from Illinois, at the University of Illinois. I am @JamesGoogling on twitter.

    1. Thanks alot, James. I have in fact went off on a ramble about Selena Gomez and that damn 'sonogram' that came out for an 'S. Gomez'. Tabloids are pigs, and they need to be put in their place in this technologically-uninhibited space.

      Nice, well-thought-out comment. Thank you so much.


BTW, this poll used to contain 508 votes at one point in time. I'm not sure what has happened with losing votes - either Twihards who originally voted realized their votes were incriminating their beloved goddess/amateur author; OR all these accounts have simply been closed over the course of four months for whatever reasons. Doesn't matter, I've got the original 'important' numbers recorded within these posts.

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