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This isn’t your typical ‘anti-twilight’ blog… This is yet another email (complete with semi-subtle death threat) from someone asking questions about it that some of you may be asking, yourself. Don’t assume that you know what this blog is about simply because you’ve argued on Stephenie Meyer’s behalf before.

This is the very first post on this blog, from my ‘clueless movie fan’ perspective. It was written on Thanksgiving Day, 2011 – then published in here a few days later, after I could reread it and do some editing. It is hysterically funny and incredibly poignant at the same time – for those of you who can’t see Stephenie Meyer’s amateur sexual fantasy floating around in The Twilight Saga. This post is what those of us who ARE familiar with vampires experienced because of Breaking Dawn’s unbelievable ending; and it may help explain for you why this blog exists. It is where absolutely everything started; and demonstrates my intentions for this blog from the beginning. Believe it or not, they were NOT MEAN.

At first, I didn’t know why things were wrong; I only knew that they were – so I was making excuses for Stephenie Meyer in the beginning, LoL! Really… every single estranged TwiFan that she has, USED to be at least a real semi-fan of hers.

Please be patient. I know that most people who are familiar with this controversy have passionate opinions; but what about the rest of you who are completely clueless? I wrote this so that readers would not have to jump off the page, as much. I recommend reading through once; then going back to read links for more details, later. If you get too angry to keep reading, pause and scroll down to the side link collection. I used to be a clueless person in the world, and then a clueless Twilight Movie Fan for a while, too. You’ll see more about me, below. And please forgive the caps, in places. I don’t see them as shouting as some peeps do. They are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that is all…

This blog is all about the accidental and painful over-obsessions of The Twilight Fanbases
that has CONTINUED with a decade of
worldwide bullying and intentional,
emotionally-harsh attacks
on the hearts & minds of little TwiFangirls (and big ones).

The feelings of obsessed fans are real even if
their obsessions are not - until they drift away.
You all KNOW THIS.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15 - 24 year olds in the US.

These are all REAL issues, to name a few - for MILLIONS of people:
Maladaptive Daydreaming


Dissociative Disorder
This one is the worst biggie, and starting
to be considered an EPIDEMIC

Why are the obsessions of young girls important?

Because their feelings are real even if the obsessions are not – until they drift away. Young girls NEED their fairytale ‘escapes’ MUCH MORE than older ones do because they have limited ways to cope with life’s crap (read the comments beneath these neverending, misogynistic tabloid assaults – this one is from January 2016). If you’ve never been forced to endure public high school in the US (or anywhere, probably); or been abused as a child (unfortunately, still a common occurrence) - then of course you can’t possibly relate.

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)

Why Do People Hate Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart?
Believe it or not, this is a very easy question to answer;
and NO it isn’t because she ‘cheated’.

TwiNewsflash: The concerning over-obsessions of young women was the ONLY REASON that Breaking Dawn was forgiven when it was published in 2008. The ONLY people who have defended this story for being written ‘just like it is’ because ‘Stephenie Meyer is a literary genius’ are her YOUNG (and young-at-heart) fans who were used by both the amateur author and her publisher because ‘they weren’t supposed to know any better’ about vampires.

And, these are the fans who get hit & hurt the most by world bullying. It is really crappy of SM and you older ladies to continue letting them believe what they believe about these books - while they ignorantly & arrogantly (in their over-obsessions) deal with all the hate surrounding Twilight that still exists in big, dynamic ways.

Email Excerpt: “Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent.. Please someone tell him (this is ‘why the cheating scandal started’, Aug 2012). He just texted me and said he told my mom.. and for me to get some help.. and bye.. please tell him… Everyone is doing this and it’s killing me.. but everyone acts like they don’t know what I’m talking about.. I don’t think I’ve ever needed anything so bad in all my life than for someone to tell him.. I know they are trying to drive me crazy.. and it’s starting to work.. thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read very much so.”

Another email excerpt that I hear all the time from all types of fans:
I have tried speaking to my good friend about my obsession and, as with all of my friends,
doesn't like Twilight and totally judged me lol so your feedback means a lot.”

How to Soothe an Intense Twilight / Robsessed / Krisbian / Robsten Obsession

Anti-Twilight Fans could SEE what Stephenie Meyer didn’t MEAN to write;
and Erika didn’t MEAN to write her books ignorantly, either.
Adult women have 50 Shades of obsessive fog to get past before
they can possibly begin to think clearly about this subject.

Why does The Twilight Saga have so many anti-fans? Why are there hardly any male fans? How did Twilight’s infamous obsessions become over-obsessions? Why are so many older women more obsessed than younger ones? Why did the fandom fracture into several various fanbases that fight among themselves? How did we get 50 Shades of Grey out of all this commotion?

I recorded four wildly-ranting videos (this one is my favorite – calling SM out, ha!) over three years ago at the height of my own very unwanted Twilight over-obsession (It’s not like you can unwatch or unread something – or reclaim wasted time). At that point, I was really mad about ‘how I was obsessed’ with this pretty fairytale; and I was mad that Stephenie Meyer had ‘accidentally’ done this to so many other people before me - and didn’t correct any of the dysfunction in her books before she made them into movies.

I actually say this in the second video before I had even heard of 50 Shades of Grey... “It sounds to me like Stephenie has some sort of BDSM fetish, but I don’t even sort of want to think about that right now.” (Video #12 is where you will hear me say this.)

And yet, somehow 50 Shades of Grey (this post is what exactly is wrong with fifty shades) exists as Twilight Fanfiction; and is yet another dysfunctional worldwide ‘phenomenon’?! Do you have any idea how disturbing that is? Not only does it make my skin crawl – it’s just wrong.

There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – especially OLDER women; and we are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it - unless we manage to write another dysfunctional (XXX!) blockbuster based on all this negligence…

Did you know that Steph’s publisher didn’t want to publish Breaking Dawn? Did you know that New Moon & Eclipse were not supposed to be in between the 1st & last books? Do you ‘get’ that she didn’t mean to cause so many of her OLDER fans to see Edward Cullen the way they came to see him as Christian Grey? Do you understand that these are the reasons why the world has always &STILL bullies Twilight Fans, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because of her amateur writing mistakes?

Sick-in-the-head older women had absolutely no right to hijack the pretty fairytale of young girls via Fifty Shades of Grey; and they should care when their daughters are being bullied by the world over it, incessantly.

What’s Wrong with Twilight: Chapter One, First Sight?

The Condensed Version:
The Four Main Complaints of this Blog
against Stephenie Meyer and her ‘professional’ Publishers &
Production Franchise for RARE & irresponsible,
professionally-negligent publishing and movie production.

When the first Twilight movie was being made in 2008; the last book, Breaking Dawn had not been released, yet. Because of this, no one knew at that time that Stephenie Meyer was going to bomb her pretty fairytale into the ground until it was published a few months before the release of the first film.

Extreme chaos & debate surrounded Steph and The Twilight Saga at that time for the exact same reasons that surrounds 50 Shades of Grey - but somehow, she got through it (see side links)...

If 'Midnight Sun' had not been 'accidentally' leaked just prior to the first movie being rushed; AND Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had not BOTH nailed their parts in that first movie - Twilight would have been history.

Stephenie Meyer could have written any 'ol ending for her infamously overly-obsessed fans (and really, that seems like what she did); and they would have lapped it up like honey (and they did – especially the ones who didn’t know any better, couldn’t see what was wrong – or didn’t care, because of fifty Shades of BEDWARD!!

The entire world has done nothing but treat Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson AND their emotionally-invested fans like sh*t, since - and the infighting among Twilight's divided and HATEFUL fanbases is ongoing.

Despite all this, 'feminists' have embraced the latest and greatest dysfunctional character, Christian Grey/Edward Cullen/Prince Charming...

Popular Email Question: Why does Stephenie Meyer need to apologize? Because the world can’t heal from the wounds she has inflicted on it if she doesn’t acknowledge her amateur mistakes and apologize for them. All she has done from the beginning of her controversies is metaphorically flip off her critics. While normally that is exactly what you are supposed to do… In this case, with all the professional exceptions that were made while The Twilight Saga was being published; the amateur author (AND the publisher AND production franchise) really needed to be listening to fans. It is NOT NORMAL for roughly half of your fanbase (much less, the world!) to become so angry with you regarding a casual creative expression.

I am just using this true stuff about SM’s amateur writing to grab your attention – and boy does it grab some of you, ha! Now if we could just get past that part of things… I really could care less about Stephenie Meyer’s or EL James’ many ignorant and irresponsible amateur literary mistakes that caused all this chaos. Believe it or not, I have stuck up for Stephenie Meyer so many times over this issue, it’s ridiculous.

Creative ‘Freedom of Speech’ is DIFFERENT than the illegal type of ‘Freedom of Speech’ that tabloids & paparazzi hide behind.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press were meant to create transparency in order to protect the truth about absolutely everything - not provide a way for mean, greedy tabloid liars to make money off of young (and young-at-heart) fans who are practically defenseless against emotional tabloid & paparazzi assaults (not to mention how even more defenseless Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are against them)…

This blog now has but one mission: Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform for all celebrities past & present (Princess Diana, anyone?) and it has been that since July 25, 2012 – the day after the infamous cheating scandal. Oh yeah, I’ve been on their stinky tails from the beginning. It hasn’t even been SORT of fun! I really hope we can all manage to put aside our differences and unite to stick it to them, someday. Tabloids & papz so deserve it!!

I don’t care how long it takes. Aside from having really good reasons other than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to be concerned for celebrity rights; we fans – no matter which side of the ring we fight on – are getting awfully tired of being manipulated and watching our favorite celebrities being harassed. So many of you do not ‘get’ this; but Robert Pattinson is being attacked and/or used as much as Kristen Stewart in these kinds of stories – no matter ‘how nice’ they seem to be slanted toward him, at times. It is just another way to pour salt on the wounds of their fans by being misogynistic toward both them and Kristen at the same time – using Robert and her anti-fans against their will!!

This is because the world has no respect for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Twilight fans – any version of them; BECAUSE of Stephenie Meyer’s offensive & insulting amateur writing (another reason why she needs to apologize). To the rest of the world, we’re all simply hysterical to bully; just another section of the populace to be targeted and made fun of for profits – via outright assaults and numerous lie upon lie that continues

Boycott all online and print tabloids until they volunteer to reform.



Why Do So Many People Hate Kristen Stewart and/or Bella Swan?
or Why/How did so many of Stephenie Meyer’s OLDER fans become so
‘accidentally’ overly-obsessed with the character of Edward Cullen?
Shortest and most anti-fan & fan-variation-inclusive version that I have written, yet!!
Read it only if you dare… and only if you can be HONEST. ;)

Whatever Happened to the ‘Anti-Twilight Army’
from 2008-2009; and WHY don’t you see their support on this blog?

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Whole Wide World’s Twilight Saga Hate

This movie FLOPPED amidst RARE (for him) GLOWING reviews from movie critics at
film festivals who compared his performance to Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar-Nominated
performance in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Yeah, it’s a HUGE deal!!
This movie would not have tanked without way too much ‘help’ from
tabloid manipulation of Twilight’s huge numbers of anti-fans.

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post

Here’s a splash from Nico’s article: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women “I don't care if Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders did it in a car, in a bar, in a house or with a mouse. But while I might not be concerned for K-Stew, I am concerned for my younger stepsister who idolizes and worships her....” And this is an update from Nico on Salon: Racist 'Twilight' fans won't stop harassing Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs

Yeah, Twilight’s still-many hateful and overly-obsessed
fans managed to p*ss all over the debut of the proclaimed

Celebrity Rookie of the Year 2014

Aren’t we sweet?




I have had some really good compliments on my corrective-rewrite of The Twilight Saga from both literary experts and Twilight Fans. It is only a summary, with just the first chapter written as complete to give it the foundation that it should have had (takes 2-3 hours for me to read through it all).

Here is one positive review (sorry, have to scroll down to the comments on this post after the click to read): “I have so very many things to say where to start..... Firstly I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life. If I were a judge I would totally give you custody! … I am even letting my daughter read it with me because its a good story that is appropriate for kids to read and she LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! Just as much as I do! I think what you have written is loving and responsible to the characters and fans, it is well though out, relevant, and…”

BELIEVE me when I say, I would have MUCH RATHER have LOVED Stephenie Meyer's original Twilight Saga all the way to the bittersweet end. There are not many people on this planet who would have been more PROUD and applauding the loudest for a woman (amateur or not) to have written such a hailed TwiMasterpiece - if Stephenie Meyer had actually done that instead of the embarrassing, barely-edited rough-draft that we got.

This corrective re-write summary is actually very forgiving in many places - at least, where Steph is concerned. I'm sure my anger toward these IRRESPONSIBLE "professional" companies will continue to burn for much longer.

I gave your beautiful fairytale a hell of a shot, sinking MONTHS of my time JUST into researching this subject. (Not counting the months before that when you all had me convinced that it was a WORTHY diversion, ha!)

Between these blogs and the rewrite I have probably written as much as either Steph or Erika have; and I certainly put a lot more thought and creativity (not to mention, knowledge) into it. Just insert either author’s purple prose where applicable while you’re reading, since I didn’t write any – and it is darn near perfect, ha! ;)

As such, you can expect my version of The Twilight Saga to not be XXX. I rewrote Twilight by sticking to the storyline; but I made it believable – really, that was possible. In fact, now that Twilight can be shown as a believable story - it is no longer necessary for Anti-Twilight peeps to continue bullying Twilight Fans just because SM didn’t ‘get’ why she needed to make it believable.

WHY did I take the time to flesh out the character of Bella Swan and Twilight’s vampire (and wolf) storylines? BECAUSE VERY FEW OF YOU OLDER LADIES GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HER (and more importantly, the real Human girl, Kristen Stewart and her millions of young fans) - or ANY of the other Twilight characters, for that matter!

It's EDWARD this and EDWARD that (and sometimes Jacob) - Stephenie BARELY INTRODUCED you to her before you all got hooked on this crap. That's why you can pass this story off, you don't care... You're obsessed about Edward Cullen and could care less about any other character. IF this story had been published for you perverted older brats- Yeah, it would maybe be Ok!

I am NOT talking about you young girls if you're in here reading this - I've heard you talk about Bella and all the other characters. I KNOW you both know and love them, dearly. BUT, those of you who WERE NOT debunked by this storyline (no matter what your age was) SEE these characters differently than so many MORE older ladies do!

Believe it or NOT - Stephenie Meyer and the rest of these women out here (I don't care HOW many of them there are against my ONE voice) are BEING BAD, LoL!

IF we were in college... And the instructor had just given us an assignment to write the first chapter for a novel. IF Stephenie Meyer was a college literary student (which she has been - in FACT, she graduated!); she would probably NOT have gotten an "A" on the first chapter of Twilight - I seriously doubt. I wish a few good English teachers who haven't read the books yet would go through it and grade it - just so we would know, for sure.

I'm not saying that *my* version is a literary marvel - but I have a really good excuse. I have NEVER taken a college writing course much less graduated with a literary degree. If this isn't perfect... Yeah, I know. :)

We make our children do their homework - and dot their "I's" and cross their "T's" - but, WHY didn't this grown adult woman have to?!

I'm going to make you all CARE about Bella and her life, as well as every other character surrounding her - INCLUDING EDWARD - who, it seems to me; you've all just taken under the covers with you to have your way with him like Stephenie Meyer was no doubt doing when she WROTE this stupid saga so ignorantly and irresponsibly...

So when it really comes down to it... YOU robsessed ‘fans’ DON'T even care about Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen, just your sick little "escape"!

The young adult audience that this story was TARGETED FOR - deserved a whole hell of alot better than what they got. THAT is why I rewrote The Twilight Saga... For ALL THOSE former fans who were debunked by Breaking Dawn after it was published; and then abandoned by the arrogant amateur author afterwards.

We KNEW better... and we were EXPECTING better.

AND it IS ALSO for the rest of you... I DARE you; I quadroople-doople DARE you - READ this and tell me you don't care a lot more about Bella at the end of this Chapter One: First Sight rewrite than you did at the end of Stephenie's first one.

You can think whatever you want to about me... But with this, the two things you CAN'T say about me are that *I* don't LOVE this pretty fairytale OR this fanbase.

Yeah, you be the judge – please.


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What a JOKE!
Twilight is Coming to Facebook Because ‘the voices of women are important to Steph’!!

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Final Judgment of
The Twilight Saga
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Help Easing a Stubborn
Twilight and/or Robsten

Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal Career Hindering Rover Smear
- Based on the Wide World’s Twilight Hate

Fanfiction Corrective Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles
believable ending
and MORE!

Let’s Talk About ‘Midnight Sun’
and how Steph Could POSSIBLY Make Her Huge Literary Failure up to The World.

Who am I?


What Has Hollywood's Tabloids & Paparazzi Been Doing to Robsten and Their Fans?

This is US, Twihards...
We're like the Bundy's on 'Married with
Children'. Maybe we don't agree and
maybe we don't like each other very
well - but, we're a TwiFamily.
Just someone TWY messing
with one of us, ha!
(Sorry, old show - hopefully some
of you older peeps get that. ;)
This is a flat-out LIE that the tabloids & paparazzi want us to believe: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart OWE their fame to them. No, they owe it to entertainment news sites like Entertainment Weekly; and Magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire – places that actually PAY them to bring us REAL celebrity goodies. Tabloids are bottomfeeders that USE them.

TABLOIDS & PAPARAZZI are the common enemy of both Twilight & Anti-Twilight Fans whether they are robsessed, krisbian, robsten or whatever. If we can all remember that – this stuff is easier to keep straight. The ‘rumors’ have never stopped online since the ‘cheating’ scandal started - which is where the majority of fans who love them play.

I'm sorry, this keeps getting longer as new stuff pops up. Everything you've ever wanted to know about this situation and MORE is in here however, ha!

This post starts with a shorter year-by-year breakdown that this long post will go into detail about. I guess you could call this the premise. It's harder to read through the details without knowing some of the jist ahead of time.
October 2012 - Reunion!
Robsten 2012 Breakdown – There was a ‘momentary indiscretion’ in broad daylight in which Kristen got caught fending off her predatory boss - a normal event that happens to girls and women across the globe everyday; and a very good reason to reunite with someone so soon afterwards. The images were misogynisticly twisted into a major ‘cheating’ scandal that has gone on much longer than Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tiger Woods real adultery altercations, combined.

I really could NOT believe
any of you had the
nerve to BOO him?!!
First images of Kristen
flying into TIFF - 9/2012
Chaos, then rumors - eventually we saw Robert promote Cosmopolis (and the crowd booing him for not stopping for them at the NY premiere) – more rumors & chaos – then we saw Kristen promote On the Road – EXTREME chaos (OMG, the NERVE of her wearing that necklace and HIS shirt) – pics that confirmed they had reunited in October 2012

– FAKED photos Kris & Rob staged themselves in an attempt to calm the TwiRiots – the Breaking Dawn PREMIERE where the question RAGED – are they actually together or are they putting on a staged show for Summit?

These were probably done by
Kris & Rob to help cool
the angry hot TwiFires.
No, it didn't work - they
were removed.
AFTER the premiere they BOTH visit LONDON TWICE, including for 2013 New Year’s Eve on the Isle of Wight like they ALWAYS did. You do NOT take someone back home and re-insert them into your inner-friend circle without SERIOUSLY trying to make things work with them.

Robsten 2013 Breakdown – Robert attends the Golden Globes in January without walking down the RC with Kristen like he ALWAYS DOES (they NEVER walk down together unless it’s Twilight) – tabloids make a big deal out of it like they ALWAYS do – by making up ‘rumors’ of Rob & Kris being on a ‘trial separation’ while he was away filming Rover – complete BS!

Oh yeah, and Liberty Ross decided that Rupert Sanders was divorce-worthy for being such an infamous cheating *ss – a topic the tabloids had a hayday with. Rupert ruined his own marriage. Kristen was just the person he used to help him.

For THREE MONTHS Twihards (and Kris & Rob) were bashed about it in the most CRUEL ways by absolutely EVERYONE who cared to take a kick at them.

There was no 'trial separation'.
Robert came back, but not looking nearly as happy. Geez, I wonder how much it must have seriously SUCKED to have to come back to LA and live with Kristen the crazy way they have to live. There were signs of stress – mean people liked to point them out.

This is a recent comment he has made about filming 'Rover' in Le Parisien during a Cannes 2014 interview:

Was it difficult filming in the Australian outback?
Robert: "Formidable instead! We spent seven weeks in beautiful, wild, remote from civilization areas. It was a nine-hour drive from Adelaide. Without laptops, without tv etc... And without the paparazzi! It was another life, in the depths of the desert. This inhuman atmosphere is felt throughout the movie, this feeling of doom like in "Mad Max".
It doesn't sound like he had NEARLY the same experience Kristen and the rest of us were having, does it? What must it have been like to come back to that?

Shortly after that, Valetgate happened. Then, they both had birthdays and appeared to break up around Robert’s birthday in May.

They both ALSO appeared to have STARTED those rumors, themselves; and the way the original article was worded was that they were ‘breaking up for now’. They OBVIOUSLY both needed a break. Whether it was from each other or their crazy world or both – doesn’t matter.

After the split – RUMOR, RUMOR, RUMOR – Robert is dating just about EVERY female he is seen sitting next to or having a casual conversation with – and so is Kristen, every actor she is starring in a movie with is her new romantic target (Jennifer Lawrence WORRIED about Kristen Stewart working with her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult?)

In July, papz play an 'I heart Rob' prank on her truck and try to blame it on 'fans'. During all those months, the rumors have NEVER stopped ONLINE – which is where the majority of Twilight Fans who CARE about them play.

 – suddenly, in October 2013 the paparazzi CATCH THEM TOGETHER and Robert drives away because he KNOWS they will do something stupid with those photos, and they DID (keep reading) – more arguments and swirling accusations about WHY that event happened from fans.

Rumors about them reuniting on the Isle of Wight for the new year began and continued all throughout Christmas and New Year 2014 BECAUSE of those damn images captured in October of them together. Tabloids USED those pics to try and make fans BELIEVE that they could be reuniting. It worked to get the HOPES of MANY heartbroken fans up JUST SO they could trample them down again later because FREEDOM of SPEECH and the PRESS apparently covers making little girls (and big ones) CRY or FIGHT.

Robsten 2014 so far – RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS about them ‘still talking’ from sources & friends who continue to insist that they are still an item. They are going to be adopting more dogs together, Kristen misses him, Robert misses her, etc. Their birthdays are here again and Kristen’s has come and gone – I wonder what they are going to come up for Robert’s birthday? For Kristen’s: so far they have an OPEN RELATIONSHIP, and within the same week – they were both reuniting and breaking their relationship off for good.

Here are a couple of nutshells of this longer post. These are even more detailed regarding their specific topics than what you will read below - it's a good idea to start and/or end with these if you're still not convinced:

Part 1 of the Smear Campaign Against Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Their Fans Explained in a Nutshell - This is what was going on BEFORE the scandal started (and after) This post is just as important as the next one - if not moreso.

Part 2 of the Smear Campaign: What Actually HAPPENED that day when Kristen’s ‘Cheating’ Photos were Captured; and Three Realistic Reasons WHY Those Photos MAY Have Been Manipulated

I've told you that I have more timelines. Here are the others, some of them have been combined with yet previous ones. You can consider this post you're in now to be Part 4 - it will touch on all them; so it does make it a good intro to read before these:

Exposing Hollywood's Smear Campaign - Part 1
This link combines original 'cheating' scandal timelines from July 2012
thru July 2013 after Kristen & Robert seemingly 'split' in May.
Yeah, if you haven't been following along;
Twilight Fans have been going through LOTS of crap.
Also, this is a link to a summary of Part 1.

More Truth About Robsten - Part 2
Covers August 2013 through the Teen Choice Awards
and more tabloid lies & paparazzi harassment.

One More Timeline - Part 3
Covers all the BS that was being flung around
leading up to and beyond the New Year's Eve Hoaxes

5/22/14 - NEW crap coming out about Kristen telling Robert to stop dating her friends – Complete BS, ignore it. Kristen and Robert are obviously INTENTIONALLY remaining single this year both for themselves and their FANS (who they know will need time to adjust). When they are good and ready is when we will see them either together again or moving on with other people – until then, the TABLOIDS do NOT KNOW anything. PEACE.

Will Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Ever Reunite?
Lots of keywords come through asking this question. This is my
best semi-educated guess after following them for almost two years.
(Different blog, no intro)

Have you been following the ‘Robsten Open Relationship’ stuff? Open Relationships are a HOT topic with Hollywood right now. How many articles have we seen of all kinds of celebs like this, lately? Kris & Rob already make them alot of money – and so does the topic of open relationships. WOOT – extra big bucks!!

This story has supposedly been debunked by Gossip Cop. I know some of you out there LOVE Gossip Cop because they almost always ‘correct’ this crap, don’t they? I have not needed Gossip Cop at all throughout this stuff - and Twilight Fans don’t need them, now (see below).

Gossip Cop is so much more ‘trustworthy’ than HL, aren’t they? AND, they are almost always on Kris and/or Rob’s side. All they do is PLAY OFF EACH OTHER like ‘Good Cop / Bad Cop’. They BOTH make big bucks off these ‘rumors’!!

Here's an interesting comment about Gossip Cop in response to this perspective on HL:
Get it Here!

Shiwi na:tsik'o (thank you for the extra info – I’m gonna check it out, asap.)
Posted at 2:24 PM on April 28, 2014
You’re right as far as the good cop/bad cop reltionship between HL and GC… GC is co-owned by Michael Lewittes, who previously worked at US Weekly alongside none other than Bonnie Fuller (HL's infamous lead tabloid 'reporter').
If you haven’t seen $ellebrity you should… was quite the eye-opener for me!

Does anyone else need a reminder of how cool the tabloids CAN be when they want to be? Robert Pattinson touching his hair animated gifs (btw, there’s also a link to ‘giggles’ in here, ha!); and 25 gifs that prove why Kristen Stewart is secretly awesome. :)

Use your brain – THANK YOU, Sister (I think, there ARE men out there too, ha! While you may be RIGHT about WHY the tabloids continue with stories about ROBERT; we could have done without that last STING.)
Posted at 1:34 PM on April 12, 2014
We know what they thought about open relationships from their own Twilight commentary regarding exclusivity:
Kristen: People are allowed to have other relationships.
Robert: No, they are not allowed to have relationships with other people.
Robert: If I see my girl friend hanging out with other guys, I’m breaking up w her.
KStew was trying to defend Bella stringing Jacob along, and Rob wasn’t having it. He doesn’t believe in open relationships.

This story is total fiction. She got caught cheating on him and stories like this are just trying to make him look as bad as her.

For those of you who have been following the 'Robert is getting together with Kristen on her Birthday' HOAX...

Kristen has been in New Orleans since Thursday AND it appears that she will be working almost through her birthday, at least - maybe longer. See robstendreams dot com for a pic.

They probably PLANNED to not be in the same city for the papz to hound them. They obviously chose to ‘break up for now’ in May, THEY started those rumors – yes, they did!! (see below); PLUS, they seem to be making SURE that the tabloids can’t confuse where they are. (Same with Cannes 2014 this year - they obviously went WAY out of their way to MAKE SURE tabloids could not confuse fans on where they were.)

And, doesn’t it make it EASY to SEE what the tabloids are DOING?! (Thank you, Kristen!!)

Kristen did NOT HIDE from this photo with her hairdresser - she obviously does not have ONE PROBLEM with letting fans believe that she is not with Robert.

When they are both damn good and ready is when we will EVENTUALLY see them together or with someone else. At this point in time, however – they are NOT enemies AND they ARE both remaining un-coupled for ONE REASON – their FANS until the tabloids start easing up on them.

Kris & Rob are still AT LEAST allies within the Hollywood AND Twilight realms. We would NOT have seen them together in October if that were not true.

Remaining single is actually pretty selfless of them BOTH when you think about it – especially if they are ACTUALLY still together (no, that isn’t impossible). If that is the case (yes, there is an IF there), they truly ARE staging this break-up during this year JUST for their TRUE FANS in order to HELP them get over their obsessions a bit (BECAUSE of the way the tabloids bash at their fans through their stupid stories about them).

That is probably WHY they worded the original 'breaking up for now' article in May the way they did - BECAUSE it can do one of two things: 1) Help ease fans into the idea of them breaking up before they reveal that they have actually broken up; or 2) Throws the tabloids COMPLETELY off their trail as a couple for at least a year while they both aren't going to be spending much time together, anyway.

I mean, in some ways - as celebrities - it must give them semi-peace to NOT be together as a couple. They COULD have just decided to not appear to be a couple this year because they needed a damn BREAK - and they weren't going to be able to spend much time together this year, anyway.

AND maybe it also shows us more clearly than EVER just HOW the tabloids operate. It has certainly been an educational experience - whether that has been their intention or not, ha!

Original Post Date 1/31/14

At the risk of starting this off too 'mushy' - this is how the majority of us feel about you Twihards, now - really. You all have no idea what it's been like for some of us to watch these rags bash at you like this.

Article Conclusion: "To further paraphrase the raw feeling of Miss Lewis’s international smash hit: This series has cut open my friend and her fellow so-called Twi-hards. They keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love. Now that’s it’s over, they don’t need Kleenex. They need tourniquets."

If you're MAD at either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson for continuing to not say anything to set the record straight about their relationship - they don't do that because THAT is what these mean tabloids are trying to MAKE them do by going on and on with their blatant LIES. They are trying to make them CORRECT their lies because Kris & Rob's REAL words make them FAR MORE money than anything they can come up with. (I love it when the tabloids irrevocably prove my points: Robert's 'Rover Smear' is a perfect example of them 'trying to make' him SAY something... Yeah, this stuff STILL goes on, that's why this blog is still here. ;)

Note that the online tabloids - especially - cause a dust-up every time an interview or photo shoot comes out of them. Also note how they often twist their words around to 'cause sensation' among fans. That kind of 'reporting' not only takes away from the actual context of the original interview - but it also means that 'the news' (and money) is being filtered away from the original source who probably forked out a bunch of money to bring us these celebrity treasures.

Hollywood’s tabloids continue to jerk them BOTH around because Twilight Fans are so divided between them (and there are so many of us caught in the middle); so it doesn’t MATTER which one of them they are making up a rumor about - because we all LOVE one or the other of them, at least.

They make a pile of money off of us either way - by clicking on their advertisements and/or fighting with each other in the comments. Did you KNOW that each VIEW makes them money, and each comment often makes them extra money? That is WHY they make their articles so controversial - to instigate mini-moneymaking TwiRiots. ;)

Do you NOT SEE how these gossip rags are MAKING FUN of us Twihards at the SAME TIME they are harassing Kristen... Laughing at how "crazy" we are... WATCH those hysterically FUNNY young Twilight Fans CRY... Listen to those desperate housewives carry on and on about what an UNFORGIVABLE slut Kristen is...

Update 2/11/14 – Ughh! I am getting so frustrated with all the divisions… NOW the ‘staged stunt/fake photo’ stuff seems to be coming up again in a big way.

I can’t MAKE you read this stuff. But if you don’t at least consider the opposite perspective – you are really denying what these two kids and their fans have had to go through over this past year and a half, now. Neither Kristen NOR Robert did this to ANY of you – how can you not see that by now?!!

The tabloids & papz are just doing their job extremely well where Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are concerned - and Twilight-haters, and Kristen-haters and Robert-haters and ‘staged stunt theories’ ALL help the tabloids do their job almost EFFORTLESSLY.

Tabloids & Paparazzi DON'T CREATE STORIES LIKE THIS FROM SCRATCH (and celebrities don't create FAKE PHOTOS about each other - especially ones that were so poorly manipulated as Kristen's seem to have been.) It IS NOT WORTH the RISK to go through that much trouble. There are AT LEAST THREE other VERY GOOD REASONS for those photos to have been manipulated than the outlandish ones I've read about. (See below - You'll find the links that COMPLETELY blow these 'staged stunt/fake photo' theories - ALL of them - OUT of the water.)

It is the JOB of Hollywood's tabloids & papz to twist and twirl REAL stories around for us (in MEAN, underhanded ways) like suncatchers we become fascinated with for entertainment (MONEY).

Also, as you can probably tell by now, *I* am NOT a fan of Stephenie Meyer (what has she had to say about the scandal?) or Summit Entertainment. If I thought for ONE MOMENT that these already-irresponsible people had tampered with your minds EVEN MORE to that extent; I wouldn’t be talking with you – I would have been talking to Attorney Generals a LONG time ago. (Oh yeah, I considered them as culprits!)

While I’m sure Summit HAD to get involved when the scandal came down in July 2012; it was NOT a stunt that they pulled on the Twilight Fanbase, NOR have they EVER written ANY actor/actress into a publicity relationship within a contract. Hollywood DOESN’T DO THAT!! (Okay, maybe they do for 'reality shows', LoL) But, if anything, Summit wouldn’t have wanted Kristen & Robert to BE romantically involved. (for the VERY REASONS of things like this STUPID SCANDAL HAPPENING!!!!!)

AND Summit DID NOT insist that Kristen & Robert reunite for Twilight: BDp2 – if they HAD, they would have done a MUCH better job at timing their reunion better to integrate with their Twilight marketing efforts. WHO has made money off of this scandal ALL THIS TIME?!! If you think they looked too uncomfortable with each other during the LA premiere; it’s probably because they were pretty nervous about facing their fans for the first time together since the scandal – knowing how divided their fanbase was.

I mean, he TOOK HER BACK HOME for the New Year last year (2013) – AGAIN for the THIRD year in a row. You DO NOT take someone who has hurt your family like that back home and/or bring them back into your inner-friend circle if you’re not SERIOUSLY trying to make things work with them. IF their reunion was for publicity, Robert could simply have made sure that he was seen with Kristen ‘somewhere’ during this time. SHE didn’t need to be seen IN LONDON with him.

Kristen Stewart, Feb 2013
Also, in an attempt to combat the bs that was being flung around shortly after he left to film Rover – Kristen was seen in February 2013 with a mix of her and Robert’s friends (which included longtime chums of his). They ALL intentionally DID this to back Kristen up and support her when Robert couldn’t. Yeah, Kristen dressed up for this occasion and made sure the infamous necklace was seen – but notice she still wore the hat & ‘designer’ glasses? That’s so the papz could capture their images of her all dressed up for her FANS; and not make as much money off of those pics as they would if it weren’t for the hat & glasses. (She certainly doesn’t dress like that any other time she ‘just hangs out with her friends’, ha!)

We also saw her do this more recently with the "Library" papz-captured photos a couple months ago. Sure looked like she was POSING like she KNEW the cameras were on her. She was also a little more dressed up than she usually is - she took the hat off for us, but she's STILL with those dern glasses. (Doesn't matter to fans, does it? She's GORGEOUS no matter WHAT. They just love to SEE HER - which is WHY she DID IT. Because she LOVES YOU - she could give a flying f*ck LESS about the damn papz, LoL!!)

Less money for the papz EQUALS them not liking her/them very well. They certainly KNOW that she does it JUST to minimize THEIR profits off of HER image. Would YOU like her if your JOB was to capture decent pictures of Kristen OR Robert - and ESPECIALLY one of them 'together' preferably with PDA? Damn kids JUST WON'T COOPERATE, boohoo!!! ;)

Would your Hollywood relationship have survived all that and so many other nasty PR assaults, do you think? It’s been WAY too much pressure… It would be almost IMPOSSIBLE for them to have NOT been affected by it.

It’s the Internet Age that has changed things. Tabloids could be mean and lie when they only came out in print – but not this often or so incessantly. They need to know that it is unacceptable to us fans that they treat ALL of our favorite celebrity Kings & Queens this way.

For this reason, I have OFTEN WONDERED if some of these 'staged stunt/fakephoto' conspiracy theory websites are not actually affiliated with HOLLYWOOD's tabloids BECAUSE they have been just as unreasonable and HARMFUL on the Twilight Fanbase. It's almost like they put up TWO FRONTS when they started these scandals. (Yeah, there are still more links about this specific topic, below.)

What the hell just happened with all this New Year's Eve crap and HOW did it get started...

We saw the tabloids do this LAST January when they were trying to make us all believe that Kris & Rob were breaking up (they weren't). At that time, they used both the dumb 'not spending Christmas together' thing AGAIN (which they don't do); and the 'Kristen not walking down the Golden Globes RC as Robert's date' (another thing they don't do) LIES just before he left for Australia to shoot Rover as their rumor-foundation, and so many of you fell for it.

This is the beginning 'exclusive' of those 'trial separation' rumors LAST January 2013 - the funny thing is, the exclusive originally came from 'NOW Magazine', not 'Heat' - they are probably related somehow, I have not dug that far, yet.

THIS 'correction' was posted two days later by NOW Magazine. Here is the reason why they posted that semi-correction. NOTICE that both of these stories played down the PDA-aspect of things after the Golden Globes. If they had let Robert leave LA without starting this rumor - Kristen would have had a relatively peaceful time while he was gone, and the situation wouldn't have gotten so ramped up and MEAN again.

In other words, they wouldn't have made NEARLY as much money off of Twilight Fans. And MANY of you were JUST as heartbroken and in pain during this scandal-spin as you were during the original cheating scandal.


Robert was seen following Kristen in October, then speeding off after he saw the papz had spotted them… So many of you have been really MAD at him for doing that. How rude and cruel – he abandoned her?!! (They could have met up later, we don’t know that they didn’t, AND they have cell phones to communicate.)

No, he drove away because he KNEW that the papz & tabloids would blow it into something stupid – and that is exactly what they did. Robert was trying to protect not only Kristen and himself, but also their fans when he drove off. And look what ended up happening…

Hollywood's tabloids took those photos and USED that situation (whether it was real or not – I’ve seen a lot of you accusing Kristen of alerting the papz for that pic) to make you all believe that it was possible that Kristen and Robert could be reuniting. THEN, because everyone already KNOWS that they usually spend New Year's Eve on the Isle of Wight - it was an easy, effortless rumor to make up.

All they do is take a 'fact' and draw a logical, imaginary line to what possible, BELIEVABLE thing could happen next. They look for 'setups' to create these rumors (like Robert sitting next to ANYONE, and suddenly he is dating them - and what about this Nettie Wakefield CRAP* - AND it is COMMON for them to 'set the record straight' LATER* because that's another PILE of money!! You KNOW this is exactly what they did in this case.) - and then they use their 'expertise' to PLAY OFF EACH OTHER (depending on which rags gets 'the exclusive') and drag the story out while at the same time drawing fans into their money-making advertising sites.

For the record, Hollywood's tabloids are (generally speaking) 2 for 2 with regards to robsten - The 'cheating' situation happened* but it was probably more like Kristen fending off her predatory boss (Those photos MAY have been manipulated, but NOT for the reasons so many of you assume); and their 'breakup for now' in May also 'seems' pretty real.

They were not breaking up last January, and they were not reuniting for either Christmas or the New Year this time around.

Kristen OBVIOUSLY went to meet Rupert when those photos were captured for a DIFFERENT REASON than to go make out with him - and HE pushed it into something more (as he had done before - which is why Liberty divorced his sorry *ss). There are MANY Twihards who have come through here and read my explanations about what has been going on with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson since the beginning of this scandal in July 2012 - but you're brushing it off because YOU have never seen the image of her carrying papers that I am talking about (that is now mysteriously GONE).

Here is the beginning of a conversation* that I had with someone about that in here. She and I BOTH have seen it - there HAS to have been more of us out there who have. PLEASE, if you have seen the photo being talked about - VOTE in the Poll* that you will find in here so everyone can see. (There has been one other person since I put this up who has voted YES - that makes THREE of us, and NOW there are FIVE.)

Also, you gotta KNOW... That there were probably ALOT more than FIFTY images captured that day if there really were FOUR papz on their tails. Remember how they snap those pics - CLICK CLICK CLICK, one after the other. SINCE they REMOVED this 'Kristen carrying papers' pic - it is HIGHLY LIKELY that the images that tell THE REAL STORY were not even published.

What happened that day to Kristen with Rupert is something that happens to young girls & women across this planet EVERY DAY; and it is what you call a MOMENTARY INDESCRETION. It is also a PRETTY DAMN GOOD REASON to reunite with someone so soon after it happened – for all you RobHATERS who continue to accuse him of being an incredible jerk throughout this.

STOP denying this, Ladies… How much are you HURTING our young pups when you do this? You KNOW that so many of us have been caught in a similar situation SO MANY times – every damn DAY across this planet!!

How do you suppose it makes Kristen Stewart feel – if she REALLY made this mistake; if so many of her Twilight Fans insist that she didn’t? No, putting Kristen up on that kind of pedestal has NOT HELPED her at all.

For those of you who keep insisting that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are FINE... They are NOT fine*. They can't go anywhere - either together or separately (obviously). They do not get paid enough, nor is it their jobs to be Hollywood's (or anyone else's) butt monkeys. They do not deserve to live without the basic freedoms of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS just because we love them.

And their emotionally-invested fans do not deserve to continue to be treated in such MEAN and misogynistic ways (for MONEY) just because they are young, silly girls who don't seem to matter very much to the world.

I mean, as long as there is NO REAL BLOOD gushing from a flesh wound, they are all FINE, right?!!

Yeah, MAYBE Twilight obsessions USED to be fine before the cheating scandal, but they became DANGEROUS for many Twihards when it happened TWO JULY'S AGO, now!!

What Hollywood's papz & gossip rags did and continue to do is ABUSE their beloved Freedom of Speech to play cruel, senseless prank after cruel senseless PRANK on emotionally-invested young (and young-at-heart) girls EN MASSE ACROSS THE PLANET for HUGE Hollywood profits.

For being such an important offshoot of the 'entertainment' industry whose job it is to provide magical escapes for Human Beings from the mundane and often COLD existence that life can be - it was a pretty sh*tty thing for them to do. Especially considering the alarming and INCREASING number of suicide statistics in this country AND the WORLD!!! Kids have to deal with ALL KINDS OF BS from bullies in their lives to abusers who don’t give a F*CK every day ALREADY – and the ONE PLACE where they SHOULD be able to ESCAPE treats them like SH*T!

It is NOT Hollywood’s tabloids and paparazzis place to CAUSE this kind of HAVOC among CHILDREN!!!!!!!!! They KNEW what the hell they were doing when they started these damn scandals.

And it's even MORE wrong that WE ALL ALLOWED the tabloids to continue to ramp this story up into a WORSE misogynistic thing than it was from the beginning - and we're all OKAY WITH IT.


This SURE looks like
Kristen's mom in a
wig HELPING her
get these papz
images captured.
I am pretty sure that those “taking a break for now” rumors that started in May WERE started by Kristen and/or Robert, themselves for 1 of 2 reasons (explanation for this in here*):

1) They either are really taking a break from each other because they need a break from the papz. They might be experimenting with what happens if they appear to be separated. And since they were going to be spending so much time apart over the next year, they may be hoping that we ALL start letting them go a bit (if this is the case, it’s not working very well – the papz have been more incessant than ever towards them).

2) They MAY have ACTUALLY broke up because they REALLY need a break from each other. And yeah, in this scenario – they may NOT actually ever reconcile, only time will tell. All hope is NOT GONE – but neither are things set in stone. We shouldn’t be imposing our own wishes onto them – they are trying as best they can with where they are at with the Hollywood tools they have to work with. They both deserve a HUGE break from all of us.

Robert & Kristen can be EASILY found on Twitter and Instagram (including interviews and photoshoots that they do). You don't need Hollywood's gossip rags to tell you what's going on NOR their paparazzi vultures to show you what they are doing every day. Don't read or buy ANYTHING - online or otherwise (that includes just clicking into online stories) - that isn't something specific (like an interview) that either Robert or Kristen participated in. (Many times tabloids will ‘tell’ you about these interviews – they’ll take a portion of it and blow it up. LOOK for the ORIGINAL source to get your info (they are almost always Tweeted – SEARCH on Twitter, Instagram OR Facebook: #RobertPattinson #KristenStewart).

Btw, it would be really NICE if their fansites who supposedly love them so much would stop promoting paparazzi images. (I know you post them for the same reasons the papz do - I've seen all the advertising on your pages. So yeah, KNOCK IT OFF!)

We simply do not need these ugly tabloids or mean paparazzi, anymore.

Here are a couple of nutshells of this longer post. These are even more detailed regarding their specific topics than what you will read below - it's a good idea to start and/or end with these if you're still not convinced:

Part 1 of the Smear Campaign Against Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Their Fans Explained in a Nutshell - This is what was going on BEFORE the scandal started (and after) This post is just as important as the next one - if not moreso.

Part 2 of the Smear Campaign: What Actually HAPPENED that day when Kristen’s ‘Cheating’ Photos were Captured; and Three Realistic Reasons WHY Those Photos MAY Have Been Manipulated

I've told you that I have more timelines. Here are the others, some of them have been combined with yet previous ones:

Exposing Hollywood's Smear Campaign - Part 1You can consider the above post to be Part 4.
This post combines original 'cheating' scandal timelines thru July 2013
after Kristen & Robert seemingly 'split' in May.
Yeah, if you haven't been following along;
Twilight Fans have been going through LOTS of crap.

Also, this is a link to a summary of Part 1.

More Truth About Robsten - Part 2Covers August 2013 through the Teen Choice Awards
and more tabloid lies & paparazzi harassment.

One More Timeline - Part 3Covers all the BS that was being flung around
leading up to and beyond the New Year's Eve Hoaxes

I forgot I had this - Collection of Robert Pattinson Quotes Since the Cheating Scandal. This isn't every single one of them, but there are some good ones here. I read one of these post interviews where he was talking about his parents being an inspiration because they have a strong marriage. I was silly and didn't keep the link, though. If anyone has that, please send it to me? Thanks. Catherine:

Here is one quote from this post: By playing Edward, which turned out to be the role of a lifetime, Rob says “I lost what I cherished the most: my freedom. Some told me that it’s the price for success. I’m sorry to disagree but I feel like it’s a price too high to pay.”

Update 3/23/14 – I had thought about this aspect of things as the cheating scandal was coming down, but had forgotten about it until now. (You’ll hear me refer to this if you read any beginning posts about the scandal.) This is what seemed like was going on at the time – and really, I have been nothing but proven right, since.

In addition, with Robert Pattinson's most recent smear campaign that started in mid-June 2014 - it is pretty obvious that gossip & paparazzi are trying to manipulate both of them.

The tabloids & papz DO ALSO post these articles to HURT Kristen Stewart (mostly, but they obviously don’t care that much about Robert Pattinson, either - although he is less 'combative', ha!) because they ‘have it in’ for her – because the ONLY WAY they can make money off of either Kristen or Robert is thru all these continuing rumor-lies.

This isn’t a CONSPIRACY – as I have often been accused – what Hollywood’s tabloids & papz do is out in the open for everyone to see. It is PROTECTED under ‘Freedom of Speech’ somehow. AND it is OBVIOUS what they are/have been doing…

Neither Kris nor Rob has ever been very cooperative (which makes them practically useless aside from rumors) - they BOTH REFUSE to ‘pose’ for the papz, dress up for them (and when they do, they still wear those hats - and Kristen especially (but Robert did also for awhile shortly after they reunited), designer glasses that keeps the papz from making NEARLY as much money as they would WITHOUT them); SMILE for them or let them into their lives – both private AND professional – until they are damn good and ready.

This kind of backlash doesn’t make Hollywood very much money – boohoo. So they are TRYING to ‘get rid of Kristen’ OUT of the public eye by demonizing her. Continuing to TRASH HER over and over again WILL eventually erode into her life (and possibly Robert’s too) IF the tabloids are allowed to continue.

They need to get over being such POOR SPORTS about not getting the money-making pictures, quotes and information that they want.

You’ve had your fun and made PLENTY off of this senseless ‘cheating’ scandal, Hollywood – it’s time to DROP the subject of Kristen Stewart’s naughty little rendezvous AND speculation about WHATEVER private relationship she MAY have going on with Robert Pattinson.

This is the place to comment on this topic* - as of yet, there are no comments on it. I, for one, would LOVE to get a decent conversation going. And DON’T be MAD at ME about all this, *I* didn’t create this crap and you Twihards have been EXTREMELY frustrating from a bunch of different angles ONLY because of your tabloid-manipulated opinions. NOW that you CAN SEE how you and yours have been jerked around, you SHOULD be able to get a grip and be mad at the people you SHOULD be mad at.

TWILIGHT FANS have the fanbase numbers to launch this petition into the ozone if they choose. PLEASE don’t ‘not sign’ it JUST because there aren’t a whole bunch of signatures on it, yet – I have been struggling to convince so many of you for over a year and a half, now (look at the blog hits on the side, those are mostly from Twilight Fans - over 300,700 as I write).

The time to set our differences aside and unite to set things right in Hollywood for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and ALL of our favorite celebrities is long past due. And Honestly, you don't need any other reason to sign than THIS SONG* and THIS VIDEO*. ;)

Not ONE of you has a good reason to not kiss and make up! )*(

In fact, if you're a Twilight Fan, pretend you're voting for the MTV Movie Awards! (And what about the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS?!) We're voting for Robert & Kristen for Best Kiss in Breaking Dawn Part 2 that they never got nominated for. You know dang well that they would have been nominated and WON that award again this year - if this cheating scandal had not gotten so out of hand and continued for so long. Let's vote for our own award and SET THEM (and us) FREE by signing the petition*!!!

Come ON, world... I mean, you COULD have survived ONE MORE YEAR with Twilight dominating those awards. It was the finally happy-ending of their favorite fairytale - and haven't so many of us had to live with so many of these Twihards (whom we LOVE) up until now? You know Hollywood's rags ruined this pretty fairytale for so many of them - lets GANG UP on the BIG MEANIES who deserve it!!

If you need help dealing with an intense, stubborn Twilight and/or robsten addiction, CLICK HEREThis post is a very soothing read for most Twihards no matter who you're mad at. PROMISE - no more poking at your tender TwiHearts. You're not alone - LOTS of Twilight Fans are in the same boat because it IS HARD to get past an obsession like that when people and the tabloids are poking at you like they always have (the truth about robsten).

12/25/13 - Oh yeah, I'm a Twilight Fan - but, I'm an even bigger FAN of the Twilight Fanbase. ALL of you, including the current mean girls and long-estranged ones. (All of these links are now on a different blog with no intro.) Do any of you have ANY IDEA what it's like to WATCH and listen to so many of you heartbroken Twihards have such a hard time dealing with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's MAYBE-broken romantic relationship over all this time?

It's been truly heartbreaking at times.

Here's my "Beyond Twilight" Celebrating Twilight photo collection on Facebook. It's quite an eclectic mix (with LOTS of Robert and Kristen, ha!) There are over 1000 photos in these albums (and they continue) - I just cleaned out all my TwiFiles.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - and ENJOY!!


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