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This isn’t your typical ‘anti-twilight’ blog… This is yet another email (complete with semi-subtle death threat) from someone asking questions about it that some of you may be asking, yourself. Don’t assume that you know what this blog is about simply because you’ve argued on Stephenie Meyer’s behalf before.

This is the very first post on this blog, from my ‘clueless movie fan’ perspective. It was written on Thanksgiving Day, 2011 – then published in here a few days later, after I could reread it and do some editing. It is hysterically funny and incredibly poignant at the same time – for those of you who can’t see Stephenie Meyer’s amateur sexual fantasy floating around in The Twilight Saga. This post is what those of us who ARE familiar with vampires experienced because of Breaking Dawn’s unbelievable ending; and it may help explain for you why this blog exists. It is where absolutely everything started; and demonstrates my intentions for this blog from the beginning. Believe it or not, they were NOT MEAN.

At first, I didn’t know why things were wrong; I only knew that they were – so I was making excuses for Stephenie Meyer in the beginning, LoL! Really… every single estranged TwiFan that she has, USED to be at least a real semi-fan of hers.

Please be patient. I know that most people who are familiar with this controversy have passionate opinions; but what about the rest of you who are completely clueless? I wrote this so that readers would not have to jump off the page, as much. I recommend reading through once; then going back to read links for more details, later. If you get too angry to keep reading, pause and scroll down to the side link collection. I used to be a clueless person in the world, and then a clueless Twilight Movie Fan for a while, too. You’ll see more about me, below. And please forgive the caps, in places. I don’t see them as shouting as some peeps do. They are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that is all…

This blog is all about the accidental and painful over-obsessions of The Twilight Fanbases
that has CONTINUED with a decade of
worldwide bullying and intentional,
emotionally-harsh attacks
on the hearts & minds of little TwiFangirls (and big ones).

The feelings of obsessed fans are real even if
their obsessions are not - until they drift away.
You all KNOW THIS.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15 - 24 year olds in the US.

These are all REAL issues, to name a few - for MILLIONS of people:
Maladaptive Daydreaming


Dissociative Disorder
This one is the worst biggie, and starting
to be considered an EPIDEMIC

Why are the obsessions of young girls important?

Because their feelings are real even if the obsessions are not – until they drift away. Young girls NEED their fairytale ‘escapes’ MUCH MORE than older ones do because they have limited ways to cope with life’s crap (read the comments beneath these neverending, misogynistic tabloid assaults – this one is from January 2016). If you’ve never been forced to endure public high school in the US (or anywhere, probably); or been abused as a child (unfortunately, still a common occurrence) - then of course you can’t possibly relate.

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)

Why Do People Hate Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart?
Believe it or not, this is a very easy question to answer;
and NO it isn’t because she ‘cheated’.

TwiNewsflash: The concerning over-obsessions of young women was the ONLY REASON that Breaking Dawn was forgiven when it was published in 2008. The ONLY people who have defended this story for being written ‘just like it is’ because ‘Stephenie Meyer is a literary genius’ are her YOUNG (and young-at-heart) fans who were used by both the amateur author and her publisher because ‘they weren’t supposed to know any better’ about vampires.

And, these are the fans who get hit & hurt the most by world bullying. It is really crappy of SM and you older ladies to continue letting them believe what they believe about these books - while they ignorantly & arrogantly (in their over-obsessions) deal with all the hate surrounding Twilight that still exists in big, dynamic ways.

Email Excerpt: “Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent.. Please someone tell him (this is ‘why the cheating scandal started’, Aug 2012). He just texted me and said he told my mom.. and for me to get some help.. and bye.. please tell him… Everyone is doing this and it’s killing me.. but everyone acts like they don’t know what I’m talking about.. I don’t think I’ve ever needed anything so bad in all my life than for someone to tell him.. I know they are trying to drive me crazy.. and it’s starting to work.. thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read very much so.”

Another email excerpt that I hear all the time from all types of fans:
I have tried speaking to my good friend about my obsession and, as with all of my friends,
doesn't like Twilight and totally judged me lol so your feedback means a lot.”

How to Soothe an Intense Twilight / Robsessed / Krisbian / Robsten Obsession

Anti-Twilight Fans could SEE what Stephenie Meyer didn’t MEAN to write;
and Erika didn’t MEAN to write her books ignorantly, either.
Adult women have 50 Shades of obsessive fog to get past before
they can possibly begin to think clearly about this subject.

Why does The Twilight Saga have so many anti-fans? Why are there hardly any male fans? How did Twilight’s infamous obsessions become over-obsessions? Why are so many older women more obsessed than younger ones? Why did the fandom fracture into several various fanbases that fight among themselves? How did we get 50 Shades of Grey out of all this commotion?

I recorded four wildly-ranting videos (this one is my favorite – calling SM out, ha!) over three years ago at the height of my own very unwanted Twilight over-obsession (It’s not like you can unwatch or unread something – or reclaim wasted time). At that point, I was really mad about ‘how I was obsessed’ with this pretty fairytale; and I was mad that Stephenie Meyer had ‘accidentally’ done this to so many other people before me - and didn’t correct any of the dysfunction in her books before she made them into movies.

I actually say this in the second video before I had even heard of 50 Shades of Grey... “It sounds to me like Stephenie has some sort of BDSM fetish, but I don’t even sort of want to think about that right now.” (Video #12 is where you will hear me say this.)

And yet, somehow 50 Shades of Grey (this post is what exactly is wrong with fifty shades) exists as Twilight Fanfiction; and is yet another dysfunctional worldwide ‘phenomenon’?! Do you have any idea how disturbing that is? Not only does it make my skin crawl – it’s just wrong.

There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – especially OLDER women; and we are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it - unless we manage to write another dysfunctional (XXX!) blockbuster based on all this negligence…

Did you know that Steph’s publisher didn’t want to publish Breaking Dawn? Did you know that New Moon & Eclipse were not supposed to be in between the 1st & last books? Do you ‘get’ that she didn’t mean to cause so many of her OLDER fans to see Edward Cullen the way they came to see him as Christian Grey? Do you understand that these are the reasons why the world has always &STILL bullies Twilight Fans, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because of her amateur writing mistakes?

Sick-in-the-head older women had absolutely no right to hijack the pretty fairytale of young girls via Fifty Shades of Grey; and they should care when their daughters are being bullied by the world over it, incessantly.

What’s Wrong with Twilight: Chapter One, First Sight?

The Condensed Version:
The Four Main Complaints of this Blog
against Stephenie Meyer and her ‘professional’ Publishers &
Production Franchise for RARE & irresponsible,
professionally-negligent publishing and movie production.

When the first Twilight movie was being made in 2008; the last book, Breaking Dawn had not been released, yet. Because of this, no one knew at that time that Stephenie Meyer was going to bomb her pretty fairytale into the ground until it was published a few months before the release of the first film.

Extreme chaos & debate surrounded Steph and The Twilight Saga at that time for the exact same reasons that surrounds 50 Shades of Grey - but somehow, she got through it (see side links)...

If 'Midnight Sun' had not been 'accidentally' leaked just prior to the first movie being rushed; AND Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had not BOTH nailed their parts in that first movie - Twilight would have been history.

Stephenie Meyer could have written any 'ol ending for her infamously overly-obsessed fans (and really, that seems like what she did); and they would have lapped it up like honey (and they did – especially the ones who didn’t know any better, couldn’t see what was wrong – or didn’t care, because of fifty Shades of BEDWARD!!

The entire world has done nothing but treat Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson AND their emotionally-invested fans like sh*t, since - and the infighting among Twilight's divided and HATEFUL fanbases is ongoing.

Despite all this, 'feminists' have embraced the latest and greatest dysfunctional character, Christian Grey/Edward Cullen/Prince Charming...

Popular Email Question: Why does Stephenie Meyer need to apologize? Because the world can’t heal from the wounds she has inflicted on it if she doesn’t acknowledge her amateur mistakes and apologize for them. All she has done from the beginning of her controversies is metaphorically flip off her critics. While normally that is exactly what you are supposed to do… In this case, with all the professional exceptions that were made while The Twilight Saga was being published; the amateur author (AND the publisher AND production franchise) really needed to be listening to fans. It is NOT NORMAL for roughly half of your fanbase (much less, the world!) to become so angry with you regarding a casual creative expression.

I am just using this true stuff about SM’s amateur writing to grab your attention – and boy does it grab some of you, ha! Now if we could just get past that part of things… I really could care less about Stephenie Meyer’s or EL James’ many ignorant and irresponsible amateur literary mistakes that caused all this chaos. Believe it or not, I have stuck up for Stephenie Meyer so many times over this issue, it’s ridiculous.

Creative ‘Freedom of Speech’ is DIFFERENT than the illegal type of ‘Freedom of Speech’ that tabloids & paparazzi hide behind.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press were meant to create transparency in order to protect the truth about absolutely everything - not provide a way for mean, greedy tabloid liars to make money off of young (and young-at-heart) fans who are practically defenseless against emotional tabloid & paparazzi assaults (not to mention how even more defenseless Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are against them)…

This blog now has but one mission: Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform for all celebrities past & present (Princess Diana, anyone?) and it has been that since July 25, 2012 – the day after the infamous cheating scandal. Oh yeah, I’ve been on their stinky tails from the beginning. It hasn’t even been SORT of fun! I really hope we can all manage to put aside our differences and unite to stick it to them, someday. Tabloids & papz so deserve it!!

I don’t care how long it takes. Aside from having really good reasons other than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to be concerned for celebrity rights; we fans – no matter which side of the ring we fight on – are getting awfully tired of being manipulated and watching our favorite celebrities being harassed. So many of you do not ‘get’ this; but Robert Pattinson is being attacked and/or used as much as Kristen Stewart in these kinds of stories – no matter ‘how nice’ they seem to be slanted toward him, at times. It is just another way to pour salt on the wounds of their fans by being misogynistic toward both them and Kristen at the same time – using Robert and her anti-fans against their will!!

This is because the world has no respect for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Twilight fans – any version of them; BECAUSE of Stephenie Meyer’s offensive & insulting amateur writing (another reason why she needs to apologize). To the rest of the world, we’re all simply hysterical to bully; just another section of the populace to be targeted and made fun of for profits – via outright assaults and numerous lie upon lie that continues

Boycott all online and print tabloids until they volunteer to reform.



Why Do So Many People Hate Kristen Stewart and/or Bella Swan?
or Why/How did so many of Stephenie Meyer’s OLDER fans become so
‘accidentally’ overly-obsessed with the character of Edward Cullen?
Shortest and most anti-fan & fan-variation-inclusive version that I have written, yet!!
Read it only if you dare… and only if you can be HONEST. ;)

Whatever Happened to the ‘Anti-Twilight Army’
from 2008-2009; and WHY don’t you see their support on this blog?

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Whole Wide World’s Twilight Saga Hate

This movie FLOPPED amidst RARE (for him) GLOWING reviews from movie critics at
film festivals who compared his performance to Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar-Nominated
performance in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Yeah, it’s a HUGE deal!!
This movie would not have tanked without way too much ‘help’ from
tabloid manipulation of Twilight’s huge numbers of anti-fans.

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post

Here’s a splash from Nico’s article: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women “I don't care if Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders did it in a car, in a bar, in a house or with a mouse. But while I might not be concerned for K-Stew, I am concerned for my younger stepsister who idolizes and worships her....” And this is an update from Nico on Salon: Racist 'Twilight' fans won't stop harassing Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs

Yeah, Twilight’s still-many hateful and overly-obsessed
fans managed to p*ss all over the debut of the proclaimed

Celebrity Rookie of the Year 2014

Aren’t we sweet?




I have had some really good compliments on my corrective-rewrite of The Twilight Saga from both literary experts and Twilight Fans. It is only a summary, with just the first chapter written as complete to give it the foundation that it should have had (takes 2-3 hours for me to read through it all).

Here is one positive review (sorry, have to scroll down to the comments on this post after the click to read): “I have so very many things to say where to start..... Firstly I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life. If I were a judge I would totally give you custody! … I am even letting my daughter read it with me because its a good story that is appropriate for kids to read and she LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! Just as much as I do! I think what you have written is loving and responsible to the characters and fans, it is well though out, relevant, and…”

BELIEVE me when I say, I would have MUCH RATHER have LOVED Stephenie Meyer's original Twilight Saga all the way to the bittersweet end. There are not many people on this planet who would have been more PROUD and applauding the loudest for a woman (amateur or not) to have written such a hailed TwiMasterpiece - if Stephenie Meyer had actually done that instead of the embarrassing, barely-edited rough-draft that we got.

This corrective re-write summary is actually very forgiving in many places - at least, where Steph is concerned. I'm sure my anger toward these IRRESPONSIBLE "professional" companies will continue to burn for much longer.

I gave your beautiful fairytale a hell of a shot, sinking MONTHS of my time JUST into researching this subject. (Not counting the months before that when you all had me convinced that it was a WORTHY diversion, ha!)

Between these blogs and the rewrite I have probably written as much as either Steph or Erika have; and I certainly put a lot more thought and creativity (not to mention, knowledge) into it. Just insert either author’s purple prose where applicable while you’re reading, since I didn’t write any – and it is darn near perfect, ha! ;)

As such, you can expect my version of The Twilight Saga to not be XXX. I rewrote Twilight by sticking to the storyline; but I made it believable – really, that was possible. In fact, now that Twilight can be shown as a believable story - it is no longer necessary for Anti-Twilight peeps to continue bullying Twilight Fans just because SM didn’t ‘get’ why she needed to make it believable.

WHY did I take the time to flesh out the character of Bella Swan and Twilight’s vampire (and wolf) storylines? BECAUSE VERY FEW OF YOU OLDER LADIES GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HER (and more importantly, the real Human girl, Kristen Stewart and her millions of young fans) - or ANY of the other Twilight characters, for that matter!

It's EDWARD this and EDWARD that (and sometimes Jacob) - Stephenie BARELY INTRODUCED you to her before you all got hooked on this crap. That's why you can pass this story off, you don't care... You're obsessed about Edward Cullen and could care less about any other character. IF this story had been published for you perverted older brats- Yeah, it would maybe be Ok!

I am NOT talking about you young girls if you're in here reading this - I've heard you talk about Bella and all the other characters. I KNOW you both know and love them, dearly. BUT, those of you who WERE NOT debunked by this storyline (no matter what your age was) SEE these characters differently than so many MORE older ladies do!

Believe it or NOT - Stephenie Meyer and the rest of these women out here (I don't care HOW many of them there are against my ONE voice) are BEING BAD, LoL!

IF we were in college... And the instructor had just given us an assignment to write the first chapter for a novel. IF Stephenie Meyer was a college literary student (which she has been - in FACT, she graduated!); she would probably NOT have gotten an "A" on the first chapter of Twilight - I seriously doubt. I wish a few good English teachers who haven't read the books yet would go through it and grade it - just so we would know, for sure.

I'm not saying that *my* version is a literary marvel - but I have a really good excuse. I have NEVER taken a college writing course much less graduated with a literary degree. If this isn't perfect... Yeah, I know. :)

We make our children do their homework - and dot their "I's" and cross their "T's" - but, WHY didn't this grown adult woman have to?!

I'm going to make you all CARE about Bella and her life, as well as every other character surrounding her - INCLUDING EDWARD - who, it seems to me; you've all just taken under the covers with you to have your way with him like Stephenie Meyer was no doubt doing when she WROTE this stupid saga so ignorantly and irresponsibly...

So when it really comes down to it... YOU robsessed ‘fans’ DON'T even care about Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen, just your sick little "escape"!

The young adult audience that this story was TARGETED FOR - deserved a whole hell of alot better than what they got. THAT is why I rewrote The Twilight Saga... For ALL THOSE former fans who were debunked by Breaking Dawn after it was published; and then abandoned by the arrogant amateur author afterwards.

We KNEW better... and we were EXPECTING better.

AND it IS ALSO for the rest of you... I DARE you; I quadroople-doople DARE you - READ this and tell me you don't care a lot more about Bella at the end of this Chapter One: First Sight rewrite than you did at the end of Stephenie's first one.

You can think whatever you want to about me... But with this, the two things you CAN'T say about me are that *I* don't LOVE this pretty fairytale OR this fanbase.

Yeah, you be the judge – please.


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Twilight, a Post-Mortem

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The Twilight Saga
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Help Easing a Stubborn
Twilight and/or Robsten

Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal Career Hindering Rover Smear
- Based on the Wide World’s Twilight Hate

Fanfiction Corrective Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles
believable ending
and MORE!

Let’s Talk About ‘Midnight Sun’
and how Steph Could POSSIBLY Make Her Huge Literary Failure up to The World.

Who am I?


Summary Explantion for 'the Truth about Robsten' - Includes Debunking 'Staged Stunt' & 'Fake Photo' Theories

I know this is 'too long' - I keep hearing those complaints. But this story has been going on for over a year now and it's long - it needs lots of words.

...and it's getting longer as updates & responses are being added. But honestly - you won't read through all the posts in here, and I want to make 'everything you need to make a decent decision' easy for you to access.

PLEASE be patient - save it and come back to it later if you need to.

My advice would be to read through this summary first, and then go back to the links later that interested you for ALOT more details (many times, more details than you want or need).

And yeah, there is YET ANOTHER timeline prior to this one (two more, actually - but they are not all in here, anymore. Rest assured, I still have them all. :)

Before I begin, for the record for those of you who want to accuse ME of being SO obsessed with Twilight... NOT ONE TIME did I ever wish for Robert & Kristen to reunite because I was SO SURE they were meant for each other; nor did I EVER wish for them to break-up.

There are so many fans out there who HATE Kristen and/or Robert now - no doubt, with the help of Hollywood's LIES and/or these 'staged stunt/fake photo' sites; both of which do nothing but cause suspicion and resentment towards them.

The papz have been relentless, the gossip rags have been relentless, and TWILIGHT FANS have been RELENTLESS.

It would be almost IMPOSSIBLE for Hollywood's incessant harassment not to have contributed to the apparent end of their romantic relationship. (I haven't officially called it over on this blog, yet - although Rob's kiss in Toronto didn't look like a 'platonic' one, at least for the girl, ha! And Kristen seems to have her own new puppy, now.) 

TRY to read through this with an open mind - forget what you already 'believe' about this situation, and consider this. Because it's probably pretty accurate. As far as I can tell, I've been following this story longer than anyone else - long before it happened, AND from a completely different perspective than most of you, I'm sure.

What the heck has been going on - and WHY won't Kristen or Robert actually SAY SOMETHING to correct any of these Hollywood lies for their fans?

Tabloids are TRYING to 'make them say something'. Because if they can get them to correct what they are saying about them - that's 'more real' fodder for them to twist and twirl around for us (which drives us MORE crazy = more MONEY for them). 

PLUS, WE - as fans - HELP PUT PRESSURE on them when they publish this crap with OUR BS on top of theirs!!!

Most of these gossip articles are lies about Kristen or Robert meant to be nothing but a sleazy sales gimmick... Step right up, folks... Come see what new part of this celebrity bashing, Hollywood reality series we've come up with for you today.

That's the beauty of a 'rumor'. It can be brushed off as being something seemingly harmless. It is a subtle, Human Evil that we refuse to acknowledge.

But, have you ever asked yourselves...

WHY do neither one of them ever smile in candid papz photos? Because those kinds of pics make the paparazzi more money and they don't deserve it.

WHY did the gossip rags always bash at them for 'hardly any PDA'? Like this one about them 'almost touching' at Coachella. Because those kinds of pics would make the papz ALOT more money, and again - trying to get them to correct what they are saying about them.

WHY do they always dress like homeless people? WHY does Kristen - especially - almost always dress down after publicity events? WHY does Kristen wear those clear 'designer' glasses, now since the cheating scandal happened (and so did Rob for awhile afterwards)?

It makes paparazzi more money when they dress like normal people, or dress up and SMILE.

All these things are part of the smear campaign that Hollywood has had going against TWILIGHT FANS using Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson since the beginning of them both being cast in these movies - and they ratcheted things up MORE when they became a Hollywood couple because their fans are profitable and funny when they have their emotions whipped into a frenzy.

For those of you who continue to question why this blog and the PETITIONS for Hollywood Reform for ALL CELEBRITIES exist, here's why:

"Media culture is a monstrous thing," Pattinson lamented Wednesday afternoon, jamming fries into his mouth between puffs on his electronic cigarette. "You can't win. The annoying thing is that you can't attack them, but you can't defend yourself. The best thing you could possibly do is punch a paparazzi and give them their big payday." (Like his most recent run-in this weekend, shoving a security guard in the face. Aren't they having fun making money off of it - as well as the one with Kristen a few weeks ago telling them off. "You don't deserve to breathe the same air as I do." I've often wondered if they actually do. They certainly don't act like Humans most of the time.)

8/12/13 - Jennifer Lawrence: "If I were just your average 23-year-old girl," she says, "and I called the police to say that there were strange men sleeping on my lawn and following me to Starbucks, they would leap into action. But because I am a famous person, well, sorry, ma'am, there's nothing we can do. It makes no sense."

Update 8/30/13 - I've seen a couple comments out there about 'how things seem to be finally toning down' among tabloids about Kristen and Robert. It's just the really raunchy sites that continue with this BS, why should we care?


Most of these comments are from just before the Teen Choice Awards aired, but a couple are from during/afterwards. If you've read any Twilight Fan comments today (8/13/13) you've seen some really raunchy stuff out there about fans being disappointed that NONE of them showed up - not even TAYLOR.

Kristen Knows Nothing
Posted at 9:38 PM on August 11, 2013
Puhlease Kristen wouldn’t know a thing about being a progressive artist, even if it came up behind her and bit her in her Flat, Flabby @ss!

Posted at 8:21 PM on August 11, 2013

just like your HO kristen’s career. she spread her legs for any director/producer to keep you active in HW.

She trashed herself
Posted at 2:41 PM on August 11, 2013
Kristen’s fans can’t stand the fact that she’s close to this convicted murderer. What did you think was going to happen when she’s hanging out with him every single day for a month? It’s the same way she started hooking up with Rob, and with Rupert. It’s what she does. Prey’s upon her co-stars, uses them, and then moves on to the next one.

Posted at 2:37 PM on August 11, 2013

I am not saying she is hooking up with this guy but if she did then so what? She is smart enough to no this guy doesn’t have the best rep. with females but that doesn’t mean she cant be photographed with him. They ARE in the same movie after all. So its ok for Rob to fck everything in Hollywood and Kristen isn’t allowed to be seen in the same picture as another male? She hasn’t dated a single guy since the split and Rob has been out with half the planet and people are going to criticize her? Seriously??

Posted at 1:00 AM on August 12, 2013

He has been SINGLE for the last 5 years. He doesn’t do relationship, just f*uck around. He f*cked Camilla, Nikki, Kristen, Emille, Sarah R, Sarah G, Katy Perry, Michelle, Sia… Did I miss anyone? If you want, he’ll f*ck you too. Rob said “Want to get my attention, take of your clothes”

Posted at 7:49 PM on August 11, 2013
He is talented. Just because the Twilight movies were schmaltzy and melodramatic and a lot of the acting sucked, his didn’t suck. he gave depth to the character of Edward, where there wasn’t any in the book or script. (See, *I* don't have to point out to you HOW BAD this STUPID 'saga' is, Twihards - you all already KNOW!) He was great and Cosmopolis and all his other films. I seriously doubt he will be forgotten anytime soon.

" "
Posted at 7:35 PM on August 11, 2013

Everyone is dogging Rob for standing next to another girl. All Krisbians just can’t stand it lol But—– if Rob was back with Kris {which they want really bad} Then they would all love him to death. What a bunch of low life two-faced hypocrites Kristen Stewart fans are . Nothing but blowing it out of their ass jerks. Go Rob “Hit It Like A Pro ” and do anybody and as many as you want. Stay away and ignore all the muck!

Dela - 8/12/13: Twilight went out on a sour note for us all. The loyal fans were cheated this time (as opposed to the angry fans in 2008/2009 who called Twilight out at the time). As for those two love birds....well enough with this melodrama. You are history. Rob uses everyone and then trashes them.,he is a social climber , liar, cheat and a drunk. I guess he was in a saloon somewhere getting drunk. I once thought highly of him not anymore. No wonder she threw him out. We can only guess the reason why. Rover will be out soon and sad to say I won't be seeing it. As for the Dior thing , I hope it tanks.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson didn't participate in the Teen Choice Awards this year.
I wonder why...

It's NOT LIKE their Twilight Fans HELP THEM at all - why should they come out for YOU?! Should they come out for 'just their nice fans' - the ones who continue to allow this harassment to happen to them while not saying or doing anything about it?!!

You can ALL UNITE by the THOUSANDS to VOTE for these awards for them; but you just CAN'T unite to save them or yourselves from these MEAN Hollywood PR Assaults - it's LUDICROUS!

Gosh, wouldn't it have been NICE if they had arrived together and put all this stupid speculation to rest! Or even better, for others... MAYBE Robert would have had the gaul to show up with a date other than Kristen, just to shut these rumors down, ha!

Can you imagine if both of them had been there? What a circus! And the sh*t we would be reading about the next day would have been ridiculous.

WHO was Robert looking at? Was he with anyone? Did they talk to each other; and if they did, WHAT DID THEY SAY? What was the expression on Kristen's face all night? What happened up on stage when they accepted the awards? What did he/she wear and let's analyze the crap out of this stupid stuff for WEEKS, afterwards!!!

Oh, I know, Kristen was supposedly working - they CAN and often DO - work around stuff like that. And why wasn't Robert and Taylor there? She was just making sure that she had a legitimate excuse since she would have gotten flayed if she didn't have one.

Neither Robert nor Taylor really have to worry about this, do they?

When Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart show up at these kinds of celebrity events - that makes the scavengers they HATE more MONEY.

They have ALWAYS BEEN so mean to them (as have so many Twihards). Hollywood's rags have been RELENTLESS for over a year and counting - why should they help Hollywood's MEAN gossip culture make any more money off of them than they have to?

Why would either one of them go to these silly, paparazzi-driven, celebrity events at the moment with the way things are?!

I'm willing to bet, that IF Robert or Kristen had been feeling the LOVE from Twilight Fans all this time - one or the other of them (if not BOTH) would have been in attendance accepting those awards. We MIGHT have even seen Taylor Lautner. I'm sure he stays away because he's 'the next TwiTarget' after them. 


These two LOVE their FANS - you know this, you've heard them BOTH SAY IT over and over and OVER again in interview after interview; AND they've gone out of their way time and again to PROVE IT.

Unfortunately, their real lives have disrupted the pretty little fairytale you've had going on in your head about them, TwiLadies.

That's NOT their fault, neither of them. It's time to let it go...


Currently, 8/5/13 - there are reports coming out of seeing Robert at Kristen's home. Don't put too much into this - simply because, they MAY still be 'taking a break' EVEN IF he is there. (There is also some argument about whether or not Kristen was actually there or that was his vehicle, among other things.)

For those of you who are so down on Robert right now about what an *ss he's supposedly been to Kristen... I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he is/was there for support because of how MORE MEAN the papz have been to her, lately.

They may have decided to 'take a break' because of how harsh the papz & rags have been on them BOTH since the cheating scandal started. If that is the case, it's obviously not working... They bash at them whether they are together, or not. In fact, doesn't it seem like they are being MORE MEAN, now - especially to Kristen (not that Robert has been left out)?!!!

They may be actually taking a break OR they may be trying to give us that impression... Only a handful of peeps on this planet know at this point in time.

We just don't know for sure... DON'T get your hopes up just yet, girls. ;)

Pretend I'm someone you can believe for a few minutes because I'm on ALL of your side (that would be TWILIGHT'S side, NOT Kristen or Robert's)... You'll see why these damn papz & gossip rags really need to be taken down a few notches. ;)

- Okay, I've just received yet another MEAN email from 'Twilighter' from the 'Justice for Kristen' blog that fully supports these 'staged stunt' & 'fake photo' theories - maybe you've heard of it.

At the moment, I am being accused of suffering from 'delusions of grandeur' and I really need to stop acting like some sort of therapist for 'these girls who are so obsessed with Twilight' and get some help for myself.

And yet - Twilighter, along with every other one of you out there who disagrees with this, REFUSE to prove me wrong. All you can do is tell me that I am.


Here's an update on 8/16/13 - a comment exchange out in Internetland:

Twilighter - Posted at 1:05 PM on August 16, 2013  

Catherine Dove (the misfit chick—she’s got that right!) should start by debunking her own idiotic theories—that the “cheating scandal” was way worse than anyone knows but Rob forgave Kristen instantly. Now she’s babbling about how they have broken up despite any real evidence to support it other than the tabloids she constantly decrees. Claiming you are an expert about something you are obviously clueless about makes you the last person able to “unite” the fandom. They don’t need your drivel to do so. (Btw, he obviously hasn't read through the summary, and he obviously didn't read what he read the first time around, correctly. No WONDER he's got so many thing so out of WHACK.)

Misfit Chick - Posted at 12:49 AM on August 17, 2013  

Excuse me, Twilighter… *I* have your ‘staged stunt’ & ‘fake photo’ sh*t debunked on my blog. You have yet to respond to mine in any other way aside from to tell me that I’m wrong. My explanations RUN CIRCLES around your’s with LOGIC – which seems to be something you’ve LOST in your retirement years as a prosecuting attorney. Since WHEN do lawyers dismiss motives about the case and make up their OWN outlandish motives to HELP the criminals – especially if you’re a prosecutor?!! I have OFTEN WONDERED if you aren’t working for Hollywood – as well as other websites of your ilk. All YOU are doing is HELPING HOLLYWOOD and (yeah, sorry *I* actually CARE about this) HURTING TWILIGHT FANS with your harmful rhetoric.

The logical, straight line is almost ALWAYS the correct one - ANY law enforcement official will tell you that!!

Btw, (you'll see this part of my story if you read through the original timeline, later) you can probably thank ME for the half-baked 'now all-celebrity generalized' petition that they have on their blog. It was AFTER *I* suggested to them that all the letters they were asking Twihards to write to these gossip rags on Kristen's behalf NOT ONLY put an unhelpful spotlight on her and Twilight Fans - but it was an unreasonable thing for fans to go out of their way to do. ONE signature was easier for peeps.

So instead of joining in on my petition - which was the whole point of my originally contacting them; suddenly POOF - their petition (which is inappropriately targeted) came to life. Heaven forbid, Twilight Fans actually UNITE to put these gossip rags in their place.

THIS is one of the MAIN REASONS WHY Twihards who ARE struggling within their obsessions aren't saying much to anyone - because nobody f*cking CARES about them or what they've been going through for a YEAR and counting!!

Would YOU say something out loud with jerks like this belittling you and pretty much telling you that you're 'just a little girl who doesn't count'?

This is a question about getting over a Twilight obsession that shoots off from the reviews from Amazon. There are 5987 replies to this question.

"I picked up Twilight Friday and did not put it down until I finished it at 4:00 Saturday morning. Then I went out and bought New Moon and finished it at 1:00 Sunday morning. I re-read Twilight again Sunday afternoon.

I'm 39, happily married, 3 kids, busy. I don't usually have time to read. I can't even remember the last book I read, although I do enjoy reading.

But I've NEVER been obsessed with a book like this. I'm pretty sure I have memorized their relationship up to the end of New Moon. I'm sure I will buy and read the next two books within days. From the posts I've seen, other people have been this obsessed.

My question is, how do you get over it?! I can barely focus on my family. All I want to do is read the book - again! And if I'm not reading it, I'm thinking about it. My poor husband can't figure out what's wrong with me?!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe if I "chat" with someone about them, I'll be able to move on... "


In honor of Twilighter's wrong and HARMFUL rhetoric, I'm moving the stuff that debunks his crap up here toward the top. While I would LOVE to have my hands on that one pic that I talk about in here - I know it exists, and many of you out there have seen it. (It would be really nice if you would speak up and say something about it.)

If *I* can disprove HIS crap like this... SURELY he can disprove mine if he's such a damn smart know-it-all. Here's the article that thoroughly debunks this concept.

7/31/13 - Twihards, I can see that you're coming through here, and I can see why you are through search phrases. Many of you are coming though some of my posts on the boards; but SO MANY OTHERS of you are coming through searches on things like 'was robsten real' (that is a YES!), 'can robsten still be together' and 'i need to know the truth about robsten'.

I really really wish you would start talking to SOMEONE (your Mom if you have one, please - or in here, anonymously), because you're all starting to worry me. I don't know how to help you - none of us do - unless you start talking. (There is a post for comments at the end of this summary.)

I KNOW that so many of you are still hurting and in pain over this stuff; and I also know that you don't want to talk about it because you're all feeling pretty silly & depressed - OR you're feeling very embedded in your own (many times angry) obsessive opinions, and you're finding it HARD to alter your perceptions about Kris and/or Rob.

Searches surrounding help with Twilight obsessions are the most commonly used to get into this blog - AND I've received emails from them (you'll get to those if you keep reading).

If you need help dealing with those frustrating feelings - CLICK HERE.

We NEED to start talking to each other instead of blasting each other with hateful comments out in Internetland. Rob & Kris are BOTH people we Twihards should be treasuring, not judging so harshly.

Do you understand that we HURT Twihards who overly-love robsten when we act like this?

I know so many of you older ladies, especially, don't believe me about this... Please, TwiLadies - READ THIS AND LET IT SINK IN! So many fans need HELP, and many of them are your OWN daughters who don't feel like they can talk to you about this stuff.

7/24/13 - For those of you who wonder why the petitions exist, here's why. This is Robert trying to get through LAX on the one-year anniversary of those cheating pics being published, 7/24/13.

Btw, I saw the 'kissing a brunette' photo in Toronto before he left - yeah, it kind of looks like it could be one Ms. Cronenberg, but it's hard to tell. (Btw, it has since been revealed that it was NOT Caitlin - a crew member, apparently. Caitlin is supposedly the girl with her back to us in a ponytail. See how these rumors start? ;)

Relax, it WAS a 'goodbye' kiss Twihards, ha! If Robert has found a romantic connection with a friend (or anyone else he happens to find a connection with in his everyday life), that would be a NORMAL thing for him to be doing. And frankly, it's nice to see that he MIGHT be moving on - I haven't officially 'called' them over on this blog, yet. (Sorry, he HASN'T been moving on with Katy Perry, Riley Keough or any of the other people Hollywood keeps trying to connect him with.)

I've also seen ALOT of comments out there from know-it-all Twihards that Robert supposedly cheated on Kristen with this girl while he was filming Cosmopolis - YOU DON'T KNOW THAT! Robert and Kristen BOTH obviously have alot of platonic friendships with the opposite sex (including Katy Perry, Riley Keough and Taylor Lautner). Just because they hang out with other people DOES NOT MEAN that they are having sex with them!!

And GEE, if he really WAS kissing someone aside from Caitlin Cronenberg in that picture, especially since she is standing there with them, watching them - doesn't that kind of prove what I just said? ;)

And here's a condescending splash from an HL trash piece just in time for the one-year anniversary, also:

Rob: You’ve Had A Difficult Year Emotionally

It was only 12 months ago that your whole world came crashing down in an instant, when Kristen’s affair with Rupert was revealed. You were totally blindsided – barely finding out about her straying and about the photographic evidence – before the public saw it on the cover of a magazine.

You were so deeply in love with Kristen – you had never imagined that she would cheat on you. And to have it be exposed totally publicly was embarrassing and humiliating...

Here's the article surrounding the rest of that 'story'.

You don't need to read any further in this blog if I've already convinced you - just sign the petitions and pass them on, please.

Btw, if you're wondering why there are not many signatures on these petitions, yet. It's because I've been pushing them towards STUBBORN Twilight Fans for the past year instead of out to the WORLD to benefit ALL celebrities all this time like I was originally intending to. (Notice that the date on this is BEFORE the 2nd scandal started in January? (Now we're on the 3rd scandal - fyi). And if you look at the first signatures they are not from Twilight Fans - and it will go beyond us. ;)


If you're looking for the complete post/timeline for the 'truth about robsten' and Hollywood's smear campaign against Twilight Fans, CLICK HERE.


And Honestly, Twihards... do you really need any other reason to UNITE and sign these petitions aside from THIS SONG? ;)


These posts are the Twilight-Fan-Reasons for the petitions for Hollywood reform. Of course, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are two other really good Twilight reasons for it.

I'm inserting these up here for those of you who are SO SURE Kristen & Robert get paid PLENTY to be Hollywood's punching bags for so long - because no one seems to want to check them out, lately - and you really should. They show what's going on with us as fans throughout these scandals until now.

There are SO MANY PEOPLE out there who view these comments as insignificant to this situation - but they are one of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS about it.

Btw, here is a link to the most commonly-used search phrases used to get into this blog surrounding Twilight Addictions just since January of THIS year.

Here's a portion of JUST ONE email I've received from one of these young girls toward the BEGINNING of this fanfair that doesn't expose "too much" of someone's pain. I started receiving emails from Twilight Fans after I wrote this post to help explain to clueless Twilight Fans and young girls WHY so many of us OLDER TwiFanladies, especially, are so overly-obsessed with this pretty fairytale AND so damn MEAN about it:

"Thank you for writing that wonderful was heaven sent. ...Please someone tell him.. this is killing me. Thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)"

This is a portion of JUST ONE email from November (btw, thru a few exchanges, I discovered that this email was from a grandma - not a young girl): "...
So it would mean a lot to me to know the truth, are they really together, or was this all made up for PR, did they really love each other? Was the cheating thing a PR stunt too, I really need to know the answers and if you think I'm nuts I'll understand. I have followed them, read the books, seen all the movies and then when the cheating thing came about It just flattened me..."

Heartbreaking Comments from Twihards
Here's a sampling of recent comments in case you're short on time:

Posted at 1:51 AM on July 14, 2013


Posted at 12:11 AM on July 21, 2013
still hoping for good to rob and kristen… hope everything will be fine between them… still addict in their intimate love relationship… hope rob will forgive and forget everything’s kristen did….and start all over again….. cross finger!!!

ema bettye
Posted at 9:30 PM on July 12, 2013
rob iwannna kiss u
i love u
u n kristen should get back together
kristen is the only girl 1 only that could be gud enough for robert patz
i love u
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllll oooooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ROBERT PATZ I LOVE U KRISTEN STEWART LOVE U GUYS

Posted at 6:56 AM on February 17, 2013
twilight is my real life except the vampire thing.i love watching it ol the time!!!!!!!!!uhh,,,another exception……….there is no edward in my life…its just that…….i want to be alone and to talk to no one but myself.i love music,,,,writting and singing and reading………on my own world……….i dont really like watching tv.hahahaha!!!!!!!!but that twilight movie got me!!!!!!!!!and 8′s will olwis be the movie im watching to as days goes by………..really,,,,,no other.

Hateful Comments from Twihards

Posted at 8:49 AM on July 14, 2013
she is a cheater……no sympathy with a cheater….she should die like a f***ing b***h….all cheating b***hes must get a lesson…..

Posted at 9:26 AM on July 21, 2013
Dirty cheating talentless drip. She got dropped from any role that has real backing – like a studio. Good for you Rob – I am so glad he got rid of the albatross. He looks so much happier with out that joyless shell of a person.

BOYCOTT robs movie
Posted at 9:55 PM on June 28, 2013
dumping Kristen in his stick out like a sorethumb in LA red truck with his garbage is insulting, & he treats Kristen like dirt, hes no gentlemen like Edward, a drunk, drugged, leaving hotel with hooker at 2am, homeless looking, hes nobody without Kristen picking him as Edward, no more rob movie, im done..too..Kristen 4ever


You're going to have to excuse the 'HOT' stuff in this blog if you continue on reading it after the summary - especially those of you who don't agree with it. You haven't heard things from this perspective lately, and your first instinct is to run away screaming - but in this case, I am NOT your TwiEnemy.

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend"? If you're wondering why I'm doing this... I've said this in here before: Just think of me as maybe being a bit like Rosalie. I DON'T have a PROBLEM with your choice of Groom.

Thanks Nikki Reed - I've always LOVED Rosalie!! ;)

I have told you that I will HAPPILY take these ugly blogs down - if you will come through to initiate these MUCH NEEDED reforms in Hollywood.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was your TwiCALLING, Twihards. ;)

8/3/13 - Yeah, it really frustrates me that hardly anyone is signing these petitions for Hollywood Reform - much less, debunking my observations in comments. I mean, why should we attempt to save Kristen or Robert OR ourselves from these VULTURES? (Btw, the only emails I'm responding to anymore are from heartbroken Twihards who need help. If you've got anything else to say to me about this - use the comments. I'm TIRED of beating this dead horse with you in the SILENCE of email exchange!)

If you're looking for the latest comments in here - those are often scattered around throughout these blogs. But, here is the latest from 8/3/13 at the bottom of this post.

It would SURE be nice if you could all get past this part and MOVE ONTO 'what's going on NOW'. The subject is NO LONGER about Stephenie's brilliant masterpiece that ACCIDENTALLY CAUSED all these silly over-obsessions. It's about HOLLYWOOD'S celebrity/fan life-bashing ways!!!

If you still believe that's what this subject is about, WHY would I offer to DELETE all my blogs that I have obviously put so damn much time into - if you come through?

*I* get absolutely nothing out of it - except the satisfaction of helping to set things RIGHT in Hollywood. From my perspective, that would be the ONLY GOOD THING to come out of The Twilight Saga.

I have NO DESIRE to hurt anyone more - that's why I continued this blog AFTER IT WAS DONE (this is the 1st post I wrote, afterwards) when those cheating photos came out. Because I KNEW so many of you were in pain - I had been researching and writing about you before that happened for MONTHS. This blog easily comes up toward the top of search variations surrounding Twilight, and I DIDN'T want to contribute to your pain, anymore.

Also, this is another excerpt from that long first post that talks about my first, initial reaction to those pictures - and WHY I picked this blog back up.

Here is a splash from it, so you don't have to read it.

"I WAS mad at Kristen at first for two things (although I was MUCH angrier with RUPERT) - 1) OMG, she seriously f*cked up and BROKE Rob's heart in a betrayal that probably feels an awful lot like one of those heavy cartoon safes falling on you and crushing you FLAT to the ground. And 2) I thought, "HOW could SHE get caught like that?! She's GOT to be one of the MOST photographed people in the world - well swarmed by Paparazzi - How could she be so careless and indiscreet - unless she was TRYING to get caught, ha!"

And then LATER, when those images DID start to pop up - it didn't look like she and Rupert had been caught in a cozy embrace in some dark corner at some restaurant or bar or at some Hollywood party - it looked to ME like someone had taken them from a distance... And THEN later, the Paparazzi who took the photos bragged in an interview how they WAITED for her, STALKED her and eventually STUNNED her RIGHT in the HEART...

And really, isn't it EXTRA neat to be able to STUN Rob like this, too - and then LAUGH and celebrate and roll around in your PILES of money while you WATCH all their Twilight Fans CRY...

THAT's when I did an about-face.

I thought, "Oh, NO you jerks DIDN'T... TELL ME you didn't HUNT her down like a CRIMINAL or some ANIMAL, KNOWING the EFFECT this kind of story would have - NOT ONLY on Kristen & Robert - but on MILLIONS of Twilight Fans, MANY of whom you KNOW are YOUNG girls who ARE - to varying degrees - OBSESSED about these two actors in their favorite fairytale! (Did ANYONE else out there AT ALL think that?! I mean, are ANY of you out there AWARE of the teenage suicide rates in our country?!)"

So many of you NEEDED HELP - and some of you actually got it. Those of you who can't get past my issues with Steph's writing need to be looking at what YOU are doing BECAUSE of her writing NOW (see comment posts above).

THIS is why this blog was continued... Yeah, I'm WAY MORE ANGRY with Hollywood than I EVER WAS with Stephenie Meyer. Her involvement apparently and COMPLETELY ended when she forced her last silly book on us all against her 'professional publisher's' wishes. SHE doesn't have to be responsible for ANYTHING - EVER, does she?!!

It is SO UNFAIR that you're all MAD AT ME...It's not like I could HELP what happened to me with Twilight. The damn movie should have come with a WARNING!

I'm a freaking MOVIE FAN who ended up having to deal with this UNKNOWN-until-it-was-too-late sh*t ALL BY MYSELF - that's WHY I am more concerned about Kristen, Robert AND their FANS than previously disgruntled fans; because THEIR fans also happen to by MY very ridiculous and estranged Twilight Sisters, whether you want to include me, or not - who I STILL have MUCH compassion for, despite your MEANNESS because I KNOW you're hurting AND I know WHY you're hurting, girls.

I know you all want to blame either Kristen and/or Robert for your TwiPain now, but THEY didn't 'do this to you' - and I'm NOT going to let you continue to blame them AND bash at tenderhearted Twihards while you do!!! (That ESPECIALLY goes for these damn 'staged stunt' & 'fake photo' JERKS - you're just HELPING HOLLYWOOD!!!)

Believe me... IF I had KNOWN about Twilight before someone talked me into it, I would NEVER have picked it up. In fact, I originally REJECTED Twilight for the first few years just because of the 'sparkling' vamps - until someone convinced me that 'it's fine - it won't bother you at all'.

If you want to continue to debate me about Stephenie Meyer's writing - fine. Read through this article and them tell me what I've got wrong (I'm warning you, this is NOT the same argument you've heard before). Otherwise, do the right thing and set ALL of us CRAZY TWIHARDS FREE from these chaotic PR assaults!!!

Even though I'm not digging in to write this book anymore - you can probably expect a string of articles that takes on this topic (except I'll be marketing them instead of this blog, like I have been). And you also can be sure that Stephenie Meyer's involvement and her NON-involvement throughout these messes (as well as your own) will be in the spotlight. (I WON'T write these articles if you can manage to UNITE and CHANGE this mess!)

This is a Letter to My BIG Twilight Sisters that I wrote awhile ago; and this is a Letter to My Little Twilight Sisters.

I've got a poll going... Asking an honest, obsessed Twihard question.

If you're looking for the complete post/timeline for the 'truth about robsten' and Hollywood's smear campaign against Twilight Fans, CLICK HERE.

And just ONE MORE THING... I like to pull out this card when everyTWIone is against me. This is *my* Twilight: ReVamped & ReWolfed Fanfiction Rewrite. (Just the 1st Chapter is complete, the rest is a summary - takes a couple hours to read through it all.)

I wrote this before these cheating scandals came down. 

You can think/say whatever you want to about me. But with this, the TWO things you CAN'T SAY about me is that *I* don't LOVE this pretty Twilight fairytale OR this fanbase.

Here's a comment in here about this rewrite AND this blog from a Twihard who HAS read The Twilight Saga and obviously ALSO loves it: 

EJC November 29, 2012 at 10:40 AM
I have so very many things to say where to start..... Firstly I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life. If I were a judge I would totally give you custody! Next you had mentioned about Renesmee biting Bella she did ( Breaking Dawn page 353) although you do find out that Renesmee doesn't have venom. However that's not explained until the end of the book ( Breaking Dawn page 735 to 737 for the full story) on page 737 about half way down the page the hybrid boy Alice found he was born to a human mother who was impregnated by a vampire. He explained that he has sister's because his father had slept with other women and that the girls don't have venom but doesn't know if it is gender or random chance.

I am so happy I found your blog and I cannot wait to finish reading the rewrite! I am even letting my daughter read it with me because its a good story that is appropriate for kids to read and she LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! Just as much as I do! I think what you have written is loving and responsible to the characters and fans, it is well though out, relevant, and I am more than sure (although I'm not there yet) in the reWolfed version you will be more respectful of the Quilette tribe. As a woman of Native American decent (Crow Indians) I was totally appalled by what SM did to their stories and history and her portrayal of them. SHAME ON YOU STEPHANIE MEYER! I hope she does see your blog and rewrite and is ashamed of herself and apologizes to us all and then does the right thing and gives the Quilette Tribe compensation for the movies success and additional compensation for defamation of character, because legally that's what she did she took a beautiful and rich history and culture and turned it into shirtless meathead living in shacks! Its deplorable!

Anywho I'm taking up space but I've been dying to get that out and I feel better! Again thank you so much for your blog and your rewrite! On an unrelated note your rewrite has inspired my own creativity and I am finally picking up in finishing an old storie I had started (come to think of it I last wrote in 2009 which was around the time I started reading the Twilight saga..... wonder if that explains it. .... lol) anyway wonder if you had any tips or advice to share with an aspiring author. I know Keep It Simple, write what you know and do your research. Anything else? Thanks your the best!!

Btw, this is my moving-on-from-twilight blog that I started in between the 'cheating scandal' in July 2012 and the 2nd round of 'trial separation lies' in January 2013 that began when Robert left for Australia to shoot 'Rover'.

Generally speaking, it's a much more pleasant read - although since the majority of Twilight Fans are supposedly from the Blue States, many of you still might disagree with alot of it, ha!

It's not for you, anyway - it's for Tweens & Teens. You know, peeps like your daughters and their friends. ;)

NOT that I will be dropping this subject of Twilight's stupid over-obsessions and Hollywood blatantly taking advantage of them for MONEY AT ALL... There is no hurry, it's not like the paparazzi & gossip rags are going to stop anytime soon - UNLESS WE STOP THEM.

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