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This isn’t your typical ‘anti-twilight’ blog… This is yet another email (complete with semi-subtle death threat) from someone asking questions about it that some of you may be asking, yourself. Don’t assume that you know what this blog is about simply because you’ve argued on Stephenie Meyer’s behalf before.

This is the very first post on this blog, from my ‘clueless movie fan’ perspective. It was written on Thanksgiving Day, 2011 – then published in here a few days later, after I could reread it and do some editing. It is hysterically funny and incredibly poignant at the same time – for those of you who can’t see Stephenie Meyer’s amateur sexual fantasy floating around in The Twilight Saga. This post is what those of us who ARE familiar with vampires experienced because of Breaking Dawn’s unbelievable ending; and it may help explain for you why this blog exists. It is where absolutely everything started; and demonstrates my intentions for this blog from the beginning. Believe it or not, they were NOT MEAN.

At first, I didn’t know why things were wrong; I only knew that they were – so I was making excuses for Stephenie Meyer in the beginning, LoL! Really… every single estranged TwiFan that she has, USED to be at least a real semi-fan of hers.

Please be patient. I know that most people who are familiar with this controversy have passionate opinions; but what about the rest of you who are completely clueless? I wrote this so that readers would not have to jump off the page, as much. I recommend reading through once; then going back to read links for more details, later. If you get too angry to keep reading, pause and scroll down to the side link collection. I used to be a clueless person in the world, and then a clueless Twilight Movie Fan for a while, too. You’ll see more about me, below. And please forgive the caps, in places. I don’t see them as shouting as some peeps do. They are simply meant to make those words stand out, and that is all…

This blog is all about the accidental and painful over-obsessions of The Twilight Fanbases
that has CONTINUED with a decade of
worldwide bullying and intentional,
emotionally-harsh attacks
on the hearts & minds of little TwiFangirls (and big ones).

The feelings of obsessed fans are real even if
their obsessions are not - until they drift away.
You all KNOW THIS.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for 15 - 24 year olds in the US.

These are all REAL issues, to name a few - for MILLIONS of people:
Maladaptive Daydreaming


Dissociative Disorder
This one is the worst biggie, and starting
to be considered an EPIDEMIC

Why are the obsessions of young girls important?

Because their feelings are real even if the obsessions are not – until they drift away. Young girls NEED their fairytale ‘escapes’ MUCH MORE than older ones do because they have limited ways to cope with life’s crap (read the comments beneath these neverending, misogynistic tabloid assaults – this one is from January 2016). If you’ve never been forced to endure public high school in the US (or anywhere, probably); or been abused as a child (unfortunately, still a common occurrence) - then of course you can’t possibly relate.

How Did this Blog Change to
Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

- Yeah, I have some really good reasons beyond
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their Fans
(Although I’m pretty sure they are enough reason at this point.)

Why Do People Hate Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart?
Believe it or not, this is a very easy question to answer;
and NO it isn’t because she ‘cheated’.

TwiNewsflash: The concerning over-obsessions of young women was the ONLY REASON that Breaking Dawn was forgiven when it was published in 2008. The ONLY people who have defended this story for being written ‘just like it is’ because ‘Stephenie Meyer is a literary genius’ are her YOUNG (and young-at-heart) fans who were used by both the amateur author and her publisher because ‘they weren’t supposed to know any better’ about vampires.

And, these are the fans who get hit & hurt the most by world bullying. It is really crappy of SM and you older ladies to continue letting them believe what they believe about these books - while they ignorantly & arrogantly (in their over-obsessions) deal with all the hate surrounding Twilight that still exists in big, dynamic ways.

Email Excerpt: “Thank you for writing that wonderful blog.. it was heaven sent.. Please someone tell him (this is ‘why the cheating scandal started’, Aug 2012). He just texted me and said he told my mom.. and for me to get some help.. and bye.. please tell him… Everyone is doing this and it’s killing me.. but everyone acts like they don’t know what I’m talking about.. I don’t think I’ve ever needed anything so bad in all my life than for someone to tell him.. I know they are trying to drive me crazy.. and it’s starting to work.. thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read very much so.”

Another email excerpt that I hear all the time from all types of fans:
I have tried speaking to my good friend about my obsession and, as with all of my friends,
doesn't like Twilight and totally judged me lol so your feedback means a lot.”

How to Soothe an Intense Twilight / Robsessed / Krisbian / Robsten Obsession

Anti-Twilight Fans could SEE what Stephenie Meyer didn’t MEAN to write;
and Erika didn’t MEAN to write her books ignorantly, either.
Adult women have 50 Shades of obsessive fog to get past before
they can possibly begin to think clearly about this subject.

Why does The Twilight Saga have so many anti-fans? Why are there hardly any male fans? How did Twilight’s infamous obsessions become over-obsessions? Why are so many older women more obsessed than younger ones? Why did the fandom fracture into several various fanbases that fight among themselves? How did we get 50 Shades of Grey out of all this commotion?

I recorded four wildly-ranting videos (this one is my favorite – calling SM out, ha!) over three years ago at the height of my own very unwanted Twilight over-obsession (It’s not like you can unwatch or unread something – or reclaim wasted time). At that point, I was really mad about ‘how I was obsessed’ with this pretty fairytale; and I was mad that Stephenie Meyer had ‘accidentally’ done this to so many other people before me - and didn’t correct any of the dysfunction in her books before she made them into movies.

I actually say this in the second video before I had even heard of 50 Shades of Grey... “It sounds to me like Stephenie has some sort of BDSM fetish, but I don’t even sort of want to think about that right now.” (Video #12 is where you will hear me say this.)

And yet, somehow 50 Shades of Grey (this post is what exactly is wrong with fifty shades) exists as Twilight Fanfiction; and is yet another dysfunctional worldwide ‘phenomenon’?! Do you have any idea how disturbing that is? Not only does it make my skin crawl – it’s just wrong.

There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – especially OLDER women; and we are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it - unless we manage to write another dysfunctional (XXX!) blockbuster based on all this negligence…

Did you know that Steph’s publisher didn’t want to publish Breaking Dawn? Did you know that New Moon & Eclipse were not supposed to be in between the 1st & last books? Do you ‘get’ that she didn’t mean to cause so many of her OLDER fans to see Edward Cullen the way they came to see him as Christian Grey? Do you understand that these are the reasons why the world has always &STILL bullies Twilight Fans, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because of her amateur writing mistakes?

Sick-in-the-head older women had absolutely no right to hijack the pretty fairytale of young girls via Fifty Shades of Grey; and they should care when their daughters are being bullied by the world over it, incessantly.

What’s Wrong with Twilight: Chapter One, First Sight?

The Condensed Version:
The Four Main Complaints of this Blog
against Stephenie Meyer and her ‘professional’ Publishers &
Production Franchise for RARE & irresponsible,
professionally-negligent publishing and movie production.

When the first Twilight movie was being made in 2008; the last book, Breaking Dawn had not been released, yet. Because of this, no one knew at that time that Stephenie Meyer was going to bomb her pretty fairytale into the ground until it was published a few months before the release of the first film.

Extreme chaos & debate surrounded Steph and The Twilight Saga at that time for the exact same reasons that surrounds 50 Shades of Grey - but somehow, she got through it (see side links)...

If 'Midnight Sun' had not been 'accidentally' leaked just prior to the first movie being rushed; AND Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had not BOTH nailed their parts in that first movie - Twilight would have been history.

Stephenie Meyer could have written any 'ol ending for her infamously overly-obsessed fans (and really, that seems like what she did); and they would have lapped it up like honey (and they did – especially the ones who didn’t know any better, couldn’t see what was wrong – or didn’t care, because of fifty Shades of BEDWARD!!

The entire world has done nothing but treat Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson AND their emotionally-invested fans like sh*t, since - and the infighting among Twilight's divided and HATEFUL fanbases is ongoing.

Despite all this, 'feminists' have embraced the latest and greatest dysfunctional character, Christian Grey/Edward Cullen/Prince Charming...

Popular Email Question: Why does Stephenie Meyer need to apologize? Because the world can’t heal from the wounds she has inflicted on it if she doesn’t acknowledge her amateur mistakes and apologize for them. All she has done from the beginning of her controversies is metaphorically flip off her critics. While normally that is exactly what you are supposed to do… In this case, with all the professional exceptions that were made while The Twilight Saga was being published; the amateur author (AND the publisher AND production franchise) really needed to be listening to fans. It is NOT NORMAL for roughly half of your fanbase (much less, the world!) to become so angry with you regarding a casual creative expression.

I am just using this true stuff about SM’s amateur writing to grab your attention – and boy does it grab some of you, ha! Now if we could just get past that part of things… I really could care less about Stephenie Meyer’s or EL James’ many ignorant and irresponsible amateur literary mistakes that caused all this chaos. Believe it or not, I have stuck up for Stephenie Meyer so many times over this issue, it’s ridiculous.

Creative ‘Freedom of Speech’ is DIFFERENT than the illegal type of ‘Freedom of Speech’ that tabloids & paparazzi hide behind.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press were meant to create transparency in order to protect the truth about absolutely everything - not provide a way for mean, greedy tabloid liars to make money off of young (and young-at-heart) fans who are practically defenseless against emotional tabloid & paparazzi assaults (not to mention how even more defenseless Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are against them)…

This blog now has but one mission: Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform for all celebrities past & present (Princess Diana, anyone?) and it has been that since July 25, 2012 – the day after the infamous cheating scandal. Oh yeah, I’ve been on their stinky tails from the beginning. It hasn’t even been SORT of fun! I really hope we can all manage to put aside our differences and unite to stick it to them, someday. Tabloids & papz so deserve it!!

I don’t care how long it takes. Aside from having really good reasons other than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to be concerned for celebrity rights; we fans – no matter which side of the ring we fight on – are getting awfully tired of being manipulated and watching our favorite celebrities being harassed. So many of you do not ‘get’ this; but Robert Pattinson is being attacked and/or used as much as Kristen Stewart in these kinds of stories – no matter ‘how nice’ they seem to be slanted toward him, at times. It is just another way to pour salt on the wounds of their fans by being misogynistic toward both them and Kristen at the same time – using Robert and her anti-fans against their will!!

This is because the world has no respect for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Twilight fans – any version of them; BECAUSE of Stephenie Meyer’s offensive & insulting amateur writing (another reason why she needs to apologize). To the rest of the world, we’re all simply hysterical to bully; just another section of the populace to be targeted and made fun of for profits – via outright assaults and numerous lie upon lie that continues

Boycott all online and print tabloids until they volunteer to reform.



Why Do So Many People Hate Kristen Stewart and/or Bella Swan?
or Why/How did so many of Stephenie Meyer’s OLDER fans become so
‘accidentally’ overly-obsessed with the character of Edward Cullen?
Shortest and most anti-fan & fan-variation-inclusive version that I have written, yet!!
Read it only if you dare… and only if you can be HONEST. ;)

Whatever Happened to the ‘Anti-Twilight Army’
from 2008-2009; and WHY don’t you see their support on this blog?

Stephenie Meyer Knows Why Gossip Rags & Paparazzi won’t leave
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (or her beloved fans) alone.

That’s why she deserves this blog; and it is why it will not be deleted until either
Steph, her professional cronies and/or her fans do something to fix the situation:

‘They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about,' Stephenie
tells The Times Magazine. ‘If they had the choice, I've no idea if

they'd even do Twilight again. I just don't know.
I think this has all come at a heavy price.'

Ya think, Steph?!!

Robert Pattinson’s Career-Hindering Rover Smear
Based on the Whole Wide World’s Twilight Saga Hate

This movie FLOPPED amidst RARE (for him) GLOWING reviews from movie critics at
film festivals who compared his performance to Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar-Nominated
performance in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Yeah, it’s a HUGE deal!!
This movie would not have tanked without way too much ‘help’ from
tabloid manipulation of Twilight’s huge numbers of anti-fans.

Why the Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart MATTERS to Young Girls
by Nico Lang on Huffington Post

Here’s a splash from Nico’s article: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women “I don't care if Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders did it in a car, in a bar, in a house or with a mouse. But while I might not be concerned for K-Stew, I am concerned for my younger stepsister who idolizes and worships her....” And this is an update from Nico on Salon: Racist 'Twilight' fans won't stop harassing Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs

Yeah, Twilight’s still-many hateful and overly-obsessed
fans managed to p*ss all over the debut of the proclaimed

Celebrity Rookie of the Year 2014

Aren’t we sweet?




I have had some really good compliments on my corrective-rewrite of The Twilight Saga from both literary experts and Twilight Fans. It is only a summary, with just the first chapter written as complete to give it the foundation that it should have had (takes 2-3 hours for me to read through it all).

Here is one positive review (sorry, have to scroll down to the comments on this post after the click to read): “I have so very many things to say where to start..... Firstly I love your blog and the rewrite, I felt like you have given the characters depth and a new life. If I were a judge I would totally give you custody! … I am even letting my daughter read it with me because its a good story that is appropriate for kids to read and she LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! Just as much as I do! I think what you have written is loving and responsible to the characters and fans, it is well though out, relevant, and…”

BELIEVE me when I say, I would have MUCH RATHER have LOVED Stephenie Meyer's original Twilight Saga all the way to the bittersweet end. There are not many people on this planet who would have been more PROUD and applauding the loudest for a woman (amateur or not) to have written such a hailed TwiMasterpiece - if Stephenie Meyer had actually done that instead of the embarrassing, barely-edited rough-draft that we got.

This corrective re-write summary is actually very forgiving in many places - at least, where Steph is concerned. I'm sure my anger toward these IRRESPONSIBLE "professional" companies will continue to burn for much longer.

I gave your beautiful fairytale a hell of a shot, sinking MONTHS of my time JUST into researching this subject. (Not counting the months before that when you all had me convinced that it was a WORTHY diversion, ha!)

Between these blogs and the rewrite I have probably written as much as either Steph or Erika have; and I certainly put a lot more thought and creativity (not to mention, knowledge) into it. Just insert either author’s purple prose where applicable while you’re reading, since I didn’t write any – and it is darn near perfect, ha! ;)

As such, you can expect my version of The Twilight Saga to not be XXX. I rewrote Twilight by sticking to the storyline; but I made it believable – really, that was possible. In fact, now that Twilight can be shown as a believable story - it is no longer necessary for Anti-Twilight peeps to continue bullying Twilight Fans just because SM didn’t ‘get’ why she needed to make it believable.

WHY did I take the time to flesh out the character of Bella Swan and Twilight’s vampire (and wolf) storylines? BECAUSE VERY FEW OF YOU OLDER LADIES GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HER (and more importantly, the real Human girl, Kristen Stewart and her millions of young fans) - or ANY of the other Twilight characters, for that matter!

It's EDWARD this and EDWARD that (and sometimes Jacob) - Stephenie BARELY INTRODUCED you to her before you all got hooked on this crap. That's why you can pass this story off, you don't care... You're obsessed about Edward Cullen and could care less about any other character. IF this story had been published for you perverted older brats- Yeah, it would maybe be Ok!

I am NOT talking about you young girls if you're in here reading this - I've heard you talk about Bella and all the other characters. I KNOW you both know and love them, dearly. BUT, those of you who WERE NOT debunked by this storyline (no matter what your age was) SEE these characters differently than so many MORE older ladies do!

Believe it or NOT - Stephenie Meyer and the rest of these women out here (I don't care HOW many of them there are against my ONE voice) are BEING BAD, LoL!

IF we were in college... And the instructor had just given us an assignment to write the first chapter for a novel. IF Stephenie Meyer was a college literary student (which she has been - in FACT, she graduated!); she would probably NOT have gotten an "A" on the first chapter of Twilight - I seriously doubt. I wish a few good English teachers who haven't read the books yet would go through it and grade it - just so we would know, for sure.

I'm not saying that *my* version is a literary marvel - but I have a really good excuse. I have NEVER taken a college writing course much less graduated with a literary degree. If this isn't perfect... Yeah, I know. :)

We make our children do their homework - and dot their "I's" and cross their "T's" - but, WHY didn't this grown adult woman have to?!

I'm going to make you all CARE about Bella and her life, as well as every other character surrounding her - INCLUDING EDWARD - who, it seems to me; you've all just taken under the covers with you to have your way with him like Stephenie Meyer was no doubt doing when she WROTE this stupid saga so ignorantly and irresponsibly...

So when it really comes down to it... YOU robsessed ‘fans’ DON'T even care about Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen, just your sick little "escape"!

The young adult audience that this story was TARGETED FOR - deserved a whole hell of alot better than what they got. THAT is why I rewrote The Twilight Saga... For ALL THOSE former fans who were debunked by Breaking Dawn after it was published; and then abandoned by the arrogant amateur author afterwards.

We KNEW better... and we were EXPECTING better.

AND it IS ALSO for the rest of you... I DARE you; I quadroople-doople DARE you - READ this and tell me you don't care a lot more about Bella at the end of this Chapter One: First Sight rewrite than you did at the end of Stephenie's first one.

You can think whatever you want to about me... But with this, the two things you CAN'T say about me are that *I* don't LOVE this pretty fairytale OR this fanbase.

Yeah, you be the judge – please.


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Help Easing a Stubborn
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Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal Career Hindering Rover Smear
- Based on the Wide World’s Twilight Hate

Fanfiction Corrective Rewrite Summary (2+ hours) Edward Cullen
Explains His Pretty
Vampire Sparkles
believable ending
and MORE!

Let’s Talk About ‘Midnight Sun’
and how Steph Could POSSIBLY Make Her Huge Literary Failure up to The World.

Who am I?


Robert Pattinson Happy Birthday Wishes from Still-Robsessed Fans - Includes Kristen Stewart Haters

This post gets worse and worse as you scroll down. But, here's a nice sentiment:

Posted at 8:15 PM on May 14, 2014  
Rob, didn’t get here yesterday to wish you a happy birthday but I will today. You are a great actor and person. You gave us Edward and that will go down in history. You had a sweet love for awhile but it wasn’t in the stars for you. Make your movies and I will see them. Hopefully, I will get to see you get married and have children in my lifetime. I highly admire you and feel you can be one of the best actors ever. You are on your way. Stay true to yourself.

Here is an old comment I collected from a couple months after the cheating scandal started regarding how long robsessed Kristen haters (and many times ‘anti-twilight’) peeps have been around:
maria – 9/13/12
“Robert Pattinson has the most overly invested, obsessive fans I’ve ever come across. And these women are not teenyboppers. They are mature women old enough to be his mother! From the very beginning of Pattinson’s romance with Stewart, they have been aggressively attacking Kristen nonstop because they deem her inferior and unworthy of “their boy”. (My insert: which is where 'Krisbians' came from - to defend Kristen Stewart.) They band together and scour the internet looking for sites that display stories about Kristen. Then they invade the comment section with eyeroll-worthy comments either bashing Kristen’s every action or whining about “untalented” Kristen gettng too much attention. Their behavior is so embarrassing and their hatred for Kristen is off the rails. Please don’t take their comments seriously. Every time someone dares to compliment Kristen, they scream “PR conspiracy” because no one is ever allowed to have a positive thought for Kristen. Very sad.”

This is pertinent. I just captured this comment from an OLD 'happy birthday rob' post from when he turned 24:
Thursday 27 May
By Faith

This is an example of a STILL Robsessed ‘fan’ blogpost
The 7 Dumbest Things Kristen Stewart Has Said About Love

by Amy Sciarretto, 4/9/14

from the same author, Amy Sciarretto on Rob's birthday, 5/13/14
Another nice sentiment. It's hard not to throw the nice ones in here - I'll try to scatter them every other one:

I hope Rob has a great birthday. I believe that even though according to the article his
ego may have been bruised, he will never be sorry for doing the "Twilight" saga. (my addin: nor should he be at all) He has a strong desire to do good in all of his films. I have no doubt that Rob will be around for a long time. He will always continue to improve his talent.

when does it end5/13/14 6:54 am
It amazes me how misinformed and ignorant haters of Rob and Kristen appear to be. Kristen haters view Rob's successes as a slam towards her, and vice versa. Why?? While Rob has haters too, I have to say the Kristen haters are the worst. How ignorant is it that her haters come here claiming she is not having any success yet she has had films at the Sundance Film Fest, and another one will be at Cannes, she has had huge success with her Chanel and perfume gigs, and is filming a new movie with Jesse E that her fans are excited about. She looks happier that I have ever seen her look and she appears to be enjoying life so how does ANYONE get that she is unhappy or unsuccessful? For the haters bashing on Kristen fans or calling them crazy, how about taking a look at the bullshiz Rob fans have done. They had tried to get Kristen banned from attending the WFE premiere going as far as e-mailing the distributors of the film that Kristen should not be allowed to go, only to have Rob himself...

Her fans are delusional (In response to the above comment)9 hours agoHer fans are the worst, now, today, not 3 years ago. Just last weekend Kristen Stewart fans bullied two people so badly, that one of them deleted his tweet and the other opened comments to her blog about bullying. Go look at the TL of of Scott Weinberg, he's a movie critic who made a simple joke about KStew, and her fans sent him death threats. So many that he was intimidated and deleted the tweet. This is what her crazy fans do. They can't accept even a simple joke about her. They're nuts.

All her fans do is lie (continuing with the above)9 hours ago Maybe it ends when KStew fans stop living in the past. WFE was 2011. Try to catch up. It's 2014, time to more on. Stop blaming Rob's fans for her bad choices. She chose to cheat with Rupert, she made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Her career is not in the same league as Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone. Going to Sundance is nothing to brag about. CXR went there because it didn't have distribution. If it had been any good, it would have already had a distributor. Sundance is not like Cannes. The films at Cannes already have distribution because they're good and people in the industry know it. 

oh really??2 hours ago So it's ok for Kristen haters to bash her fans, call them crazy yet when her fans bring up the MANY things that Rob fans have done, then they should stop living in the past. Grow up. The real world does not work that way. Rob fans have bashed Kristen from the very minute it was even hinted that they were dating. MANY YEARS before Rupert. You idiots think you have a say in who Rob dates and what he does despite the FACT that Rob himself has proved he could care less about what you think. Sundance is nothing to brag about?? What rock have you been living under? Or is it because Rob did not get an invite?? Did you forget that Kristen also has a movie at Cannes? AND it is also on MANY most anticipated lists for Cannes. So are some of Rob's new films that still don't have distributor's not good?
Guest (I just hope this is not the start of 'rubbing it in' for heartbroken fans.)
Posted at 8:50 AM on May 13, 2014  
Happy Birthday Rob. Wow. This is the first time in a year HWL has admitted Rob is single….. Guess year 28 will be a good one for him, as at least this webloid finally has laid to rest the false R/K rumors….Good luck at Cannes. Have a great birthday

Audrey (like THIS)
Posted at 5:25 PM on May 13, 2014  
Happy Birthday, Rob. It’s been fun seeing you single and happy for the past year, I know you’re happy to have two films selected to be in the Cannes Film Festival, and more work on the horizon. You are a winner in every way, and celebrated on every continent.
May your 28th year be the best one yet!

Sarah (Too bad this didn't quite pan out.)
Posted at 12:40 PM on May 13, 2014  
Happy Birthday Rob. I am not a fan but today is his birthday. I remember when it was Kristen’s his fans let Kristen enjoy the day. So I think it would be a grand gesture to let him enjoy his.

Posted at 7:11 AM on May 14, 2014  
All right it’s time to fuc#ing to leave kris and rob alone I love them both put the kris and rob love away. I loved the books,movies and all the stories about them.You all know that the paps had a lot to do with it,also no one knows what goes on behind closed doors so all you fuc#king haters get over and leave. them alone anyone welcome to comment. IT YOU HAVE THe BALLS. i love them both. kris and rob good luck in the future please take care of your dogs.Prays to all of the stewart and pattinson famlies!!!!!!! KE.
Posted at 12:20 PM on May 14, 2014  
@Karen, I agree. Time to quit. I think two years of this is enough, more than enough to have put these two actors through what the fans have put them through. We should be ashamed of ourselves for doing it. I really don’t know how the hate actually came about for just breaking up with someone couldn’t have created all that has gone on here. I know I’m done. I am a Rob fan and I will only be on his articles. I have no reason to be anywhere else. Feels like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.
This lady is too funny, I had to include (only part) of her comment string,ha!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROBERT this birthday gives abright future ur soo cute enjoy ur birthday and my great rquest dont smoke this will spoil ur health take care of ur health dont eat fast fast food its not good for ur health dont drink please eat in home thats was good ok dear rob once more HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROB ur a nice guy all the best for ur future take care about ur family and u also ok see my song version in youtube by twilght movie in tamil song i love u edward sooo much bye happy birthday dear rob u r good mucisian good actor i love ur movies and good boy bye

  • i love u edward

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY for all years 2014,2015,2016.....dear rob
Posted at 2:10 PM on May 13, 2014  
I hope an pray you see kristen today it’s your birthday have fun enjoy every thing you do
Posted at 6:07 PM on May 13, 2014  
@Julliejac….why did you have to bring her up on his board? You are just fanning the flames for the bashers to get started. Why can’t Rob’s fans have a nice, quite board for his birthday?

  • Happpyyyy Birthday Robert. I really am a Big Big Fan of Yours. And I love you so so much :*
Posted at 2:24 PM on May 13, 2014  
Happy Birthday Rob! Have fun with your sexy new girl friend
Cat (Btw, this is ME throughout the comments)
Posted at 5:06 PM on May 13, 2014  
Are you TRYING to start a fight? Do you work for HL, and the comments are too calm – so you’re supposed to stir them up?
Knock it off.
Rob Pattinson HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE. If you have ever heard of Frankie Valie and the Four Seasons, they sing a song which is meant for you--YOU'RE JUST TO GOOD TO BE TRUE (You're not showing your age at all, LoL!). I am trying to collect all the films you have been in. My favorite and your most wonderful acting (besides Twilight) is The Haunted Airman. Much Love, Bel Ami

Posted at 6:28 PM on May 13, 2014  
OMG !!! Can’t believe Hollywood Life finally gave up on Rpattz &Kstew !!! Shocker , what will they do ??? They Pretty Much Kept Holllywood Life Going , Since Twilight Came Out !!! Most Comments By Far & Article Reviews, Over All The Hollywood Community !!! Never Will You See Again , Anybody Suffer The Extreme Coverage This Couple Had To Endure !!!! Good Luck On Their Future Endeavors !!!!
Posted at 10:42 PM on May 13, 2014  
Bad Kitty
I don´t think it’s good to have you back, at least not here (Rob´s articles). This is about Rob. I hope you understand that we do not need your rudeness and your desire to fight. And this is not sarcasm. If you’re going to be civilized well good…
Posted at 5:36 AM on May 13, 2014  
Happy happy happy birthday Rob. I love you untill the day after forever.
You are pretty much my most favourite of all time in the history of forever.
Forever your admirer! <3

honesty (a good example of a robsessed, tabloid-manipulated Kristen hater within two comments - see next one, also.)
Posted at 7:51 PM on May 13, 2014  
Happy Birthday Rob. May this year be one of health, happiness and contentment. Its wonderful to see you moving into maturity with such grace and dignity and please keep your wonderful sense of humor and humility. So looking forward to seeing your new movies, you are putting your heart and soul into all you do and your fans know that and appreciate it. I hope you are enjoying making them as much as your fans enjoy seeing them. God Bless. Taking you to dinner is on my Bucket List.

honesty (left on Kristen's article)
Posted at 8:36 PM on May 13, 2014  
I agree she is an attention seeker but tries to pull it of that she hates the invasion into her privacy. In every opportunity she does something to draw the focus to her. She is cleaver in that she does not dress like a Rhiana however her dressing down gets the same if not more attention. Sneakers with gowns, jeans at an event that is the pinnacle of an industry, jeans at a wedding (she forgot her dress) looking like a street person. In Hollywood where appearances are so important she makes sure she is in the limelight at all times. We don’t have to mention the giving of the finger or the vulgar language, she is sly like a fox.

NO1 twilight fan
Posted at 10:46 AM on May 13, 2014  
Happy birthday Rob i hope you have had a great day i love twlight and
vampires i am in love with i hope to be an actress one day

Here's an extended fight with our beloved Robsessed Anti-Twilight roboposter on HL:

Posted at 8:48 PM on May 13, 2014  
Kristen and Robert FOREVER! He owes her everything! 
Posted at 8:59 PM on May 13, 2014  
In your dreams! He owes her nothing! 
Posted at 9:18 PM on May 13, 2014  
@Susan, this is about his birthday, not anything else. If you a hater, you need to get off this board and respect the fans that want to wish him happy birthday like his ex’s did hers. 
Posted at 1:08 AM on May 14, 2014  
Good point.
Her fans need to let Rob go (ENTER ROBOPOSTER)
Posted at 9:48 PM on May 13, 2014  
He owes her nothing. She rode his coattails for as long as possible, but he finally shook her loose. The Summit producers hired him because he was the only actor for the role. Just because she started drooling over him the moment he walked thru the door had nothing to do with it. She had no power to hire or fire. And they called him in to begin with because he was Cedric Diggory in the HP franchise. He wasn’t an unknown. All she had done was a sting of indie flops.
And he’s the one who the female audience paid to see. Summit knew who drove that franchise, that’s why they gave him the $300,000 bonus, not her. And she could hear all the cheers on the red carpet — fans went wild over him, not her.
He’s always going to be more popular than her because he’s a natural. Charming, handsome, warm, kind, and likable, all qualities she lacks.
@her fans
Posted at 10:34 PM on May 13, 2014  
What kind of fan are you. Couldn’t you just say happy birthday. Even tonight you’re posting your usual shi!. The bonus’s were based on box office takes. Why are you doing this. They are both millionaire’s in their own right. Leave them alone. By the way they will be at Cannes on the same day which I believe will be the 20th. So it’s about time the nut came out of the woodwork and admit she is going to Cannes.
Posted at 11:20 PM on May 13, 2014  
@ HFNTLRG !!! I guess in the early days of Twilight Interviews , Kristen &
Robert Lied !!! About how he got the part … Catherine Hardwicke also Lied too !!! Go back to the first interviews , check it out … You May find your answers !!!!!! Happy B-D Rob !!! CHEERS
@her fans need to..............................
Posted at 12:47 AM on May 14, 2014  
Roboposter, couldn’t you keep a lid on it just for this one day–this one thread? (NO, she is UNABLE to do so... WHY? Because she's OBSESSED and
she's been provoked - she HAS to respond.)

@he doesn't want her (Here's a great reply to the roboposter. I could not have said this better, myself, ha!)
Posted at 7:08 AM on May 14, 2014  

Rob fled to England not to get away from Kristen, but to avoid any police action, after pics of him with drug deals going down right behind him made the internet.
It hasn’t been physically impossible for them to be together, nor is it impossible that Rob is in LA instead of NOLA because he has had has had work to do in LA the past month. Any movies he does in 2015 and 2016 are in negotiation right now.
Kristen and Rob were only an hour’s plane flight apart while the was in Toronto and she in New York, and both have proved they can get in and out of airports without being spotted. Rob disappears for days at a time. There was evidence that Robert, at least, was still very much attached, until just recently. I think he has finally given up, though. I think the evidence is not the pics of Imogen, but something that has happened here–or rather, something that has not happened here— in the past few days.
Kristen has not come to represent ” hypocracy, homewrecking, betrayal, poor hygene and lack of talent”. You, Roboposter, have come to represent the vicious, anti-fan and stalker who tries to destroy the object of your hate–a woman who proved to be not just talented and beautiful but human and fallible, by getting seduced into kissing the wrong man once–but whose real sin is to have slept with–and been loved by–the object of your insanely jealous obsession–Robert.
Posted at 1:11 AM on May 14, 2014  
Now look what you did Susan. (sigh) You kfans never learn.
Anyway he has definitely paid the price for dating her. . . and is still paying it.
BTW saying someone owes someone else is very manipulative.
Her fans are ungratful LIARS
Posted at 2:55 AM on May 14, 2014  
Susan wrote a BS comment and she got called on it. Rob owes no one anything.
He auditioned, the producers hired him and he made Twilight history. Summit paid him the bonus, not her. They knew who women were paying to see. She owes him, he made the movie a success, not her. Anyone could have played the plain, ordinary girl. No one but Rob could have played Edward.
Her fans just need to move on. he’s not obligated to her in any way. She cheated with a married man and they should just be grateful that he doesn’t give interviews about that.
Posted at 10:27 PM on May 13, 2014  
I think they owe each other everything. They were a great team and that’s what we should remember. 
Posted at 1:42 PM on May 14, 2014  
@@susan..they were a great team on screen. In real life, it became a different situation. Fans need to try and separate fact from fiction.

Cat (New dust-up and why it happened. No, I don't leave anyone COZY in their judgmental cruelty if I catch it.)
Posted at 2:21 AM on May 14, 2014  
Yeah, that is ‘honesty’s fault (that the fights started again) – she p*ssed me off over in Kristen’s article while we were all leaving you so NICELY alone with your RP birthday – so I cut loose in here. It would have happened, anyway. You’re all too damn SICK to be able to be nice for a whole 24 hours!!
The DIFFERENCE is that the past THREE articles in HL have been NICE about them both. It will take alot longer for obsessed fans to still get a grip.

Posted at 2:25 AM on May 14, 2014  
DANG, it’s amazing how much ‘fleshing out’ comments can get below the top – they weren’t this bad or many the last time I was in here. JEEZ, KNOCK IT OFF!
I know some of you are having a hard time dealing with the obvious: Kristen is NOT preggers, Rob & Kris ARE both going to Cannes (and they MIGHT be there at the same time), etc.
Find someone to talk to before you implode.
Bad Kitty is back
Posted at 2:28 AM on May 14, 2014  
So,this is what I have missed? I stop by to with the guy a “Happy Birthday,” after being gone for about 6 months, and i see that nothing has changed. People are still at each other’s throats here?
Three articles that Hollywood Life has been nice to them both and is “playing fair”, and people cannot look at the example? Man, Cat, you are right… People do need to get a grip.
For once,I agree that HWL has raised the bar,and there are some that need to see the example.
Totally agree with you.

Posted at 11:44 PM on May 13, 2014  
Here we go again … Robert & Kristen are not listed with H.L. The Comments & Article Views going up, up, up !!! Just Sayin

Irene (This one is truly eye-roll worthy)
Posted at 2:04 AM on May 14, 2014  
Dear Robert,
Sorry for not wishing you happy birthday yesterday!!!Anyway, I thought I’d drop you a line to wish you happy birthday!!I
I wish you will always be happy. I will always be with you at anything you coose to do. Don’t worry about anyone (Kristen Stewart) or the fans who want you to be together!
That’s all for now! Happy birthday!!!!♥♥♥
You are the best actor!!! Continue the good work. Show them who you are! !!
Best wishes,

Lydia (Yet another dust-up.)
Posted at 2:44 AM on May 14, 2014  
A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Rob! I’m a huge fan ever since I saw you in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory. Although you had a small part you were very memorable and stood out amongst all the rest. No one person in your life past or present deserves all the credit for the path your life has taken. It is Providence. The stars were lined up and you would have ended up where you are one way or another because it was your destiny. I look forward to your current and future projects. I will always see your films. God bless!
Bad Kitty is back
Posted at 2:50 AM on May 14, 2014  
Well said, Lydia :)
Margaret in the Pink UK/// ONE
Posted at 3:31 AM on May 14, 2014  
He had 8 mins and was uncredited how old r u? It was shown in 2004
if he was that great why did it tale till 2008 for him to get a film?
Ny guess is u were a bout 10 in 2008 and wouldnt have even seen TWI on the screen
Ud have seen HP as a child not that u arent one now and then recongnised him
No his life as are most of us filled with ifs and ands If hed not been unemp;lyed for a year
If hed not seen ITW If hed not had a GF in NINA to lend him the money to go for the Audition
If Kristen hadnt fallen for him and there had been no chemistry and If KH had said to Kristen NO
Then ud never have seen him Studio didnt want him Casting didnt want him Katherine didnt
BUT 1 LONE 17yr old said begged pleaded and they listened and if u dont belive me
Go look at Robs and Hardwickes 2008 interviews or r u calling ROB A liar’
he said HE OWED HIS PART TO kRISTEN 100% as did Katherine she said the same
Posted at 6:45 AM on May 14, 2014  
@Mitp uncredited means the name of the actor doesn’t appear on screen which Robs did.
Yes his role was a supporting role but his character was essential to the story.
Rob did interviews and photocalls with Daniel, Rupert, and Emma, that’s not something that would happen if he was uncredited would it
Bad Kitty is back
Posted at 11:43 AM on May 14, 2014  
Well said Margaret In The Pink .
He has said many times that he owed Kristen his success in Twi. On a side note,I wonder if he has ever repaid Nina the money he was loaned for the airfare… ?
Posted at 12:05 PM on May 14, 2014  
@ Margaret !!! I said the same thing …Go look at the Interviews , beginning of Twilight !!! You will find your answers !!! In Harry Potter Roberts name was listed last at the end of the movie on the actors list !!! I loved Harry Potters movies , REALLY didn’t know who
Robert Pattinson was until Twilight came out !!! I think everybody pretty much figured out that one !!!
Kristen owes Rob
Posted at 1:58 PM on May 14, 2014  
Rob saved her career after the scandal by getting back with her (which don’t forget he took a lot of heat for), supporting her and doing all of those interviews as though nothing had happened which couldn’t have been easy for him. He NEVER mentioned anything about the incident EVER
Don’t underestimate what he did for her!! So as far as I’m concerned they are EVEN STEVEN.
Posted at 1:32 PM on May 14, 2014  
@Loved all the birthday wishes yesterday for Rob. I bet he is on his way to Cannes, getting in some sight-seeing. This was your destiny Rob, to entertain the public through your movies. You were in the right place at the right time and if the public had not liked you in the first Twilight, then you would have been history as well as the other four movies.

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